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In the Police State of Massachusetts, where the Dictator Charlie Baker makes decisions based on what he wants, not the citizenry he was voted in to lead, the supposed Vape Ban has lifted. It happened on December 11th, long after the monstrous damage was already done. Vape Shops were closed by the dozens, hundreds of Massachusetts citizens went jobless, and worse still… Vape Shop owners lost their lifesavings because one idiot killed an industry based on a “rush to judgement” that turned out to be completely, 100% wrong.

What’s really difficult to comprehend, living just above Massachusetts in Free State of New Hampshire, is some people around the country are celebrating. Folks, there is nothing to celebrate in the early termination of the Vape Ban. So many people’s live will never recover. And all of it is Charlie Baker’s fault. Anyone notice Governor Sununu of New Hampshire go all apeshit crazy over the initial reports of the vape illness? No, you did not. The reason is, Sununu noticed that Vaping was growing for a decade in the United States without incidence.Then a clusterfuck of illness and death popped up in the midwest. The intelligent “Live Free of Die” Governor waited for more information. Charlie Baker panicked and set out a 4-month TOTAL Vape Ban, regardless of the damage he knew he would cause.

Massachusetts Vape Ban Lifted - Shops Restock

The Lowell Sun:

Days after the Public Health Council lifted a statewide ban on the sale of vape products, local smoke shop employees restocked their shelves.  “We were basically on the verge of having to close our store,” said Sean McGonagle, manager of Lineage Vapors on Summer Street in Lunenburg.

New regulations approved by the Public Health Council Wednesday marked the end of the governor’s temporary ban on all vape products, which was implemented in September. Under the new law, retail stores cannot sell flavored e-cigarettes, or those with a nicotine content higher than 35 mg/mL.

The Total Vape Ban may have been lifted, but the new regulations are actually just as bad. Retail stores cannot sell flavored e-cigarettes… Does this mean flavored e-Liquid as well? The kind you buy in 100mL bottles, with 3mg, or 6mg of freebase nicotine? Are they banning JUUL products, closed pod systems? Do nicotine salt e-liquid need to be adjust down to 35mg of nicotine? Where are the details Mr Dictator?

Vape Ban For Nothing

Apparently many people that quit tobacco cigarettes in Massachusetts started smoking again. A terrible outcome to a police state action. These eventual horrible deaths will be blood on Charlie Baker’s hands. The Vaping Illness was never connected to flavored e-liquid, or even the stupid 59mg nicotine JUUL pod systems. So, I’d like to direct my last paragraph to that moron Dictator that runs the state of Massachusetts for several more years…

Mr Baker, you were wrong. It took a quick couple of weeks to discover the culprit to the Vaping Illness that so freaked you out. It had nothing to do Vaping, and everything to do with the legal Cannabis you love so much. In your state, you’ve legalized both medical cannabis and recreational Marijuana for the public.

During this so-called “crisis” you made NO attempts to halt the sale of the very products that were killing people; THC cartridges laced with Vitamin E acetate. Instead, you put out a statewide complete and total ban on Vape Products. Box Mods, atomizers, e-juice, coils, and even accessories, all based on your LIE.

Some great human being will be the same in your state. You’ve destroyed them. The vast majority of states in this country waited for more information before acting. You just decided to do it without asking anyone. You sir, are a dictator. Is it any wonder so many people have left your state to move to New Hampshire and Maine?

You should resign over this Governor. We know you won’t, because you don’t care. If you can’t resign, then how about zero interest loans to those that lost their vape shops over your stupid vape ban?