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The Utah Department of Health has warned vapers about the lung-related illnesses associated with vaping but most continue to vape. You know what’s funny? Utah State forgets to mentions that the real issue, the real reason why people got sick and many died, had nothing to do with “vaping” and everything to do with using tainted bootleg THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate. Big difference, don’t you think?

Because enough people in the United States (and elsewhere) believe nothing coming out of the mouths of corrupt politicians, Utah Vapers are telling the government “Hey! We’re not worried. Fuck off”

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From the Salt Lake Tribune

When he was 18, Orem resident Ben Webb picked up what he calls a “social” cigarette habit from his co-workers, which ultimately swelled to smoking one or two packs a day over the course of eight years.  Then, a little more than two years ago, a friend persuaded Webb to try vaping. He says he hasn’t touched a cigarette since.

Webb was critical of the move to ban flavored vape sales. He agrees that teen vaping is a problem but suggested that prohibiting legal sales will make vapers move to other sources, like the black market, for cartridges.

Warn Public? Come on now…

You see, there is someone that knows how to think. Thinking is something the governments of the world are trying to kill off in our species. Thinking bring trouble. Thinking cause people to look beyond the words of the corrupt. Thinking… is… good….

Many Utahns who vape say they are skeptical of the perceived dangers, and see the reaction to the lung disease outbreak as misplaced, misguided or disproportionate. And of course, deliberate. Thankfully the people of Utah are smarter than their government believed them to be.

Warn Public about THC Cartridges

We here at Spinfuel VAPE have been over this 1000 times, but we’ll keep saying it until we’re stopped by Big Brother. The truth is, the THC/Vitamin E acetate debacle has nothing to do with Vaping. Nothing to do with e-cigarettes, e-liquids, mods, tanks, or anything else. It is all illegal bootleg crap.

Now that even the corrupt media has acknowledged this, the corrupt politicians should make an effort to catch and jail these mass murders that killed so many people with their dangerous concoctions. And leave us the hell alone.