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Like the Police State run by Dictator Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Washington State has taken similar police state actions against those that successfully got off tobacco cigarettes by using vapes. The problem with that? People are getting healthier, they’re not dying fast enough anymore. Cigarette Tax money is on the decline, and to certain government officials, Cigarettes Taxes are sacrosanct. They must not be fucked with.

Washington State’s vape shops are struggling to stay open during the temporary man on flavored nicotine products hoping the ban will be lifted in February. That said, we all know flavored vapes have nothing to do with the vaping illness, but Governor Jay Inslee, another dictator, refuses to learn and accept that it was THC cartridges laced with Vitamin E acetate, and not flavored vapes, that are making people sick.

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According to King5 in Washington;

At least 377 businesses have discontinued their licenses for vaping products since Washington’s temporary ban on flavored vaping products went into effect in October, according to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.


Imagine that… 377 businesses let their license to sell vapes simply expire because they could no longer afford to stay viable. And the Police State Governor Jay Inslee lets it happen. Immediately after the CDC identified the cause for the vaping illness this idiot governor should have lifted the ban. In fact, the truth is, like most states, including our own New Hampshire Governor Sununu, they should have waited until the facts were sorted. Now they are sorted, so why the continuing Ban?

Governor Jay Inslee, like Governor Charlie Baker, saw an opportunity to rid the state of vape shops and Vapers. It didn’t matter that the truth was the opposite of what they were saying, the fact is you could ask everyday people in Washington is vapes are safe and they would scream “They Kill You!!”, that’s how much the media and the corrupt government in Washington (and Massachusetts) were successful in damning the vaping business.

Since we’ve returned to reporting and commenting on the Vape News we’ve read so many reports that are complete lies, fabrications, and propaganda. It is heartbreaking to realize that these evil assclowns who we’ve been battling for years have finally learned to ignore the truth of a horrible tragedy in a corner of the vape industry that is so tiny as to be illegal in most states. Truth is, the corrupt bastards are now like a dog with a bone. They will continue to ban vapes, ban flavors, with or without the support of the citizens they are supposed to work for.

This is a battle we cannot lose. We must stick together and fight back every day. Whether you are tweeting constantly, or making phone calls, or posting on other social media, we must force them to listen. We must make sure they understand we will not go away.

Lastly, we need people like Governor Sununu of New Hampshire to speak out on our behalf. Sununu knows and believes the truth about vaping, and he has stood back and refused to ban flavors and vapes. With his support and others, maybe the ignorant Governors might listen. Maybe we need to build an alliance with Governors that understand the truth.