Smoken Joey’s Video Review – Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke Goes Before Smokenjoey Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here. This is a complete review on the Bull Smoke eCig Starter Kits – The Ranch Hand and City Slicker, I cover pricing, packaging, warranty, Battery Life, Cartridges and a Vapor Test. Can it withstand my hard test? Find out Now– See my complete written review at www.smokenjoey.com Should [...]

The Spinfuel Newsletter Launches January 11th

Our first issue will be jam-packed with lots of cool, exclusive content. However, as a new publication you can expect growing pains for the first several months. New columns, new designs, new giveaways, new new new… We’ll keep working on it until it becomes the de facto leading vaping newsletter in the world. Which reminds [...]

FDA Regulations on eCigarettes – Public Hearing

FDA Regulations on  eCigarettes are discussed by our Spinfuel opinion writer Julia Barnes On Monday, December 17th, the FDA held a public hearing on nicotine replacement therapies and smoking cessation products. This 1-day public hearing was scheduled in an effort to obtain input on questions related to upcoming(?) regulations for NRTs, (nicotine replacements therapies) from the public as well [...]

Opinion: Time To End The Debate on Electronic Cigarettes

Decision Time Electronic cigarettes - Try as I might I just cannot come up with a decent, common sense reason as to why there is so much negative talk (and written articles) about the so-called dangers of electronic cigarettes. I’ve knocked my head against the wall for months trying to figure out what it was that [...]

Vaping … My Week in by Julia Barnes

Vaping With Julia I’m going to try my hand at a weekly column. I'm calling it Vaping with Julia , I don’t know if this is going to work, or if any of you will find this at all interesting, but it’s worth the effort. I think. What I thought I’d do is each weekend I would go [...]

MyVaporStore VapeMail Comes To Spinfuel

Julia Barnes MyVaporStore, my favorite place to window shop, and my favorite place to pick up new products, sent a very cool vapemail to Spinfuel last week. It contained several new products, all of which I have spent a good deal of time using and evaluating. Since the Holiday gift giving time is running very short [...]

Will 2013 Bring Regulations That Put e Liquid Artisans At Risk? (Full Version)

e Liquid artisans at risk? - Today over on the Ashtray Blog, a site operated and owned by James Dunworth, a major article was published concerning predictions on the state of the ecigarette industry in 2013. Ten (10) prominent vaping ‘bloggers’ * offered varied opinions on what they believed were coming in the new year. One prediction, offered by [...]

NorCalVapes – The Altoid Tin e-Cigarette Experience

Altoid Tin e-Cigarette By Julia Barnes So a couple of weeks ago I get a Twitter Direct Message from the owner of NorCalVapes, a one-man shop where handmade Altoid tin vaping devices are made.  He indicated that he wanted to send me one of his ‘vaping tins’ (as I like to call them), no-strings attached. He simply wanted me to have one. [...]

Vision Vivi NOVA v2.5 Tank System – A Perfect Holiday Gift!

Vision Vivi Nova Yesterday I received a new tank from our buddies at MyVaporStore and I’ve been using it non-stop, loving every minute of it. In fact, I am enjoying it so much that I decided to forego the usual 1-week review time so that I can bring this new tank to your attention with enough [...]

Building a Great E-Liquid Collection
Building a Great e-Liquid Collection

Discover The Benefits of Your Own e-Liquid Collection “a somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but honest method for building a great e-liquid collection” [fade in] It begins with a single bottle. As any journey starts with the first footstep, building a collection of eLiquids begins with your first bottle. That first bottle is vitally important to arriving at the destination you [...]

Jet Cigs 3 New Flavors! First Look!

American eLiquid Prefilled 510 Cartomizers Jet Cigs - You might remember our in-depth review on Jet Cigs several months ago. Well, things have been progressing nicely for this new startup and people are embracing their high-quality prefilled 510 Cartomizers in droves. So much so that Jet Cigs has added 3 new flavors to their lineup, making a total [...]

Vision Eternity RBA – A Journey

The Vision Eternity RBA Review For the longest time I have been a bit overwhelmed with all the hoopla surrounding the ‘Rebuildable Atomizer’. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that people would spend almost double the money for what is basically a clearomizer, albeit a clearomizer often made of metal and that allows [...]

Why Vaping Products Make The Perfect Gift This Season

Christmas is a Great Time to Buy Vape Gear or Eliquids VAPING PRODUCTS! - Our first year of publication has taught me many things, among them is that there are two types of Vapers in the vaping community. The first type is the person who has sought out electronic cigarettes as a genuine substitute for smoking [...]

Julia Barnes Talks to Hurricane Vapor’s Christian and Miguel

Assistant Editor Julia Barnes recently spoke with Christian Vargas and Miguel Monterrey of Hurricane Vapor to discuss several interesting issues concerning the modern eCigarette industry as well as several topics about Hurricane Vapor specifically. Below are the highlights of their discussion. If you have not yet read the Spinfuel Review, you can access it below. SPINFUEL: [...]

Hurricane Vapor – The Review

Launching in early 2013, out of a city best known for its sandy beaches, oceanfront hotels, beautiful girls in tiny bikini’s, and a lifestyle of fun in the sun, Hurricane Vapor is about to unleash a storm of new eLiquid of such incredible flavor and complexity that you are going to want to make sure [...]