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Jet Cigs e-Liquid

American eLiquid Prefilled 510 Cartomizers

Jet Cigs – You might remember our in-depth review on Jet Cigs several months ago. Well, things have been progressing nicely for this new startup and people are embracing their high-quality prefilled 510 Cartomizers in droves. So much so that Jet Cigs has added 3 new flavors to their lineup, making a total of 9 flavored cartos, all of which are light-years ahead of the old dinosaurs Green Smoke, South Breach, ProSmoke, and all the old and boring, Chinese sourced prefilled brands. In addition they’ve add a ‘stop-gap’ Starter Kit due to demand (they have some crazy great stuff coming in the first half of the new year).

The first new flavor we’re writing about today is the Classic Tobacco, a deliciously smooth and rich Virginia tobacco with a toasty, mellow essence. With a blend of aromatic, fine Turkish tobacco, this blend is a true classic that produces a delicate, yet flavorful taste. Classic Tobacco makes it hard to believe it’s coming from a prefilled cartomizer. Then again, every blend from Jet Cigs is from 100% USA sourced, top quality ingredients. I asked Julia what she thought of the new Classic Tobacco.

Julia: I had no idea what to expect from Classic Tobacco, and quite frankly, I wondered why they would compete with their own delicious Perique Tobacco that has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it was released.  Afterwards I understood perfectly; Perique tobacco is a very rich, dark tobacco that has become a signature blend for Jet Cigs while the new Classic Tobacco delivers a great analog-type tobacco flavor that will certainly please anyone coming from traditional cigarettes. Both are delicious, but if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional than Classic Tobacco is going to be your new favorite. 5 Stars

Menthol Frost – Jet Cigs has this to say about their new menthol blend: “Menthol cigarettes have been an American favorite since they were first introduced in the 1920s. Almost a century later, Menthol Frost faithfully recreates the classic pairing of mint and tobacco. Each puff delivers a bracing gust of ice-cold menthol, rousing your senses to enjoy subtle notes of tobacco beneath. You’ll always have time to chill out and relax with Menthol Frost!”

It’s no secret that the staff, including myself, just cannot appreciate menthol flavors. Having said that I have decided to mentally compare this blend with some of the other menthol’s we tried, both in prefilled carts and as an eLiquid. It is my judgment that the Jet Cigs Menthol Frost is more than decent menthol. I think that if you are a menthol Vaper than you’re going to really like this one. There is no cough drop or Vicks flavor to it, which is excellent news, and the coolness seems to be an authentic menthol flavor. However, and whether this was done on purpose or not, this blend is a menthol version of Classic Tobacco. As I vaped a few of the carts in the pack I tasted the Classic Tobacco and a blast of coolness from the menthol. And I appreciated that blend quite a bit. After all, isn’t analog menthols done this way? Most menthol eLiquids I have tried haven’t tasted much like tobacco menthol. Instead they tasted like non-tobacco menthol. So, again, I asked Julia to take a cart of this blend home and let me know what she thought the next day.

Julia: I taste the Classic Tobacco, mentholated. In itself it’s a good menthol if only because it is a tobacco-based menthol. So I agree with you there. The menthol didn’t bother me very much; in fact, the coolness was more authentic than most menthol eLiquids I’ve had. I can see a lot of Kools smokers going for this one. Definitely a smoker’s menthol with a wide appeal for menthol lovers. 5 Stars for execution, 3 stars for my own taste.

Last of the new flavors is one that’s been expected for a while. This one, Clove Ecstasy, is a “love it or hate it” blend. Just like clove cigarettes you have people that love the taste of cloves, or hate the taste of cloves.

This is hard for me to say, but above all else I must be truthful. I never did like clove cigarettes, and this new Jet Cigs flavor tastes almost exactly like the clove cigarettes I had many years ago. The first drag from it sent me back to the 70’s and standing around a bunch of my friends that were smoking clove cigarettes. I would once and a while take a hit from them. I didn’t like it, but I did it anyway.

So I’ll put it like this; Clove Ecstasy is the electronic cigarette version of clove cigarettes, very authentic, very flavorful, and definitely a great blend for anyone out there in the vaping ‘verse looking for a clove flavor. Can’t say that I’m a fan though.

Knowing Julia dislikes clove cigarettes as well I handed a couple of carts to Tom and told him to vape them that night and come back and tell me what he thought. I didn’t even know he loved clove cigarettes.

Tom: I’ll be damned if Clove Ecstasy doesn’t taste just like clove cigarettes! Wow! A solid blast of cloves that hits just like the real thing. This is amazingly good. It’s also my first eCig version of cloves. What a great, great flavor.  5 Stars!

In General

One of the best features of all of Jet Cigs flavored carts is the amount of vapor they produce. They are masterful at creating a flavor that will produce a ton of vapor and a good throat hit. Even on a mini-eCig battery the vapor production is excellent.

I also tried the Classic Tobacco on my ProVari and on Julia’s ZMAX and the flavor and vapor were well suited to these powerful batteries. I was able to hit the sweet spot at 3.9v with the ProVari and, surprisingly, 3.7 with the ZMAX. Some people like to set these devices higher than that in order to get a bigger throat hit or max out the vapor, but to me, most devices I use on the end of my VV batteries ultimately max out at between 3.8 to 4.2, and no higher. I like to max the flavor, not the vapor. I always get plenty of vapor at the lower voltage but the flavor is always more natural and smoother at 3.8-4.2 than the higher numbers.

Jet Cigs also offers a starter kit now at the low low price of $29.99. It contains 2 black batteries, 2 carts and a USB charger. The cart flavors are the Perique Tobacco and Mojito Mint (another favorite of mine!) The packaging is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Love the batteries, which output at right around 3.8-4.2, depending on the charge, and seem perfectly suited to the Jet Cigs carts. At $29.99 it’s a great way to vape the Jet Cigs cartomizers.


It is extremely risky to start up a company that sells prefilled cartomizers. But because these guys paid attention to every detail, use 100% American sourced ingredients, and sell their products are fair prices, they have made a successful company. I’ve vaped more than 50 carts of their juice since they launched and I have had ZERO bad carts. ZERO. Compare that to any other brand of prefilled cartomizers. I won’t say it never happens, because I don’t know. But it has never happened to me. Not once.

The Staff enjoyed all of their flavors in our original review, and these new flavors are every bit as good. Classic Tobacco will certainly please the vast majority of prefilled users, while the Menthol Frost and Clove Ecstasy will undoubtedly have a smaller audience, but that audience is going to love the flavors.


John Manzione