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Christmas is a Great Time to Buy Vape Gear or Eliquids

VAPING PRODUCTS! – Our first year of publication has taught me many things, among them is that there are two types of Vapers in the vaping community. The first type is the person who has sought out electronic cigarettes as a genuine substitute for smoking tobacco. The second type, and the one I most closely associate with, is the Vaper who has embraced vaping as a hobby. I suspect most readers of Spinfuel are in the second type as well.

The first type, the one looking to swap cigarettes for the electronic kind vape an equivalent of maybe a pack a day of analogs. They probably went through 3 or 4 different eCigs and quickly settled on the one that tastes ‘less bad’ than the others. The vast majority of ‘Type One Vapers’ uses a mini-battery with prefilled cartomizers. They don’t think much about it and when they do its’ only because they are running low on prefilled carts or the batteries are winding down on their lifespan.

There is nothing wrong with being a Type One Vaper.  Switching from analogs to eCigs is a great thing; not only is their health improving the more they stay on eCigarettes, they have also cut the cost of their nicotine addiction by about 70%. (Unless the chosen ‘brand’ is one the expensive ones where a 5-pack of prefilled carts run about $15 or more.VAPING

Type Two Vaper – A Hobby

The Type Two Vaper spends a whole lot more on vaping than the Type One Vaper. We are always spending money on batteries, eLiquids, and all the accessories we can find. When a new battery hits the market we immediately lust for it. A new eLiquid brand pops up and we have to order some right now! A new cartomizer? I’ll take 10. Dual Coil, Triple Coil, Bottom Coil, Side Coil, it doesn’t matter, if its new we want it. These days who isn’t itching to try their hand at rebuilding an atty?

Have you seen the Vision Eternity Atty? Have you seen how it’s packaged? This is one slick looking piece of high-tech! They look so cool, so futuristic that I didn’t even to use the first one I bought because I didn’t want to spoil the ‘newness’ of it. I waited and waited and then finally broke down and ordered another one to use so I could continue to keep the first one in pristine condition. I’m serious. VAPING

Why do we (or is it just me?) do this? Why are we always looking for a better way to vape? Why are we always looking at new eLiquid flavors to try? Why are we never truly satisfied with what we have? Why am I always monitoring my personal PayPal account to see if I have enough ‘pocket money’ to buy that incredibly gorgeous Satin Blue Full Size ProVari? ($179)

I’ve been lusting for that Satin Blue ProVape ProVari since the first time I saw it but because I already have a few vaping products my wife gives me that look that says, “You don’t need it!”…

and “the only thing new is the paint job!”… Well, yeah, maybe, but come on its SATIN BLUE! VAPING

How many of you have similar ‘lusts’ for your own “Wish list”?

The reason we feel this way is because vaping is an amazing, fun, and delicious hobby! And it’s an interactive hobby that makes you feel good. Inhaling thick, luscious clouds of vapor, tasting the subtle or not-so-subtle flavors of a great eJuice, or feeling the stimulation from the nicotine in the juice. This is a hobby that is as much fun as being a ‘Foodie’, only you never need to worry about the calories. (I wonder if Foodies have great fork collections, or steak knife collection?)

Holiday Spending – Giving and Receiving

This time of year is a great time for the Type Two Vaper. Since we love spending money on vaping gear anyway we can go out of our way to find cool gifts for our family and friends that vape. What would be irresponsible, buying that Satin Blue ProVari for myself, is suddenly a generous gesture if I buy it for someone else. (That doesn’t seem fair does it?)

We hope that the same friends and family we buy great vaping gifts will turn around and buy us great vaping gear in return. The perfect Christmas Gift exchange for me would be buying someone that ProVari and then having that same someone buy one for me. Though that never seems to happen.

The Perfect Gift

Because most friendships begin from associating with like-minded people, the chances that you are the only Vaper in your circle of friends is probably small. If you do have friends or family members that vape you probably talk about vaping a lot. This is true of any hobby. During the holiday season you’re very likely to want to get the message out that you are lusting for some new hardware or eLiquid or some other accessory, and your friends are doing the same thing. Hopefully we’re listening to each other and making the decision to buy that person that special something they’re talking about.

For all of us in the vaping community the perfect Christmas or Hanukah, or whatever it is your celebrate in December, exchanging vaping gear makes for perfect gift-giving. Vaping products are the category of gifts with the least amount of displeasure. How often do you think “Oh, thank you for this new Lambo, but I can’t really use it” on Christmas morning? You just can’t go wrong with any gift that deals with vaping.

Your Favorite Vendor

From what I’ve heard from various conversations with vendors, this year is going to be a great year for them. More people will buy vaping products then ever before. The same holds true for all the eLiquid creators as well.

This record amount of spending that is being forecast has nothing to do with the state of the economy but rather because the number of people that vape in December 2012 is about double the number of people that vape in December 2011. Vaping gear is hot this year, and every year for the next decade or more will be bigger and better than the previous year.

This holiday season is the perfect time to cozy up to your favorite vendors. All the vendors I spoke to will have plenty of sales and will be carrying some great new products. By getting closer to your favorite vendor you’re going to be in a better position to get that special price, or even that special ‘lead’ on when the new product(s) will hit the shelves.

Cozy Up

There are several things you can do, starting right now, to build or strengthen the relationship you have with your favorite vendor. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter, leave reviews for the things you purchased this year, and make sure you send an email every once and a while to let the vendor know how much you appreciated the great customer service, or that special ‘extra’ the vendor threw in the package, and so on. Trust me, building a great relationship with your favorite vendor will pay off during the holiday season as well as the rest of the year.


The holiday season is the perfect excuse to go overboard and buy those incredible products that you wouldn’t normally spend the money for. Like I said above, spending $179 on yourself somehow feels selfish, but spending it on someone else is looked at as being generous. The holidays are the time you want to be generous. It’s good Karma.

So take that leap and spring for the new Variable Voltage battery or that high precision rebuildable atty, a 6-pack of great eLiquids from the amazing companies we’ve reviewed this year and give them as great gifts this year. What goes around comes around, and I bet that not only will you feel fantastic about bringing a huge smile to the face of that special someone, or someone’s’, you’ll feel just as great when you open your gifts.

Make this a great year for vaping by making the holiday a “Vaping Holiday”.

John Manzione