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For quite a long time Apollo eCigs TGo eCigarettes was a unique eGo-type eCigarette among an ocean of other plain eGo eCigarettes. What made it unique was the threading; an almost proprietary threading that made it necessary to use TGo attachments such as the combination of a cone + atomizer + eTank that fit on the TGo, or their 808 threading they use for their Extreme Mini-eCig kit. Up until a couple of months ago Apollo sold a CE4 clearomizer that was compatible only to the TGo. That was the sign, for me anyway, that Apollo was carefully watching the trend of the merging CE4 on the ends of eGo batteries. Still, buying into the TGo meant returning to Apollo for new cone/atomizer replacements, additional batteries, and special CE4’s. But the TGo performed so well many people didn’t mind the lock-in.

An Apollo TGo battery is a 900mAh ego-sized battery, and the combination of that battery and the cone/atomizer/eTank always output ample amounts of vapor. During its heyday the Apollo TGo was a huge hit for the company. I know many vapers who, once they tried the Apollo TGo they wouldn’t use anything else.

At $64.95 for the Apollo TGo Starter Kit (TGo batteries, atomizers, cartridges (eTank), and charger) was a huge seller was because the components worked so well together that among other eGo-type eCigarettes the TGo outperformed them all. Beginning in mid-year we began seeing eGo batteries matched up with CE4’s and then the CE4+ and CE5’s (both with replaceable atty heads). Apollo needed to address this new trend away from flat-tip eTanks.

Their response was actually pretty swift, if not permanent.  Apollo had the CE4 built with so that it would fit the TGo battery and began selling, in September, that 808-style CE4 separately and as the replacement in the TGo starter kit. It kept the TGo in the game while Apollo retooled the TGo battery with the nearly ubiquitous 510-thread.

The redesigned the TGo and a branded CE4 Clearo with a 510-thread replaced the TGo in October. Now the TGo was a new vaping device with a modern facelift that was still a powerful choice, so much so that Apollo is finding it difficult to keep in stock.  The new and improved TGo is now the Apollo Superior eGo.

The newly retooled TGo battery still sports the blue lights at the end, the backlit manual activation button, and the 5-click on/off system. If you’ve enjoyed the TGo battery before you’ll find the ‘Superior eGo’ works just as well, or better (the new battery is also the latest eGo battery with the new circuitry). In addition, many 510 attys, cartos, clearos, and tanks that were not compatible with the old style TGo are compatible with the new TGo.

Apollo eCigs Superior eGo CE4 Kit

At $74.95 (currently on sale for $64.95, and as I type this is also included in Apollo’s massively discounted Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale) the Superior eGo CE4 Kit has a lot going for it. I replaced my own beloved TGo with the new Superior and I love it more than I ever loved the TGo, and I loved my TGo a lot.

The official specs for the Superior eGo kit are:


  • Model: eGo-T batteries (510 thread) with CE4 clearomizer
  • Size: 14.0×143.5mm (0.55×5.6 inches)
  • Weight of single e-cigarette: 45.8g (1.7 oz)
  • Each ce4 clearomizer holds about 1.6ml of e-liquid
  • Puffs for each ce4: 400 puffs
  • Battery capacity: 900mAh
  • Normal working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Full battery can last for: 800-1000 puffs

Resistance of CE4 heating coil: 2.0-2.3ohm

As you can see from the above specs Apollo isn’t introducing a new mousetrap, or advancing the eCigarette industry with this retooling. However, the Superior eGo kit has advanced Apollo eCigs and will it give Apollo a much-needed shot in arm. This is a company known for being innovative, but the past year has been more of a ‘coasting’ along with the successes of yesterday rather than a year of Apollo innovation.

New Clearomizers

In recent days Apollo eCigs began offering a few new items that really bring Apollo roaring back from sitting idly by. The new Titan Clearomizer, a Bottom Coil T3 Clearomizer and the Vivi Nova Clearomizer clearly show just how serious they are to bring Apollo into 2013 and beyond.

Apollo T3 Bottom Coil Clearomizer

The new eGo T3 bottom coil clearomizer tank system with 2.4ml and replaceable atomizer heads is a major inclusion in the Apollo lineup. The T3 clearomizer is similar to the popular CE4 clearomizer but has a bottom coil and a bigger 2.4ml tank capacity, and replaceable atomizer heads.

The T3 clearomizer works with all 510/eGo-threaded batteries, including the Apollo eGo, eGo-vv batteries.

Apollo Titan 6ml Clearomizer

The new Apollo Titan clearomizer offers a huge 6ml tank and replaceable atomizer heads. The Titan clearomizer is similar to the CE4 clearomizer but has a much bigger 6ml tank capacity, and replaceable atomizer heads.

Like the Bottom Coil Clearo above the Titan clearomizer works with all 510/eGo threaded batteries, including the Apollo eGo, eGo-vv batteries.

Apollo (Vision) Vivi Nova

And finally, with a great price of just $13.95 (before frequent discounts and sales) the Vivi Nova by Apollo is the great addition to the lineup.

Apollo Vivi Nova Tank System features a 3ml tank and replaceable atomizer heads The Vivi Nova is also similar to the Apollo Ego CE4 Clearomizer but has a large tank capacity, and replaceable atomizer heads in different resistances.

The Apollo Vivi Nova is 510 threaded to work with most 510, EGo, or many other 510 threaded eCigs, including all the Apollo EGo, EGo-vv batteries and VTubes currently sold by Apollo.

If you’ve wanted something with more liquid capacity, and different resistance configuration for your Superior eGo batteries the Vivi Nova will do the trick nicely.

Each of the Vivi Nova atty kit contains:

1 x polypropylene tank

1 x Black mouthpiece

3 x Atomizer heads:

  • 1 x 1.8 ohm Low resistance
  • 1 x 2.4 ohm Regular resistance

1 x 2.8 ohm High Resistance

Bottom Line

If you were a fan of the original Apollo TGo you will, without a doubt, love the Apollo Superior.

Jason Little, with Tom McBride