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Julia Barnes

vapemail-featureMyVaporStore, my favorite place to window shop, and my favorite place to pick up new products, sent a very cool vapemail to Spinfuel last week. It contained several new products, all of which I have spent a good deal of time using and evaluating. Since the Holiday gift giving time is running very short I thought this morning would be a good time to run down the list of products that I think would make excellent gifts to the Vapers on your gift-giving list. If you’re already finished shopping you might be interested in some of these for yourself.

The Telescope by SmokTech – $39.99 On Sale Now

Starting things off is the new, mechanical vaping device called “The Telescope”. This simple 510-threaded mod is every bit as handy as the Bolt, another great product I recently reviewed. As the name implies the Telescope as an adjustable length so that it can use an array of batteries, from 18350, 18500, 18650, and button top or flat tops. Have a few batteries lying around with no PV to go along with it? Buy the Telescope and give your battery a new reason to go on.

In addition to adjusting to a number of batteries, it can handle several different atomizers and cartomizers. I put the Telescope through its paces over the weekend and got wonderful vapes using everything from a simple 510 cartomizer, 510 atomizer with cartridge, clearomizers of all types, as well as the new Double Barrel cartomizer(s), the Vision STV NOVA tank, the Texas tuff tank, the MOV XL Tank, and even one of the Phoenix rebuildable atomizer tank. Every one of them worked and worked well.

Because it’s completely mechanical there are no settings to set, no special instructions to master…just plug and play, and enjoy a great vape.

Out of the box the Telescope is 3.5 inches long (also with an 18350 battery) and with the 18650 it extends to 5 inches long.

Fully charged I got a consistent 4.2-4.3-voltage output and as the battery drained (using the 18650) going down to no lower than 3.7-3.8 before needing a recharge.  There is a switch located at the bottom of the device, which can be locked down to prevent accidental discharge.

Like the Bolt, one of my favorite vaping devices, the Telescope is a great companion piece, or a no-frill PV for the Vaper that wants more than a mini-eCig battery can offer but has zero interest in variable voltage or variable wattage. It’s versatile, durable, inexpensive, and practically bulletproof. I still prefer my Bolt to the Telescope, but the Telescope edges the Bolt out in being versatile because it can handle an array of batteries where the Bolt cannot.

The Telescope comes packaged in a nice box, but the box contains just the Telescope. No battery, charger, or anything else. On the order page MyVaporStore has added compatible batteries and charger that you can add to your order.

Double Barrel Cartomizer – SmokTech – $10.99

I’ve already written about the new Vision STV NOVA Tank and how it has become my favorite new tank, but the next day I decided to give the new Double Barrel Cartomizer by SmokTech a try and boy is this ever a cool product!

I began hearing about the Double Barrel just a couple of weeks ago and the word was that it might have some “potential” but it was probably just a gimmick, not worth your trouble or your money. I thought that might be the truth, so I wasn’t expecting much.

As you can see by the photo the Double Barrel is simple device, the only real original pieces are the bottom and top rubber pieces. The two cartomizers are simple Standard Resistance 3-ohm cartomizers. The top piece fits over the cartos, and the bottom piece has two internal female 510-threads where you would screw in the 2 cartomizers. This creates the double barrel effect. MyVaporStore warns that not all 510 cartomizers will work with the mouthpiece, so watch out.

As an experiment, and because we no longer have any Boge cartomizers in the office (we just don’t like them) I tried to use a couple of Apollo eCigs blank 510’s. At first they wouldn’t fit because they were too thick but as soon as I peeled the black paper off them they fit like a glove. Then I grabbed a couple of Blu Cigs Classic Tobacco cartomizers and they fit without having to do a thing. (I then took this double barrel of Blu Cigs too John and had him try it. He loved it!)

The possibilities for experimentation and just plain fun are wide open. I hope it catches on because it vapes beautifully and produces a ton of vapor. I don’t particularly like the thin mouthpiece so if it does catch on perhaps they’ll put out a version with a round tip. A device like this would also be nice if they made them with inside 808-threads with an outside thread of 510 letting you use any 808’s you have lying around on any 510-thread device.

For $10.99 you get two 510 cartomizers that seem to hold right around 1ML of liquid in each cart, and the two rubber ends. Not a bad price really, but it would be nice if they threw in a couple of extra cartomizers into the box.

Hole Punch – SmokTech – $5.95

I have to honest here, I asked them to send this one along. When I use a tank that uses a standard cartomizer I love the cartos that have a couple of punched holes in them. But because they are ‘labor-intensive’ they are almost $2 a piece (they are punched one at a time) I’ve always wanted a nice clean way to punch my own cartomizers. This little device works like a charm. Simply place a cartomizer into the hole, make sure it’s placed where you want the hole punched and tighten the wing nut until it makes a clean hole in the carto. Boom! You’re done. It takes less than a minute from start to finish.

If you’ve vaped a tank with pre-punched holes then you know that the amount of eLiquid reaches the atomizer is a lot more, producing a better throat hit and vapor. If you’re looking to save some money and punch your own this is the way to it. The best $5.95 you’ll ever spend for cartomizers.

Vision STV Nova Tank System – $13.99

Lastly there is the Vision NOVA Tank I wrote about last week. You can read that review HERE. Suffice it to say, I think these tanks are wonderful and I would love nothing more than to have at least 25 of these great tanks at my disposal at all times. Since I love to swap out flavors several times a day I could actually use that many to set up tanks with various flavors.

The Tank System comes with a total of 3 atomizer heads; 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm and 2.8ohm. I’ve not used the 1.8ohm head yet but I have tried the 2.8ohm over the weekend and that one vapes like crazy. For everyday, all day vapes I recommend the 2.4ohm because it provides a nice, consistent flavor and vapor without having to play with the setting on your device. I especially like the 2.4ohm head when using on a mechanical PV like the Bolt of the Telescope.

At $13.99, and one of the best and most beautiful paint jobs I’ve ever seen on a tank, these tanks make great Holiday gifts.

MyVaporStore has all of the items, and more, in stock and ready to ship.

Julia Barnes