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The Uwell Crown B Goes Where Others Cannot

[ez-toc]The Uwell Crown B Pod Kit is a good looking compact pod system that has impressed many Vapers in the short time it’s been on the market. We’ve been using it for about a month now and putting it through the paces with both coil options and many freebase nicotine vape juice as well as nicotine-salt e-liquids.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you see it up close and personal like is that it was designed with plenty of style and a bunch of functionalities.

Yet, the Crown B looks as though it’s too small to be so functional, if you know what I mean. This is one small pod mod can travel with you anywhere and deliver a full vape experience. Don’t let its small size fool you, the Crown B can vape whatever you throw at it.

Prominent, Bold, and Tiny

 Its prominent feature, or at least the one you first notice, is the LED light panel on its side. The panel designates both battery and power status immediately by using three colors. More on that below.

For such a small (and thin) device, it’s powered by a 1150mAh battery that can give you hours of vaping pleasure before needing a recharge using the USB-C port.  It also features adjustable airflow, three power levels, and two sub-ohm coil options (0.3Ω & 0.8Ω), which was an expected surprise.

The Uwell Crown B Goes Where Others Cannot

Uwell Crown B Pod Kit Specs

  • Size: 92x42x18
  • Battery: 1150mAh (internal)
  • Display: Light up body panel changes color to display battery charge and faults
  • Output: 13-35W – 3 power levels
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate
  • Resistance range: Not specified.
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Combined fire button and rotating output adjustment knob
  • Compatible with Uwell PA coil range – 0.3Ω and 0.8Ω
  • Side fill port
  • Auto draw or button activation
  • Locking fire button
  • 510 removable drip tips

Uwell Crown B Pod Kit Contents Include:

  • Uwell Crown B device
  • PA 0.3Ω M coil
  • PA 0.8Ω M coil
  • Crown B empty pod
  • Spare 510 drip tip
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual

Where the Crown B Shines – Quality & Design

The Crown B Pod Kit is a tribute to Uwell’s many years of “attention to detail” philosophy. The device is a deep gunmetal color that lends itself to a sense of seriousness with a ‘down to business’ attitude. There is nothing cringy about it, no bright shiny colors, no weird shapes, or extensions, just a good looking machine that does exactly what it needs to do. It is impressive, with an unexpected elegance.

The Uwell Crown B measures a slight 92mm x 42mm x 18mm and weighs a mere 86g. This pod mod will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, in your pocket, or anywhere else on your person.

Yet despite its small size, the Crown B is sturdy and well-built. You might think you need to handle it with delicate care, but in reality, it’s tough as nails.

The Uwell Crown B Goes Where Others Cannot

Common Features and Not So Common Features

Like many other pod mod systems in this category, the Crown B uses a side-fill port. You won’t want to rush the fill either, the tank capacity is an amazing 3.5mL. I remember the days when “tanks” on full fledge box mods were a mere 3mL. The Crown B’s tiny footprint is one thing, it’s relatively enormous vape juice capacity can be a big factor in your buying decision.

A not so common feature is its adjustable airflow that is neatly tucked away on the pod that can only be accessed after removing the pod the body. Some Vapers might consider this a design fault that hampers functionality, but it allows the Crown B to keep its elegance intact.

However, just in case you’re more comfortable with a draw activated vape, the Crown B has it. I’m not so sure why Uwell would use both a draw activation and a fire button, but who knows?

Another not so common feature is on the side of the body. A design atheistic that looks like an electronic circuit pattern but is backlit by LED lights. These lights will shine a green, blue, or red status indicator, letting you know instantly how much battery power you have left.

TIP* LED Light Status Guide

  • Green light = High
  • Blue light = Medium
  • Red light = Low

Unlike most devices of this size, the Crown B uses a fire button and a rotational dial on the side of the device. The button is responsive, and the dial is used to adjust power. If you have large hands and large fingers, that might be a slight issue for you, otherwise, it’s pretty damn cool.

The now ubiquitous USB-C port on modern vapes is found on the base of the Crown B. Recharging its 1150mAh battery is very fast. The port does support 5v/2A fast charging (about 40 minutes from a dead drop). Trust me, that is wicked fast for today’s devices.

The Crown B has three power levels with a power range of 13 to 35W. These settings are adjusted a bit when using a particular coil.

Adjust the power by pressing the fire button 3 times fast. Then scroll the dial to choose the power levels, which you can see by the color of the LED panel.

Keep in mind that the LED light indicator acts as a battery meter. It will display green when you have full battery level, Blue when there is medium power remaining, and Red when it is low. Recharge the mod when it hits Red.

The Crown B is a straightforward enough:

  • 5 x Fire button = On/Off
  • 3 x Fire button = Enters power selection (rotate the dial to cycle through and Fire to select)
  • 2 x Fire button = Draw activation only (Locks manual firing)

Crown B Pods & Coils Options

The Crown B Pod Kit comes with a 3.5ml capacity pod and two coil options:

  • PA Coil 0.3Ω M: 25-35W (DL to RDL)
  • PA Coil 0.8Ω M: 15-18W (RDL to MTL)

The Uwell PA coils are the ‘push-fit’ and slide into the pod’s base. Line it up correctly and it will be quick and secure.

The pod is transparent, but tinted some. It is transparent enough to see the juice level. The side fill port is secured by a rubber plug. The fill port is fairly large, so the only time it would be messy to fill is if you’re using the old eye-dropper style juice bottles.

Direct Lung and Mouth to Lung

The draw on the Crown B depends on the coil you are using.  Although you can vape it as a direct lung and mouth to lung fashion, I found the mod works most comfortably in MTL (mouth to lung).

The pod of the Crown B has a removable 510 drip tip, and the kit package includes two different options, a surprise to me. One drip tip has a more open bore for direct lung vaping, and the other is designed for a MTL vaping.

The pod is easy to install and remove. The magnetics kept the pod firmly in place, with no wiggling or leaks.

Truthfully, these are the things you expect from most pod kits today, and I certainly didn’t expect any issues at all from a Uwell device. Are these pods magically superior to other pods on other devices? Not really, but that certainly doesn’t work against the Crown B. Unlike most pod kits, the performance and the functionality ARE superior.

The Crown B Performance

The performance of the Crown B Pod Kit is impressive for what it is. Both the 0.3Ω and 0.8Ω coils deliver authentic flavor and a satisfying vape with both freebase and nicotine salts.

The 0.3Ω can throw vapor like a pro and performs well for DL vaping. Even so, when the airflow is completely wide open, it still delivers a somewhat restricted DL vape. During my one month review period I kept trying to find the best DL vape, but I kept creeping back to MTL vaping.

Now, the 0.8Ω coil delivers truly authentic flavor for MTL vaping. And while 0.8Ω is still in the sub-ohm territory, it’s much better suited to MTL.

The draw activation feature works fine, providing a smooth and somewhat consistent draw. The fire button activation is also reliable, but just in case, switch it off if you’re going to keep in your pocket. A fire button can activate when it’s in your pocket, so I’m thinking the Crown B should have been a draw activated device.

Battery Life of the Crown B

The battery life of the Crown B is good considering the 1150mAh. Depending on how often you vape, and how you vape, it will last through a full day of vaping. If you use the Crown B in DTL mode, the battery might not last as long, but it’s a decent exchange.  With USB-C fast charging you’ll never be down long anyway.

In Conclusion..

… the Uwell Crown B Pod Kit is an excellent pod system, but not perfect. It delivers a full 35W of power, but most times it doesn’t feel like 35W.

I also had to pick up extra coils in the beginning of the month long review because I had some trouble getting the device balanced. By that I mean I was either throwing too much power to the coil, or not enough.

Every time I set it improperly the coil would burn and never recover. Once I learned the ropes, I didn’t burn another coil.

The Uwell Crown B is a sleek, compact pod mod that is built to the high-quality Uwell standards. It has all the features I expected in larger, more powerful box mods and tanks, which I found a little weird at first.

The Crown B is smaller than many inexpensive disposable pod mods and even rechargeable and disposable vapes. The fact that it has all the functions of a “normal” box mod and tank threw me off.

The 0.3Ω and 0.8Ω coils deliver authentic flavors and provide decent performance. The adjustable power and auto-draw trigger work as expected, though in the beginning you might want to be careful with the adjustable power settings.

The Uwell Crown B Pod Kit is a stylish pod kit, and as a secondary vape device I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. I’m just not sure I would ever use the Crown B as my primary vaping device.

Here’s the thing; if your usual vape is a disposable vape, or a simple rechargeable like the Caliburn series, the Crown B might be intimidating. And if you’re like me, where your primary vape is a 230W box mod and 0.15Ω coiled Tank, the Crown B is that secondary device you take with you when you can’t take along your bigger, more powerful box mod and tank.

What it comes to is this; I would highly recommend the Crown B to Vapers that want a device to take with them when they must leave their bigger device at home. For those that are comfortable with disposables I wouldn’t recommend it.

Grade: B+