Need any more proof that the War on Vaping™ is getting uglier and dirtier every day? Instagram, “the” social media platform around the world has decided to ban Vape Influencers from boasting about vape products for money. Don’t worry though; your favorite alcohol beverages can be presented by popular porn stars on instagram any day of the week.


What a World

Instagram is banning all influencers from getting paid to present, fondle, or otherwise engage with vape products.  Guns are also a part of a crackdown on promotional posts.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform said it will no longer allow branded content promoting vaping, tobacco products or weapons. The move marks the first time Instagram has restricted the types of items that can be promoted in such paid posts, according to CNBC.

Outlawed yet Ignored

Instagram issued the following statement; “Our advertising policies have long prohibited the advertisement of these products, and we will begin enforcement on this in the coming weeks,”

Just Another Attack on VapingVape Influencers Instagram

Some of the more popular influencers on Instagram have made thousands of dollars promoting the vapes. However, in a horrific twist of the facts, one reporter supports the ban based on “a vaping-related lung illness has stricken more than 2,400 people.” Never mind that vaping e-liquid has never made anyone sick or caused death. Everyone except the most idiotic morons on the planet knows that the Lung Illness that freaked millions was and is caused by THC cartridges laced with vitamin E acetate.

THC consumption has nothing to do with the Vape Industry. Sickening.


We here at Spinfuel VAPE have been aware that  Juul Labs has been buying online influencers in order to market their brand. However, we take exception to the reports that these influencers are targeting people under 21. “Young People” can include Vapers up to 35+ years (but don’t tell the government. Only teens are young according to them)

Facebook’s policies have banned advertisements for vape products and even Facebook pages that write about Vape products. We’ve tried several times to “boost” a post, or buy and Ad, only to have it rejected every time. Yet, everyday Facebook begs us to promote, boost, and advertise. Spinfuel VAPE doesn’t sell anything (except advertising in our e-magazine) yet Facebook treats us as they would vape, or tobacco companies.

Paid Partnerships

Posts on Instagram are labeled “paid partnerships” when the company behind them is tagged.

Instagram also said it would put “special restrictions” on branded content promoting alcohol or diet supplements starting next year. Next year. Not now, not at the same time they ban vape products, but… next year. Sure, sure…. Teens and alcohol never meet and greet do they?

Tools? (in more ways than one)

Instagram said it is building tools to help creators comply with these new policies, including the ability to restrict who can see the content, based on age. Hmm… is this their way of saying we’ve banned it for now, but once we invent a way that “adults” can be verified as the Instagram account holder, they can view these twisted, dangerous, evil vape ads? Who knows.