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NIIN Nicotine pouches are being called “THE EVOLUTION OF NICOTINE”, and for a very good reason. After you’ve vaped the very last e-liquid that our benevolent fascist government has deemed too dangerous for its citizens (yet makes tobacco cigarettes even more available), you might find yourself wanting to go back to smoking.

NIIN Tobacco-Free Synthetic Nicotine Pouches – A Review

NIIN has made it possible to not only take care of your desire for nicotine, but it can also keep tax dollars out of the hands of our most corrupt government. That’s a win-win.

Why NIIN™ Synthetic Nicotine Pouches are Necessary

The ‘corrupt’ US federal government has found a clever way to kill the vape industry. Ban the USPS from handling it and threaten FedEx and UPS (privately owned corporations) enough that they too refuse to ship it.

In one fell swoop the feds crippled the vaping industry. The reason? To move most of the several million vapers off vaping. To get them back to the ‘tax revenue generating’ tobacco cigarettes.

 There are plenty of countries where vaping flavored e-liquids is not only legal, but encouraged, such as the U.K.

Some states, like “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire, have leaders that understand the importance vaping can be in helping eradicate tobacco cigarettes.

Retail stores in NH and other like-minded states can stock and sell vape products, including flavored e-liquid. But a retail ‘vape ‘shop charges 40-50% more than an online shop because of overhead. Not to mention their inability to stock thousands of different products.

 NIIN Synthetic Nicotine Pouches are a Product of the ‘Post Vaping Society’

As the nicotine industry continues to evolve out of necessity, it’s shifting towards an era beyond the tobacco leaf and its numerous residual impurities. Impurities the US government wants its citizens to use daily.

If you could redefine the customer experience for nicotine, by removing tobacco from the equation, you may have found a way to stop ex-vapers from returning to cigarettes. And it is for that reason Spinfuel supports NIIN Pouches

What is a NIIN Nicotine Pouch?

A nicotine pouch from NIIN features a premium selection of 100% tobacco-free synthetic nicotine products. NIIN™ is this new way to enjoy nicotine, and the next phase in the evolution of nicotine. After a few weeks of using them, I know how effective they are.

NIIN™ has a fast-paced expansion going with the launch of its official online retail store, It is there you can purchase several different flavored pouches affordably.

NIIN is a pioneer of the tobacco-free movement as one of the first companies to make available a line of 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches into the US market.

The NIIN Online Store Experience

Designed to provide users with an intuitive online shopping experience, boasts impressive features including a sleek user-friendly interface, a library of helpful information, a simple tool to easily find retailers that carry NIIN™ products nearby, and industry-leading prices on the brand’s 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches, NIIN Zero Tobacco Primed Pouches.

Pricing of NIIN products is among the lowest on the market, adult consumers can save even more with special discount programs that are available on the new website like NIIN Autoship and NIIN Value Packs.

How to Use NIIN™ Pouches

NIIN is a hands-free, orally consumed product. The NIIN™ Primed Pouches™ are convenient and simple to use.

To use a pouch, simply take a single pouch from its tin and place it between the gum and inner lip. As the nicotine starts to release, you’ll notice a warm, tingling sensation.

Keep the pouch in between the gum and inner lip for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your preferences.


I Stopped Vaping

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ll be the first one to admit that IF the corrupt government kept it mitts off the industry that was finally being truly effective in reducing the number of tobacco smokers, I would be using NIIN pouches.

If I was able to continue ordering my e-liquids from The Plume Room and upgrade my mods and tanks like I could until the stupid USPS ban took effect, I would still be vaping. However, last month I ran out of the very last drop of e-liquid.

But the reality is local e-liquid stocks are at a bare minimum. Flavors (yes, New Hampshire government leaders don’t mind flavors) are difficult to come by, and the prices are 2x 3x that of online shops. Not to mention a new mod cost 2x as much as an online shop. I couldn’t afford it anymore, so I had to stop.

Taste and Effectiveness

NIIN offers several flavors, and by far my favorite is the cinnamon. Take a cinnamon pouch, place it between my gum and inner lip, and that’s that.  get full nicotine effects, and a flavor that doesn’t quit.

NIIN Primed Pouches can be enjoyed in 2 nicotine strengths (3mg and 6mg) and 5 satisfying flavors:

I enjoy them quite a bit. And if you don’t want the death trap that is tobacco smoking, I highly recommend NIIN TFN pouch.

Last Word

Even if the vaping industry finds a way to win over the corrupt government, I will still use NIIN pouches. I’d order Zero-Nicotine e-liquid and whenever I needed a little nicotine, I’d pop a pouch.

Grade: A+