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A husband and wife team of Vape Hero’s own a Vape Shop in Montana is trying to keep its doors open after the state’s ban on flavors took effect. Ron and Deanna of Freedom Vapes are applauded and supported as the true hero’s they are. Listen up;

The Montana Flavor Ban and Vape Hero’s

Our Vape Hero’s say they will continue providing its customers with the flavors they want despite the state’s temporary ban on the sale of flavored e-liquid. The  Owners of Hamilton Montana Freedom Vapes announced last week they plan to sell do-it-yourself ‘kits’ enabling customers to create their own flavored vape juice. That announcement from Ron and Deanna Marshall came one day after the start of a four-month statewide ban on all flavored e-liquids.

The people that live and work in Montana have a similar philosophy that we in New Hampshire have. The Live Free or Die tagline in New Hampshire would very well be the tagline for Montana. People like Ron and Deanna believe they have the right to sell flavored e-liquid and they are doing something about it. In their hearts, they know they are right to do it.

Flavored E-Liquid is Safe says our Vape Hero’s

By now, every politicians in America MUST know that flavored e-liquid had nothing to do with this past summer’s vaping lung illness. In fact, it was vaping at all that caused the illness and death of so many people. It was, and always will be, THC cartridges made with Vitamin E acetate that made people sick, and killed 40 others. Bootleg THC, from the Cannabis Industry, not the Vape Community.

Any politician using this fake vaping crisis to pass laws banning flavors don’t have a leg to stand on. They do not have the right to police its citizens in a manner that are doing.

Teenagers want the Buzz of High Nicotine

Society does understands the truth about the THC/Vitamin E debacle. Corrupt politicians tell citizens that “youth epidemic”  is caused by Flavors. Again, this is untrue. Teens aren’t vaping for flavors, they are vaping for the buzz they get with their 59mg nicotine salt JUULs. Flavored e-Liquid shouldn’t be banned, but JUUL’s should be locked away and sold to 21 and over citizens of various states.

Teenagers vape menthol and tobacco JUULs more than any other type of e-cigarette. Stupidly, these two flavors (and they are indeed FLAVORS) are exactly what corrupt politicians WANT to make legal. Does this make sense to anyone?

Back to Montana with Freedom Vapes

The Marshalls say they’re selling only top-quality pharmaceutical grade base ingredients and culinary-grade flavorings. “The ban is written is that we are not allowed to sell flavored e-liquids and we’re not selling flavored e-liquids. We’re selling unflavored e-liquids and culinary flavorings for any use you may want to use it for.”

Our Vape Hero’s solution is what every Vape Shop in the country should prepare for. It doesn’t matter that Ron and Deanna are attempting to side step the law against flavored e-liquids, the fact is, what they are doing is perfectly legal. Yes, you can bet some anti-vaping zealot will try to get an injunction against Freedom Vapes, and they might succeed. But if Ron and Deanna decide to fight this solution, then as Vapers we must stand with them.

If an injunction comes down the line we will let you know. We will urge Ron and Deanna (Vape Hero’s) to start a crowd sourcing page. A page to gather up enough money to hire a great pro-vape lawyer.  We can overturn the injunction. Keep this in mind; people WILL attempt top flavor their own unflavored e-liquids.

Allow Freedom Vapes are taking the guess work out of mixing the flavors, Ron and Deanna are saving people from making flavoring mistakes.

Lift the Montana Flavor Ban today! It won’t be, though it should. If you need flavored e-liquid in Montana, go see Ron and Deanna at Freedom Vapes. At least until the Montana corrupt politicians understand Vapers fight. Hell, we’ve been fighting for a decade, and we’re not giving up our rights.

Vape Hero's - Montana Vape Chain Defies Flavoring Ban