“Hey, Alexa – can you find me a new vape mod gimmick?”

Yeah, folks, it’s come to this. Over the years, we’ve reviewed vape mods with custom wallpapers, touchscreens, pedometers, flashlights, and yes, music speakers. But we’ve never had one that claimed to be powered by artificial intelligence. Yet, as you can see by the review title, that’s exactly what we have in front of us with the Wismec AI box mod.

At Spinfuel VAPE, we always try to maintain a focus on vape quality, steering clear of gimmicks as long as they don’t get in the way of the performance. However, when the speaker and Alexa compatibility make up 90% of the box description, we can’t really ignore it, either. Sadly, these features — while surprisingly okay — do nothing to enhance the vaping, which suffers for it.

Let’s dive in… starting with the “official word.”

side front - WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod ReviewHave you ever imagined a special vape device combining bluetooth technology and voice control function together? Now WISMEC Ai comes as you required. WISMEC Ai, an outstanding example of artificial intelligence ecigs, is Wismec first mod to work with Alexa. Driven by external dual 18650 cells and Avatar chip, WISMEC Ai can fire up to 200W, offering you more powerful output than ever. Coming with a built-in speaker, WISMEC Ai will be a well-rounded vape partner catering to all your needs.

WISMEC AI 200W Specs:

  • Size: 53.5 x 32.5 x 87.3mm
  • Thread type: 510 spring-loaded connector
  • Cell type: 2 x 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A)
  • Output mode: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR (M1, M2, M3)/VW mode
  • Output wattage: 1-200W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes
  • 05-3.5ohm for VW mode
  • Maximum charging current: 2A
  • Output voltage range: 0.5-8V
  • Protections: Over-charge protection, Over-discharge protection, Over 10S protection, Short-circuit protection, Over-current protection
  • Colors: Indigo Gradient; Black; Red

WISMEC AI 200W Contents:

  • QC USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning Card
  • Warranty Card

Aesthetics of the Wismec AI


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But this beholder never wanted a mod that resembled a 1970s era transistor radio, yet that’s exactly what Wismec delivered here. I won’t go as far as to say the AI is an UNattractive mod, but the squatty form factor, coupled with the protruding single speaker section, doesn’t really scream “sexy” either.


Size-wise, the AI is comparable to most dual-18650 devices on the market, with a little extra girth from the speaker and the wide top section. The good news is that most modern atomizers will fit on the AI without overhang. The bad news is that the AI is far from pocket-friendly. While it wasn’t uncomfortable during use, I found that tighter front pockets constantly set off the front-facing adjustment buttons.

WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review ColorsSpeaking of which, let’s get into those buttons. At first glance, this seems like a standard, vape mod input layout, with a power button and two adjustment buttons flanking it on the sides. But the biggest button is the hook here — the microphone activation key, which enables Bluetooth connections and Alexa capability.


Otherwise, there’s nothing that really jumps out as a visual “enhancement” on the AI. Wismec is known for quality products, and the AI represents that well, with strong magnets, solid 510 connection and firm buttons. In other words, it’s made well with no rattling or wiggling where you don’t want it. All great, but nothing worth sharing on your Instagram story.

Standout Features

So, imagine walking with the AI in your pocket, and suddenly having your mod ask you questions. It happened more than once, as soon as I enabled Alexa on the device.


On top of that, a single speaker isn’t exactly the best way to experience music these days. Even the lowest-end Alexa devices and phones have decent sound quality, but the tinny, bass-free audio here is good for podcasts, talk radio and little else. If you’re planning on making the AI a single source of entertainment, don’t bother – there’s nothing impressive about the audio experience here.


Dual 18650 - WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod ReviewI DO have to say, the Bluetooth and Alexa integration is seamless, and all the promised features work as intended. So, in a pinch, the AI could definitely liven up a quiet day, as long as your expectations are tempered. The mic responds well using the free app, even accounting for different voice tones and levels.


Just know it won’t last too long once you start playing around…


Vaping the Wismec AI Mod

We spend a lot of digital ink on battery life, and mods like this are why. Put simply, all of the features, tech, bells and whistles on the AI come at the expense of your battery performance. To give you an example, I put a pair of fresh 18650s in the mod, used Alexa a few times, played some music, and occasionally even — gasp — VAPED MY MOD.


The result was a need to swap cells after less than two hours of light use. Yes, TWO hours. And, at no point was I chain vaping, song hopping or button mashing. I simply used the AI as the instructions said I could, and was forced to charge batteries constantly to keep up.

Centered - WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod ReviewWith all of the nonsense features turned off, it STILL seemed like the AI was channeling battery power to them, in case I changed my mind. So, even with no Alexa or Bluetooth enabled, the AI barely eked out 2.5 hours of moderate, mid-wattage vaping before giving up the ghost. I don’t think I need to explain why this is disappointing, and it’s definitely something to consider if you’re intrigued by this odd little device.

Vapes Too!

Oh yeah, the AI also vapes, in case you’re interested. To be 100% fair and honest, I enjoyed what limited time I had with the mod, since it performed decently as a straight wattage device. Though I rarely exceed 90 watts, the AI gets up to its intended 200-watt limit with no trouble, and never once offered a misfire — even when cranking death metal through its monaural speaker.


The TC modes were a little difficult to nail down, but seemed to work fine, even if I highly doubt temp control enthusiasts are seeking any level of precision from a cloudy Bluetooth speaker. Likewise, the operating system isn’t the MOST intuitive around, but it gets the job done, and clearly display what options are available at any point on the menu tree.

WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review WISMECOne final thing to consider — leaking. When using a dripper, I noticed that stray e-liquid QUICKLY finds its way into the exposed speaker grate on the front of the AI mod. And there’s no easy way to get it out, other than placing it face down on a flat surface and hoping for the best. I couldn’t tell how much technology was exposed behind that grate, but I wouldn’t want to risk it. Drip carefully and keep paper towels handy.


  • Alexa integration works well
  • Wide top plate accommodates a lot of modern atomizers
  • Great build quality


  • Battery life rivals some of the worst we’ve seen
  • The features come at the expense of performance
  • Just so unnecessarily gimmicky

Spinfuel VAPE’s Final Word

Despite my tendency to avoid gimmicks and nonsense on my devices, part of me really wanted to love the AI for bringing something fun to the vape scene. Instead, I just got a healthy reminder of why these gimmicks never seem to last. (How’s that pedometer mod working out for you these days, anyway?)


As a standard vape mod, the AI does what it says it will, all the way to its 200-watt limit. But at what cost? Horrendous battery life, jumpy TC and a risky speaker grate make the AI more of a novelty than a serious investment — and that’s not going to earn a top score anywhere, much less here.

Do yourselves a favor and ask Alexa to shop for a more focused vape mod.

Score: B

WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review