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As more communities across the country tighten vape ban regulations or flavor bans, some are completely banning vapes of all kinds.  Wilmington vape shop owners, employees and customers are fighting back. And fighting back HARD.

WETC6 out of Wilmington:

New Hanover County commissioners consider tougher restrictions on smoking and vaping in county, city and town-owed property. Some vape shop owners and managers are taking a strong stand. And others bow out of the industry.

AMV Holdings is one of the largest vape retailers in the United States. President Sam Salaymeh says the general move to “demonize” vaping and regulate it at a government level are “misguided knee jerk reactions to misinformation”.

“There is paranoia and fear and in many ways what I would call hysteria. It is leading regulators to try and do anything to show that the checklist that they’ve done something. In reality the science is absolute on the fact that there is no secondhand smoke effect with vapor.”

The New Potential Wilmington Law

If it is passed, bars and restaurants would still be able to designate outdoor areas for smoking and vaping. However, anyone caught puffing in a public place could face a $50 fine. The rule will not go into effect until county commissioners vote on it. Voting is expected to happen in February.

From the Spinfuel VAPE News Reporter;

There IS a move in this country to demonize Vaping. Never mind that it is the SAFEST, most effective smoking cessation product in the history of smoking, these fanatics, these lunatics, want to kill the industry. Why? Complete paranoia or a desire for dirty money.

Somehow, some way, we have to find more effective ways to combat the idiots out there trying to put more tobacco cigarettes into the hands of those that have managed to quit from Vaping. We’re talking about living in a FREE country, not some dictatorship like Massachusetts, where its citizens have the right to vape.

The Southern Side

Strong ties to the south, hearing North Carolina was about to push Vapers back to the stone age. Surprise!

People in North Carolina are a sturdy, hardy hard working people, mostly conservative lifestyles. They would never think of taking freedoms away from their neighbors. I suspect anti-vaping thugs are getting into North Carolina causes trouble for Vapers and Vape Shops.

What an ugly, dirty fight this is becoming. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking.  Ask the CDC for christ’s sake. But for some reason (money, power) certain people want Vapers to lose their rights to vape. I call Bullshit and stand with the fighters in North Carolina!

Now Wilmington NC gets in the Fray of Vape Bans