Last Updated on December 5, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

After an ignorant 120-day BAN on flavored vaping products, Washington wants a permanent ban, tougher regulations… the banning of ALL Vape Flavors. This makes Washington State the next Police State after Massachusetts. The government of Washington doesn’t give a rat’s ass that this past summer’s lung illness was caused by illegal THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate, and honest vaping had nothing to do with it.

All that matters to Washington’s politicians is the ability to ruin an industry making people healthier, causing them to quit tobacco cigarettes forever, and, well, let’s be honest… collecting taxes on cigarettes.

I find it amusing that ALL these states that aim to kill the vape industry would rather legalize marijuana (which contains the THC), then to actually help its own citizens. A bizarre movement in the state governments, but it does finally show the faces of these ugly people who govern the citizens of the United States.

Washington State Aims for Permanent Vape Ban

From the Seattle Times:

As Washington state’s 120-day ban on flavored vaping products nears its halfway point, Gov. Jay Inslee and other state officials are working on a firmer response to a rise in vaping.

Doesn’t this raise the question; “What has happened in Washington in the 90 days the ban was in effect that would cause this corrupt governor, Jay Inslee, to not be satisfied with what he and his cohorts have done? Why this need to BAN IT FOREVER?

When it the next PROTEST in the STREETS in Washington?

“In addition to a permanent ban on flavored vaping products, Inslee will propose legislation next month that would eliminate bulk sales and cap nicotine levels in non-cannabis vaping products.”

Spinfuel VAPE is cautious about a nicotine cap, but we’re not truly worried. Nicotine Salts at 50mg is way to high for us anyway. What does Washington consider “bulk” sales, anyway?

Once again, a state in the US is ignoring the real problem. What will happen, what we applaud will happen, is that people in states that can vape flavored e-liquids will find a way to smuggle it in to Washington for fellow Vapers.

This really wouldn’t be a Black Market, but rather a Gray Market, and Gray Markets of flavored e-juice is fine by us. Naturally we’d love to see freedom to vape be the language of the land, but a Gray Market, bringing in flavored e-liquid into Washington and other states that will allow vaping tobacco flavors (how stupid is that anyway?), will allow citizens to vape what they want, while the state loses jobs, businesses, and taxes on these flavored juices.

A politicians problem is that they listen to the people around them rather than listen to the people in general. Whereas President Trump realized that he did not understand the issue in full, he listened, learned, and backed off the ban on Flavors. Governors should follow suit, but they won’t because their sycophants won’t allow them to understand the issues.