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While the sale and use of tobacco in India remain legal, electronic cigarettes will now be permanently banned. Does this make sense? If you lean toward on the sociopathic pragmatism, maybe it does. Certainly India Politicians have had their hands filled with terrible issues, crisis’s, and other manner of destruction and nuclear nightmares, but one problem is hardest of all. Too Many People.

India’s population will overcome China’s by 2027, or 8 years from today. Next year India will have a population of 1.4 Billion people. Millions upon millions of India’s citizens smoke tobacco cigarettes. Tens of thousands die daily from smoking cigarettes. Is it far-fetched to believe that the government of India relies on cigarettes as a code form of death control?

Let’s look at the facts…

India Bans All Manner of Vapes - Too Many People?

E-Cigarettes are Poison?

The India government has called e-cigarettes “poisonous” and “as dangerous as regular cigarettes“.  Seriously.

And then there is this:

“E-cigarettes are just a mechanism to deliver nicotine in an attractive format. They are marketed as a harm reduction product which is contrary to the truth. They do not fall within the scope of existing national legislation on tobacco production, distribution and use yet pose significant health risks that are frighteningly similar to those of conventional cigarettes,” said Bhavna B Mukhopadhyay, chief executive, Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI). 

Yes, folks, all this has really been said by India officials. While science study after science study has proven otherwise, and that vaping is at least 95% SAFER than cigarettes, India takes an opposite view.

It reminds me of my first Paul McCartney Solo record that I adored back in 1971.

Too Many People

Too many people going underground
Too many reaching for a piece of cake
Too many people pulled and pushed around
Too many waiting for that lucky break

Granted, population control in India is a serious problem. 1.4 billion people to feed, to house, to care for. A job that gets harder and harder. Is it so hard to believe that one of the ways to make sure ‘death doesn’t take a holiday‘ in a country with too many people is to make sure that those that could live decades longer by switching to vaping… don’t switch.

Regardless, Vaping had been growing by leaps and bounds in India. Especially with the younger, social media clued in young people, are learning that there is a safer way to consume nicotine. Nicotine is addicted, but nicotine in cigarettes are FAR more addicting. Cigarette companies make cigarettes more addictive. Vaping could help millions upon millions, but all that would mean is a population growing faster and faster.

Allowing Vaping, under certain rules and regulations, could not only save lives, it could grown the economy, provide jobs, grow small businesses, and allow thousands to get off assistance. All good things…. except for the fact that fewer people would die.

Parliament has passed a Bill which seeks to prohibit the production, trade, transport, storage and advertisement of electronic cigarettes in the country.

Now as the passed Bill gets the Presidential assent, it will replace the ordinance issued by the government in September this year banning e-cigarettes.

This sad state of affairs won’t be undone. Hopefully more and more young people will stop smoking altogether. It make me wonder, if young people didn’t smoke cigarettes, would the government of India force them to?