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Five years ago, Vape was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.  Has the time come that we need to expand on the word vape for clarity’s sake? Seriously, let’s take a minute here.

How, in 5 years time, did the word, and the action, Vape, become a word associated with sickness and death? Vaping with the latest Vape Mod and Sub-Ohm Tank, using PG/VG/Flavoring/Nicotine, has never caused an illness and certainly no death. However, some criminals out to make a fast buck, decide to make THC (marijuana liquid) and cut it with a substance known for NOT heating into vapor, build a black market empire for people that DO NOT VAPE, (they get Stoned), and wind up causing thousands to get sick in the US and over 50 deaths.

Honest Vapers

Yet, somehow, 13 million of us “honest vapers“, who are staying away from Tobacco and enjoying fruity flavors, pastry flavors, and hundreds more, safely… SAFELY…. are PUNISHED for doing this by Corrupt Politicians that for some reason choose to ignore that the problem lies with the Stoners looking for a CHEAP high with bootleg THC.

Maybe We Need Another Word for "Vaping"


“We need more words for vape. That has become enormously clear over the past few months as we have muddled our way through vaping-associated pulmonary illness, a mysterious phenomenon in its own right, and ended up perhaps even more confused and muddled than before.”

Slate’s first mistake is to call this illness “vaping-associated pulmonary illness” because this is NOT a vaping-associated anything. This is an act of inhaling dangerous THC cut with Vitamin E acetate. Vaping has never caused ANY illness, Inhaling THC Bootlegs have.

Where is the Disconnect?

SLATE Continues…

“Sure, smoking, forefather of this whole category of stuff, is similarly a little ambiguous. Be more specific about smoking too, if you have the energy! There are fewer major differences there, though. Smoking is never healthy, though vaping can be, at least in comparison to smoking. But with vaping, we really need to make the effort—because of the dark THC epidemic, because the whole concept is fresher and therefore more malleable, because further research will surely reveal nuances in the risks and benefits of different kinds of vaping. While we still can, let’s render vaping a term that doesn’t make sense without context.”

Here, these phrase worries me; “because further research will surely reveal nuances in the risks and benefits of different kinds of vaping” – Yes, further research…. but if states in US continue their unwarranted, illegal overreach bullshit there may never be any further research. Will these overzealous assclowns who have banned FLAVORED E-JUICE or VAPE PRODUCTS altogether, return to center stage and reverse themselves? Certainly not. Since when do Politicians, especially on the STATE level, ever admit one of their laws was unjust? 

By the time these state politicians can be (if they can) convinced that strawberry and cream e-juice isn’t the dangerous poison they falsely think it is (but smoking pot is fine), millions of lives will be ruined, job losses will tumble the US into a recession, and thousands of small businesses will close up shop.

A state level politician can never admit he/she was wrong because it would leave the state open to lawsuits. People that lost jobs or businesses will want to be made whole. See the problem here?

This needs to stop now. Yes, it would be “cute” to come up with new words for vaping, but it is not needed. People using tainted THC cartridges are “inhaling THC”, they are NOT vaping.