Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA – It seems like every time I review an RDA, it’s either a special “celebrity-edition” device, or something completely generic. After all, there’s only so much you can do with an RDA, right? But this one – the Vaperz Cloud Temple RDA — is right up there with some of my all-time dripper champions, even though it does NOTHING out of the ordinary, other than work well.


Yes, this is still very much “another RDA,” but there’s enough value in the Temple’s minimalist format to warrant some more digital ink, so let’s get to it.

The Official Word

Discover the Vaperz Cloud TEMPLE 25mm RDA, featuring a single or dual coil configuration, multi-hole airflow control system, and 6mm deep juice wells. Constructed from durable 304 stainless steel, the chassis of the TEMPLE RDA is visually striking and features a multi-hole airflow control system.

Featuring a dual post build deck, top secured via flat head screws, the TEMPLE RDA can accommodate large coil leads for exotic or ambitious coil builds. At the base of the threaded 510 connection, Vaperz Cloud offers a quick release squonking pin to allow people to switch to a bottom fed pin to move eJuice directly to the build deck without the need to constantly drip to wick the cotton.


Vaperz Cloud TEMPLE 25mm BF RDA Features:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 6mm Deep Juice Wells
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Chassis Construction
  • Dual Post Build Deck – 1 Terminal Per Post
  • 3mm by 3mm Terminal Holes
  • Top Secured via Flathead Screws
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Multi Hole Airflow Control System
  • Acrylic Airflow & Chamber Reducer
  • Squonking BF Pin
  • Threaded 510 Connection

Cloud TEMPLE RDA Includes:

  •  Temple RDA
  •  Metal Cap
  •  Acrylic Cap
  •  Spare Screws & O-Rings
  •  510 BF Squonk Pin
  •  Heat Sink
  •  Airflow Reducer
  •  Chamber Reducer

Aesthetics of the Vaperz Cloud TEMPLE

BOX - VAPERZ CLOUD TEMPLE 25MM RDAThe Temple is 25mm in diameter, with decent, 6mm juice wells, and very little “flair” in the proceedings. Likewise, the brushed brass (they call it gold) exterior cap has very little adornment, outside of some minimal logo embossing, and some slight cutaways on the top cap to ease opening the RDA.


Likewise, the Cloud Temple build deck is alarmingly similar to many other drippers. With two squatty posts that allow for single- or dual-coil builds, and a decent amount of creative coil placement. The classic front-feeding design gives users a good amount of flexibility, and the raised format means you can place and position wire before snipping the leads.


Once they’re seated, the coils hold in place nicely, and users will likely have enough room above the deck to position the coils as desired. Of course, placement won’t be as much of a concern on the Temple as on other RDAs, thanks to the device’s only true standout feature — the airflow control.


BLACK - VAPERZ CLOUD TEMPLE 25MM RDAWhile there’s also nothing original about an adjustable airflow cap or a chamber reducer, the format is popular for a reason, and the Temple allows for a nice range of direct lung and restricted lung arrangements, letting users control the experience. It’s hardly newsworthy, but this IS an RDA after all. Personal preference will ultimately determine how you position your Temple.


Also impressive was the deceptive 6mm juice well, which held a good amount of juice, allowing me to puff for extended periods before having to refill. I was able to use an ample amount of cotton, and it never dried out ahead of expectations, even at higher wattages. Though it’s not as spacious as some larger drippers the Temple is hardly the neediest RDA in my collection.

Vaping the Vaperz Cloud Temple

DECK - VAPERZ CLOUD TEMPLE 25MM RDAWhat can I say? The Temple is a comfortable, flavorful, and altogether predictable RDA experience. And that’s not a bad thing in 2020. It’s safe to say we’re long past the point of diminishing returns in RDA design, and innovations are going to arrive less frequently with each passing year. Yet, it’s comforting to see a company simply put out a better, more versatile mousetrap, which simply works without fuss.


Building on the Temple, I first used a standard RDA Kanthal build – 0.20-ohm resistance – and attached it to my current favorite mod, the Aspire Deco. The Temple sat flush on the mod, as it did on several other devices from my collection. With this configuration the Temple performed admirably. I quickly enjoyed fast ramping, powerful draws, with adequate airflow and flavor.


But considering the single-coil build options the deck offers, I was intrigued to see how the Temple would perform as a MTL-focused dripper. I closed down the airflow, moved to a narrower drip tip, and installed a widely spaced, 1.1-ohm kanthal build I’ve used for every MTL test I’ve done this year. It was broad enough to keep the vapor flowing, but restrictive enough to intensify flavor. The results were surprisingly good.

Pro’s and Cons of the Cloud TEMPLE RDA

I don’t see myself using the Temple for these purposes that often, but it’s nice to know Vaperz Cloud includes all types of vapers into their products, and not just the fog nuts.


I hadn’t yet used the new Vandy Vape Pulse II squonk mod, so I installed the Temple (with the included squonk pin) and really enjoyed the rich flavor put out by the combination. In fact, if I was Vaperz Cloud, I’d strongly consider promoting the Temple more heavily as a BF-RDA, since the squonk performance was near flawless – something I can’t say about most RDAs.


  • Simple, no-fuss design
  • Easy to build and position coils
  • Good airflow control


  • It’s basically “another RDA”
  • The build deck can get a little snug with larger coils
  • Not overly attractive or unique


The Temple is far from a unique entry into the stagnant RDA market, but I’m not sure we’ll ever see one again. While it certainly shares a lot of similarities with countless predecessors, the Temple ultimately performs really well, no matter how you configure the airflow.


Is this a “must-buy RDA?” No, but the Temple DOES qualify as a versatile, solidly performing dripper with strong flavor and vapor production. For those who just need to own every dripper on the market, that’s likely more than enough. And for those who are just getting into the RDA game, the Temple is as good a choice as any for a first atomizer.


Score: A-