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Unfair Threat to the Selling E-Cigarettes - Another One?

Even without the god-awful flavor ban, affecting many states here in the US, regulations drove so many retailers and manufacturers out of business. It’s like there are a certain number of people that will always see simple e-liquids, atomizers and mods, as a threat of some kind, while millions continue to die globally by smoking cigarettes.

You see, after more than 10 years in the vape community I can tell you with a 100% certainty that e-cigarettes were always THE threat to Big Tobacco (a consortium of tobacco companies), Big Pharma (drug companies that develop nicotine replacement drugs), and certain groups who believe with absolute certainty that it is THEY who know what is best for US. (and can maximize the profits from getting the public on the bandwagon). Get over one hurdle toward “freedom to vape” and before long, there pops up another.

Bigger Problems, No?

The United States, and the rest of the world, have a lot of problems. Big problems. Problems that make e-cigarettes ‘small potatoes’. However, the fact is, electronic cigarettes should have been a local fight, an easy fight. And let’s face it, fighting terrorism, or lifting the up the poor, educating young minds, protecting freedom, protecting young children from the Transgender Cult,  or even guarding the the borders of America, is just too damn big for these political senior citizens who wouldn’t recognize the real world if it bit them on the ass.

The easy fight is e-cigarettes, so that’s who these despicable people go after.

From the Chicago Sun*Times

President Donald Trump reportedly has reconsidered a plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes, a reversal that was widely portrayed as a triumph of politics over public health. Yet that criticism more aptly describes the proposed ban, which would have sacrificed the interests — and potentially the lives — of current and former smokers in the name of curtailing underage vaping.

You may need to re-read the above paragraph again.

Threats – Teens won’t Stop, it’s Not in their Nature

It ‘might’ stop some teens from vaping, but since teenagers have this primitive need to rebel, it would have either pushed teens to look for black market vaping, or even worse, starting a smoking habit. And with cigarettes easily available in more shops, gas stations, and convenience stores, the most likely outcome would have been to produce more smokers.

Harm Reduction is Real

What is so disappointing to us at Spinfuel VAPE, is that there is no other way to look at all these efforts to stop vaping then to recognize the a real evil behind it. The goal of all these threats against vaping is to get more people smoking cigarettes. You know, like it used to be. Imagine that. For the states it’s about cigarette taxes and the yearly payoff from a 20 year lawsuit.

For the Feds, it’s about making certain promises to tobacco companies in exchange for huge amounts of money. Vaping is destroying the tobacco industry, making certain promises impossible to uphold. The way to deal with it is to ban the safest, most effective anti-smoking product ever to appear on the marketplace.

More than the Chicago Sun*Times

”Our next focus will be on ensuring that the Trump administration recognizes the need to reform the FDA’s regulatory system for these products,” says Gregory Conley (@GregTHR) · Twitter, president of the American Vaping Association, an advocacy group that supports vaping as a harm-reducing alternative to smoking. “If President Trump wants to win in 2020, mere inaction on this issue is not enough.”

Greg Conley, the Man

I met Greg a few times back in 2013, 2014, and 2015, at various vape expos, and I can tell you there is no one has dedicated to Vapers than him. The American Vaping Association isn’t an organization that simply ask Vapers to “tell your story” or to send out “alerts” and THEN go tell you story. The AVP works hard every day, and Greg works harder than most.

Now, President Trump may have stopped the end of vaping by refusing to sign the Decision Memo. Trump has learned a lot of vaping in the past few months. We hope he now understands the situation. However, if not for the President’s declaration to ban flavors and force Vapers to vape the flavor they wanted to get away from (tobacco), we believe the past few months of nightmares might never have happened. Honestly, as easy as it might be to look back and get angry, we should look ahead and try to get things nailed down..

Threat and the Aftermath?

Hopefully most of the people who lost their jobs, their businesses, and suffered other harms, can rebuild their lives. Keep in mind, however, that Massachusetts #policestate Baker still has his ban in place, outlawing all vape products. And to prove just how much he HATES people that use vapes, in order to stop Massachusetts citizens from driving up to New Hampshire (one of the only states in 2022 that allows open vaping with flavors, to get their vape gear and e-liquids), a Bill now exists that allows the #policestate to take your car if you’re pulled over and the cops find any amount of flavored e-liquid, or even a vaping device. Sounds like ‘Man in the High Castle‘ doesn’t it?

Welcome to the #UnitedStatesofHate

Opinion by Julia Hartley-Barnes