Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart
Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart

Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows. This is not news to me, or most Vapers. Hell, one of the first signs after switching to vaping is better breathing, slower heartbeat, and a more relaxed appearance. It happens fast too. From CNN: [...]

Trump HAS Backed Away From Flavor Ban (maybe)
Trump HAS Backed Away From Flavor Ban (maybe)

Votes Count - You know how it goes with President Trump. At first Mr Trump will throw out words that he thinks makes perfect sense, only to realize later that maybe he shouldn't have said it. We've never heard Trump say he was wrong, he just ignore what he said previously. Warned that he might lose [...]

JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??
JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??

Hey, did you hear the one about JUUL Pods have higher nicotine levels than other Pod Mods and e-Liquids? Duh. Sure did. Why do you think teenagers use JUUL's so much that it's become known as JUULING? 59mg of Nicotine Salts. Getting that nicotine buzz is real easy. And stupid. During a review we did last [...]

Second-Guessing? Trump Rethinks the Flavor Ban on Vaping
Second-Guessing? Trump Rethinks the Flavor Ban

Another Flavor Ban News Bit - We can only hope that the current administration will consider science and reason as it rethinks its vaping ban. E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful way for people to consume nicotine than tobacco cigarettes. Vape shop owners, country wide, pride themselves in working with smokers that want quit smoking. But, to be [...]

Apple will be removing all Vaping related Apps from their App Store
Apple to Remove all Vaping Apps from the App Store

In another seemingly kneejerk reaction to the illnesses caused by illicit THC cartridges,  Apple is removing any vape related apps from the App Store. Now, not to get off on a rant here, but how in the hell are these vape apps supposed to cause any harm to anyone using e-cigarettes? Vape Apps help Vapers choose [...]

Massachusetts Authorizes Forfeiture of Vapers' Cars Feature Image
Massachusetts (may) Authorize Forfeiture of Vapers’ Cars

Lose My Car?  A bill was approved in the Massachusetts House that has unbelievable consequences to vapers in that state. Okay, see, this is a perfect example of a governor of a state, in this case Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, goes completely insane and mad with power. Baker should face immediate impeachment proceedings, as well as [...]

Cannabis THC Product Ban (THC an Vitamin E Actate)
Cannabis Regulators Blocks THC Sales in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has blocked the sales of all vaping products containing THC until testing for Vitamin E acetate is completed.  People going to dispensaries this week found the products no longer available. First, Massachusetts goes after ALL vaping products, except the deadly THC cards made with Vitamin E Acetate, without an ounce of [...]

Comparing Cigarettes With Vaping Devices
Comparing Traditional Cigarettes With Vaping Devices

Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? This is a debate that has been going on for quite some time. If you are a regular cigarette smoker and you are trying to quit, then I am sure that the idea of switching to e-cigarettes has crossed your mind. According to Research, you are not alone; studies [...]

Kanger Ranger 200W Starter Kit Review
Kanger Ranger 200W Starter Kit Review

We got a chuckle when we first got the Kanger Ranger 200W starter kit to review a long time ago. The name gave us a smile – KANG-er RANG-er, anyone? But once we were done digging our way through a very long list of vape mods, we finally got around to testing the Ranger, and [...]

The Real Health Benefits of Vaping

The Health Benefits of Vaping  - It’s time to set the record straight regarding the risks and benefits of vaping. When this subject is broached, you’re bound to hear an incredible spectrum of opinions ranging from utterly baseless allegations and fearmongering to well-meaning but ill-informed members of the Concerned Citizen Brigade. With vaping on the rise [...]

Wismec Sinuous V80 Kit Review
Sinuous V80 Kit by WISMEC – A Review

If we were rating vape mods for their looks, the new Wismec Sinuous V80 would go right to the head of my line. I absolutely fell in love with the translucent exterior and compact hand feel right from the get-go. Synonymous with advanced vaporizer design work, Wismec Sinuous has from the get-go established itself as one [...]

CKS THNDR 240W & Bolt Mesh Tank Kit Review

I wanted to love the CKS THNDR kit. I really did. Because when it arrived in its larger-than-expected packaging, grabbed my attention with its larger-than-average size, and made me smile with its weird-but-cool animal logo affixed to the front of the device, I thought to myself, “Finally, something different from the vape community.”   In a certain [...]


When you first look at the GeekVape Lucid mod, you’ll think it’s a beginner device. Maybe it was the orange and grey two-tone design, or the diminutive size and feel. But no matter how it looks, GeekVape packed this compact 80-watt mod with a ton of power and features, running on just a single 18650 [...]


It’s 2019. What could a direct-wattage pen/stick mod like the SMOK Stick V9 Max possibly have to offer? More battery capacity? We’ve seen better. Higher power output? This caps at 60 watts on a good day. Pocket-friendliness? The V9 Max is one of the widest, heaviest pen-style mods around. Smoother performance? Well… let’s get into [...]

Vaping and Diabetes: Why flavored vape products need to be allowed
Vaping and Diabetes: Flavored eJuice Plays Vital Role

Vaping and diabetes- My journey so far - For all the writing our team does on here, we very rarely inject our personal lives into our writing. Sure, you know which writers like certain things, but doing vape journalism can be a little faceless. Today, I’m going to change things up a bit by getting [...]