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A Guide to Vape Coils for Vape Lovers

Do you like to vape? If you are a vaper, you know the terms like vape coil, tanks, e-liquids, atomizer, etc. All of them are crucial parts of a vape pen or an e-cig. Today we are going to talk about vape coils. Vape coils are like the heart of a vape pen. The vape coil of your vape pen needs replacing according to your usage. You can be an expert vaper, but having a clear idea about the vape coil always helps. There are different types of vape coils available in the market and you can try CBD vape juice or other vaping accessories as well. To extend your knowledge of vape coils, keep reading.

What is a Vape Coil?

A vape coil is a part of a vape pen that heats the vape oil in the tank and evaporates it so you can inhale. Vape coil consists of a metal wire wrapped up around a wicking material. The vape coil connects the +ve side of the battery to the -ve side. The vape oil from the tank saturates the wick. When you turn on the vape pen, it draws power from the battery to heat the wire, which vaporizes the vape oil from the wick.

Generally, manufacturers use a conducting but heat-resisting metal for the wire. Some experienced vapers buy their choice of wicking material and wire and build a coil by themselves or you can buy from the best online vape shops.

What is an Atomizer Head in the Vape Coil?

There is a lot of confusion about atomizer heads. People also call the vape coil an atomizer. But it is the whole system holding the wick and vape coil together. The vape pen atomizer head is the bottom part of the system that allows the vape oil to be in the wick. It is easy to replace the atomizer coil, and you can carry an extra atomizer coil with you.

There are different types of vape coils available like single coil dual coil, quad coil, etc. A single coil consists of only one vape coil and one wick; it uses less power and produces less vapor. A dual-coil consists of two vape coils and two wicks; it uses more battery and creates more and flavorful vapor, and so on.

What is Coil Resistance or Ohm?

You can easily spot the ohm specification of your coil on the label of the product. It specifies the resistance in the coil wire. The vape coils with a coil resistance between 2.4 ohms to 2.8 ohms are popular as standard vape coils or high resistance coils.

Sub-ohm vape coils are vape coils with a coil resistance of less than 1 ohm. Ohm’s law says that I = V/R. According to ohm’s law, less resistance allows more current to go through the wire. It creates more flavorful and intense clouds than standard coils. Some experienced vapers love sub-ohm coils. For beginners, it is better to stick with standard vape coils.

Sub Ohm Tanks 1


Which Provide a Better Vaping Experience – Standard or Sub-Ohm Vape Coils?

If you are torn between standard and sub-ohm coils, knowing their effects may help you decide. Here is how the vape coil affects your vaping experience.

  • Cloud production:

Standard vape coils use less power and produce less intense clouds. But sub-ohm vape coils use more battery power and make more intense clouds.

  • Airflow Adjustments:

In sub-ohm coils, you will find an adjustable ventilation system. It allows you to adjust the airflow. If you open the ventilation widely, that will create intense clouds. Standard coils do not have this facility.

  • Battery usage:

As previously stated, standard coils use lesser power which means your battery will last longer. In sub-ohm coils, the battery runs out quite often as it uses higher battery power. You can also use the vape pen for a long time with standard coils with recharging it.

  • Overall impact:

In sub-ohm coils, the overall impact is much better than the standard coils. So, we recommend using a lesser strength of the product you are using for the vape to avoid side effects.

  • Devices:

Standard vape coils fit in almost every vape pen and e-cigs. But for sub-ohm coils, you need specialized devices. Box mods are most suitable to use sub-ohm coils. They weigh more, but they also have various systems that can come in handy to use. The temperature control option in box mods helps use sub-ohm coils as it draws more power and gets heat up frequently.

  • Vaping Type:

Standard coils are suitable for MTL or mouth to lung vaping, but vapers use the sub-ohm coil for DTL or direct to lung vaping system.

  • Vapor quality:

Standard coils use less power, so the cloud is colder and more flavorful than sub-ohm coils. You will feel the taste of the juice in your mouth.

  • Convenience:

Standard coil vape pens are more discreet and convenient than sub-ohm box mods. You can easily carry a vape pen in your pocket and take it to your office or on a trip.



How to know if it is time to change your Vape Coil?

The life of your vape coil depends on how much you use it. If you are an experienced vaper and vape many times a day, you may need to change your vape coil within 3 – 4 days. The vape coil can last up to 1 – 2 weeks if you use it once daily. The most common sign of a damaged coil is a burnt taste. Also, with time your coil produces fewer vapors. Take good care of your vape coil to make it last longer.

In the End…

Which vape coil suits you the most depends on your preference. You can go to a vape store to try out different atomizer coils with various resistance. Clean the tank and the coil often. Give the wicking material time to sink in the vape juice and increase the power gradually. It will help you produce a more flavorful vapor, and the coil will last longer. Avoid using higher battery power directly to heat the juice. Keep some atomizer coils with you to avoid surprises. Know the model of vape coil you need for your vape pen. Otherwise, it may get damaged. You can also buy vaping products online from dedicated websites.