It’s that time of the year again. Fall is here and everyone is readying their jack-o’-lanterns and fancy dress ideas for the October festivities! Yes, Halloween is here once more and we’ve got some clever tips to help you use sub-ohm vaping to make your Halloween celebrations even more memorable.

Halloween in America has a history as a community-centered holiday. However, amongst the younger generation, this holiday has become a great reason to dress up as just about anything and have a great time! Regardless of the dress code, Halloween party decor needs to be spooky. Cobwebs, pumpkins, dimmed lighting and skeletons in the cupboard are all on the agenda, but how can we add an extra level of awesomeness to our already awesome Halloween party?

Sub-Ohm Vaping Will Improve Your Fancy Dress!

First off, fancy dress. How can sub-ohm vaping improve your outfit? We know that it’s normal for some at a Halloween party to just try and wear as little clothes as possible. But, we have a couple of ideas of what costumes could be made seriously cool with the help of some massive vape clouds.

The most obvious costume choice here would be a demon or dragon. Get yourself a pair of wings (who doesn’t love wearing wings?!) and something like a Cue Vapor kit from a vape shop, and away you go. If you could find a mask to go with it, that would be pretty cool too, take a deep hit on your e-juice, burst into the party and let that cloud rip!

Some of the more out-there costumes that could be improved with vapor include a volcano, or even something totally weird like a kettle! Both could be made out of cardboard boxes and put over your head or shoulders. You could then use sub-ohm vaping from inside the costume and blow the vapor right out. You’re bound to be the talking point of the whole party.


Get Your Party Supplies From a Vape Shop

We don’t mean you should get all of your party supplies from a vape shop, but for this next idea, you’re going to need to stock up on sub-ohm vaping e-liquid. We’re suggesting that before your guests arrive at the party, you fill the house with vapor, so every room looks extra spooky.

Maybe you could order all different types of e-liquid flavors from the vape shop. Then, each room could have a differently flavored vapor in it. Remember to get the lighting right in every room. That way, the light travels up through vape clouds and looks especially good. If you’ve got any disco lighting, this will work amazingly with your sub-ohm vape clouds.

You can easily order a bunch of different sub-ohm vaping flavors from a vape shop, so you can keep the party full of vape clouds all night long!

The Ultimate Jack-O’-Lantern

Finally, we bring to you the ultimate jack-o’-lantern. While you will still need to visit a vape shop to get your e-juice, head to your local farmers market to secure some prize-winning pumpkins. Now it’s time to get carving; with so many different jack-o’-lantern designs to choose from, it’s up to you to pick which you think best suits your party.

Once you’ve crafted the most wicked lanterns in town, it’s time for the finishing touches. Take the lids off each one of your lanterns and blow vapor inside. Place the lids back on and watch as the vapor slowly floats out of your carved jack-o’-lantern. Real spooky! Of course, if you wanted to take it to another level, we’ve got a sneaky trick for you. Cover the carved inside of your pumpkins with baking paper and pierce a couple of small holes near the eyes or mouth. The vapor will then float out more slowly and you can achieve the desired level of spookiness for longer (if you choose this second approach, use battery-powered LED lights to keep things safe).

So, remember that this Halloween, e-cigarettes aren’t just a tool with which to help you give up tobacco cigarettes. They can actually be used as a clever way to make your party the best on the block.

Author Bio: Pascal Culverhouse is the CEO and founder of Electric Tobacconist. This online vape shop sells only the highest quality of e-cigarette products in both the UK and US. As an avid member of the vaping community, he wants to see the stigma around vaping changed so that e-cigarettes can be seen in the right light!