The War on E-Cigarettes is just Foolish
The War on E-Cigarettes is just Foolish

It's War! Or it certainly seems like it, doesn't it? Everyday for the past 3 months it's felt like our entire community, our entire industry, is under attack. With good reason. It really is a war of words. Contrary to all the recent bad publicity on vaping the facts are that vaping saves lives and helps [...]

The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes? Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes?

The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes? As many of us will remember very well, some of the first — and most influential — e-cigarettes to hit the market were the traditional cigarette-esque e-cigarettes, which came charged and completely ready to use. Quite literally, you just took off the wrapping and away you went! But a lot has [...]

Soaring Demand for E-Cigarettes Propels Industry... Spinfuel VAPE
Soaring Demand for E-Cigarettes Propels Industry…

Soaring demand for e-cigarettes in the United States and around the world has pushed analysts to predict that the entire market will be worth around $61.4 billion in the next few years.   A new and detailed report into the current state of the vaping market breaks down the entire sector in terms of what's available, where [...]

NHS ‘Stoptober’ Campaign Embraces the E-Cig and Vaping Community
E-Cig Community Embraced by NHS Stoptober Campaign

The NHS runs an annual ‘Stoptober’ campaign in an attempt to get people to quit smoking. This year, for the first time, the NHS has included e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco, which is a massive boost for both the e-cig and vaping industry. Don't believe it? Check out the following words directory from the Stoptober [...]

The Top 6 Innovations That Changed Vaping Forever - Spinfuel VAPE
The Top 6 Innovations That Changed Vaping Forever

The Top 6 Innovations That Changed Vaping Forever  - Note: As a special gift to the readers of Spinfuel, Vape-Hub would like to extend the offer of a coupon code that's good until the end of this year. Through December 31, 2017, use the coupon code vapehub10off when checking out for a 10% discount on your [...]

Spinfuel - E-Cigarettes vs Fake News: A Battle of Fact vs Fiction
E-Cigarettes vs Fake News – A Battle of Fact vs Fiction

E-Cigarettes vs Fake News: A Battle of Fact vs Fiction In recent years, we’ve seen the strange and alarming rise of fake news. If you weren’t sure what it is already, fake news is content which has been “written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain”. It often uses exaggerated, sensationalist or [...]

Going Abroad With Your E-Cigarette This Summer
Going Abroad With Your E-Cigarette This Summer

Chances are you’ll be planning — or will already have planned — your summer vacation by now. For us vapers who are traveling outside of the United States, it’s certainly worth considering the e-cigarette and e-liquid laws that apply in the country you’re destined for as you put those plans together. While common sense would [...]

ancer Research UK Study Prove E-Cigarettes Safe – Infographic - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Cancer Research Proves E-Cigarettes Safe

Cancer Research UK Study Proves E-Cigarettes Are Safe – Infographic Many of the studies relating to the safety of e-cigarettes have largely been disregarded by health professionals up to now. Many believe that the previous studies weren’t extensive enough and any evidence from them was generally not taken seriously. However, as this infographic from Purplebox outlines, [...]

Achievable E-Cigarette Regulation: Can The FDA Learn From Europe? Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
E-Cigarette Regs: Can The FDA Learn From Europe?

A very lively debate about the E-Cigarette rages across America today. Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated its intent towards the regulation of electronic cigarettes in May of 2016, opposition has raised its head at almost every corner. The FDA’s reasoning behind the move is that electronic cigarettes are considered harmful, and therefore require [...]

Vaping and Movies Spinfuel VAPE
How Vaping Would Have Changed Four Famous Movies

Vaping poses fewer health risks than cigarettes, but is it also less iconic? Over the last 100 or so years, we’ve been bombarded with unforgettable scenes on the big screen featuring tobacco smoke. Think of all those film noir flicks with white plumes rising under streetlamps, or the cigar clenched between Clint Eastwood’s teeth in [...]

Pascal Culverhouse - Big Tobacco and E-Cigarettes
Big Tobacco And E-Cigarettes – A Good Thing?

Are Brands of E-Cigarettes Owned by Big Tobacco Companies a Good Thing? An increasing number of e-cigarette brands are owned by Big Tobacco. Over the past few years, cigarette companies have either bought out existing e-cig brands or have created their own. This includes Vype — owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), the same company that [...]

5 Hacks for Keeping Your E-Cigarette Clean – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE
5 Hacks for Keeping Your E-Cigarette Clean

A Life Hack For New Vapers E-Cigarettes like every item that you use in your life is susceptible to get cluttered with grime, dirt and any other imaginable thing. It does not matter how meticulous you are to prevent it from becoming dirty, they always get dirty somehow. The fact that they are reusable makes it [...]

The Evil of Regulated Profit ? Julia Hartley-Barnes Spinfuel eMagazine
FDA Motivated by Power and Profit

Does It Even Matter If Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe?  Not really, no.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes, is a bona-a-fide success story for millions of former smokers all over the world. They are a very popular alternative to smoking tobacco products, aka analog cigarettes. (in Vape-Speak) And soon, what's left in the wake of [...]

Vaping is Fun!
Pascal Culverhouse – Vaping is Fun

What the critics don’t understand: vaping is fun and needs to stay that way If anti-vapers succeed in their quest to make vaping boring, then vaping will lose its power to compete with traditional cigarettes. Anti-vaping campaigners are worried by many aspects of vaping, but what they are most worried about is how fun it looks. To [...]

China Bans e-Cig Exports
Operation “Puff Not” Bans E-Cig Exports

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016 Yes, the words written below was an April Fools Prank - Please read about why it was done here. The End of the Electronic Cigarette Industry is Here China Bans ALL E-Cig Exports while we slept. China has made a bold move against all electronic cigarette manufacturers and their customers by recent bans [...]