Vape Retailers need to know
What Vape Retailers Need To Know – Part 3

What Vape Retailers Need to Know - Part 3 I am putting out this information about the vape industry and the realities of life under the Deeming Regs in small articles so our readers have the time to read and digest the information. I only have 1, maybe 2, more articles of the easy stuff.  The rest gets [...]

What Vape Retailers need to know
What Vape Retailers Need to Know Part 2

What Vape Retailers Need to Know Part 2 First, I would like to update my readers and especially the vape retailers about the Liquid Nicotine Packaging Surveillance Guide I mentioned in the previous article, where I stated that bottles containing nicotine manufactured prior to July 26, 2016, would be okay to sell with proof, but that is [...]

FDA Regs and Wendy Bivona
Wendy Bivona On Life After FDA Regs

Beginning today, Wendy Bivona, the owner of one of the first Vape Shops in the USA, comes to Spinfuel to keep us, and you, up to date on everything that is happening behind the scenes as the August 8th 2016 dates comes closer. Wendy's columns will focus on what Vape Shop owners need to know in [...]

ENDS and Nicotine Distributors
ENDS and Nicotine Distributors

ENDS... how about them nicotine distributors? Last time I wrote, it was about how the FDA was extending the scope of a previous regulation for electronic cigarettes (which they renamed ENDS for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System). Shortly after writing this, while reading a post about the Royal College of Physicians and watching Suck My Mod new [...]

The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include Nicotine
The Debate: Nicotine as Carcinogen?

The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include Nicotine Pascal Culverhouse Talks Nicotine and Carcinogen - You’d think that whether a substance (Nicotine in this case) causes cancer or not is decided by science, not semantics. But at the history of several key terms shows us that tobacco control is not above moving the goalposts. In fact, [...]

Colin Vettier - PMTA Vapers Stand United
PMTA – Vapers Stand United

Vapers! We Must Stand United As most of you should know by now, the FDA imposed new regulations, including what is knows as the PMTA, which I'll discuss later) on vaping products which they not-so-ironically labelled ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System). Well, that’s not exactly true. What it did to be exact was to extend the regulatory [...]

Vaping and Pets - E-Cigarettes and pets
Vaping and Pets – Is It Safe?

How Safe Are My Pets Around E-Cigarettes? A Look At Vaping and Pets Every Vaper who is also a pet owner has asked themselves, at one time or another, is my vaping harming my pets? For smokers of tobacco products, the ill-effects of tobacco smoke and pets is a known quantity. No good can come from smoking [...]

How the TPD will Affect the UK
How the TPD will Affect the UK

While many people are still in shock over the announcement on May 5th, 2016, by the FDA, which essentially proved that every effort made by every organization to nullify any harsh regulations over electronic cigarettes in the US to actually pass, has ultimately fell on deaf ears, we provide a timely piece on how the [...]

Vape Shops And Minors

Minors Risk Brick & Mortar Vape Shops As far as I’m concerned, I would much rather see teenagers using electronic cigarettes rather than real cigarettes. Anyone that doesn’t agree with that isn’t living in the real world, including owners of vape shops around the world. We don’t need more proof that tobacco kills, and because the ingredients [...]

Parties Weren’t Meant to Last
Parties Weren’t Meant to Last…

Because Life is Just a Party, and Parties Weren’t Meant to Last This is as good an explanation as any I’ve heard yet as to why Prince passed unexpectedly last Thursday. What does Prince have to do with vaping? Maybe nothing, maybe something, but how can I not devote this week’s column to him? I grew up [...]

Say What? Hillary Clinton Gets the Vape Vote – Julie Selesnick for Spinfuel eMagazine
Hillary Clinton Gets the Vape Vote?

Say What? Hillary Clinton Gets the Vape Vote You heard it here first (second, maybe) folks. One in three vapers is voting for Hillary Clinton. The statistics break down as follows: Vapers Voting for Clinton – 31% Vapers Voting for Donald Trump – 23% Vapers Voting for Bernie Sanders – 22% Ted Cruz – 6% John Kasich – 5% I’m no math [...]

Bernie Sanders is good for Vaping
Bernie Sanders Is A Vote For Vaping

Why Vapers Should Vote for Bernie Sanders In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a political junkie, and I am completely engrossed in this crazy, historical election. I can barely think about anything else. But vaping rights are an issue near and dear to me, so I have been trying to reconcile my stance [...]

Vaping is Fun!
Pascal Culverhouse – Vaping is Fun

What the critics don’t understand: vaping is fun and needs to stay that way If anti-vapers succeed in their quest to make vaping boring, then vaping will lose its power to compete with traditional cigarettes. Anti-vaping campaigners are worried by many aspects of vaping, but what they are most worried about is how fun it looks. To [...]

Up In Vape
Up in Vape – Mark “Tim” Timblin

Greetings fellow Vapers, my name is Mark Timblin, I live in a small town on the east coast of Florida, along what is know as the Treasure Coast, after the Spanish lost several of their ships during a hurricane in the early 1700s. A few days ago I was given an opportunity that, at first, I [...]

Chinese manufacturers form SEVIA USA
SEVIA USA – A Coalition Formed To Fight Regulations

Chinese Manufacturers Form SEVIA USA We have heard it many times, "What is China doing to assist in the fight to keep vapor products around?". On January 20th 2016 over 100 ecig manufacturers came together at a conference in Shenzhen China to commit their resources and financial support in the fight against unfair and burdensome FDA [...]