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Has Vaping Become Totally Cool? Scientists Think So

Has Vaping Become Totally Cool? Scientists, of All People, Say Yes

VAPING WITH NORMANMaybe we can attribute it to Hollywood stars again, or at least social media, as it turns out that sticking something in your mouth and getting a (potential) nicotine hit is all the rage again — and to be seen doing so. Is vaping cool?

Back in the golden era of filmmaking, a leading actor could not have a glamorous image without a sultry cigarette dangling from their lips (even if they were paid for it) as they were shrouded in a cloud of toxic smoke. Today, film luminaries are doing it the healthier, electronic way.

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Scientists now tell us that more people than ever are taking up vaping not just because it’s increasingly seen as better for you and way more socially accepted than smoking, but because it makes them look smokin’ hot.

Get the Scientific Facts!

In a study published in a prestigious scientific publication, PLOS One, they looked at what people were saying about vaping from 2012 to 2015. Where to get the info they were after? Social media, of course, and Twitter in particular. So they examined three million tweets during the three-year period – short messages containing the keywords they were after: electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, and vaping.

OK, they didn’t just look at a whole bunch of tweets and then declare they’d carried out a “scientific study.” No, what they did was use various analytical tools to work out patterns in the content and see what was happening. What they found was that at the start of the timeline, in 2012, 43% of people said they were vaping as a way to quit cigarettes and that 21% were vaping to boost their “social image.”

By the time 2015 came around, it was a different picture. Now, those people vaping (and tweeting) to make them look better among their peers had leaped by 16% — showing that more people were taking up vaping for image rather than health reasons. Tweets on the topic included such expressions as “e-cigs are so freaking cool” and “love vaping in the club.”

Vapers are not just venting on Twitter, either. Here’s a sampling from Instagram:

Rainbow Puff

Can you do this with a cigarette?

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Being able to vape just about anywhere is just… so totally cool.

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Bitchin’ Kitchen

Striking a vape pose doesn’t mean striking up a light.

Im tierd of fighting but i will never give up!

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So, we have our pals in the scientific community to thank for the latest vaping evolution news. We already knew there were solid aesthetics of vaping, whether it’s a VUSE e-cigarette or anything else, and now it’s the lifestyle-enhancing element that people are after.

That’s pretty cool.

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