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Aesthetics of Vaping Part 2 The Golden Rainbow Spinfuel VAPE Magazine


Aesthetics of Vaping Part 2 The Golden Rainbow My last column on vaping aesthetics has been the most read column I’ve written in 5+ years. When Dave showed me the number I was shocked. Happy, yes, but shocked as well. I had n [...]

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The New Box Mod Aesthetics of Vaping in 2017 Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Box Mod and Atomizer Aesthetics in 2017

How New Design Thinking Is Changing the Vaping Landscape Among the latest flurry of new vape products (mainly the box mod and atomizer segment) finding their way to the vape community we’ve noticed a sizeable shift in the num [...]

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Marijuana Legalization Spreading Across America… And The World? – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Marijuana Legalization Across America

Marijuana Legalization Spreading Across America… And The World? Now the dust has settled (or has it?)  it’s time to look back at the events of the 8th November. After one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in living [...]

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Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil

Marijuana Oil Types and Uses: CBD vs THC Oil

Marijuana oil (CBD or THC) is hardly a new thing on the scene. It’s been around awhile, but from all the hype lately, you would think it was the latest, greatest thing. Now, you may be a seasoned pro at the cannabis oil thing [...]

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Presidential Election of 2016


Dave Foster On The Election and Vaping I wanted to take a moment to say something about last night's election.  My opinion below is MINE, it was not endorsed by Spinfuel VAPE, and you can be sure that there are members of Spi [...]

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FDA close-hold embargo


FDA CLOSE-HOLD EMBARGO on Deeming Regulations Is the FDA Hiding Information Again? Greetings and salutations my friends, before I get into the subject of the FDA and their Close-Hold Embargo on scientific data (Read This) on [...]

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Up in Vape - September 24

Up in Vape – Evils of Tobacco Up Close

Up in Vape The Evil Cigarettes Do A Personal Story Greetings and salutations my friends, I apologize for not getting a column out in a timely manner, however for the past 3 weeks one of my best friends who is 78 years young, [...]

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Vape Gear Up In Vape

Up In Vape – A Work in Progress

Greetings  my friends and and readers of my Up in Vape column.  As y'all might know by now, I have had several health issues that have prevented me from giving you a solid weekly column, something I thought I could do when I [...]

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Azure Vaping Closes Doors - FDA Causes business to shutter

Robert Jack Closes Azure Vaping

Robert Jack's Azure Vaping to Close Despite all the science that proves that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, despite all the attempts to make the FDA see reason, despite all the tons of ink and electrons spent to write abou [...]

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Vets n Vaping

Up In Vape – Vets N Vaping

Vets ‘n Vaping On Vets n Vaping - Greetings and salutations my friends, I trust everyone is doing well and getting by.  Now that we are ten days into the new Deeming, or as I like to call them Damning Regulations that certain [...]

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Up in Vape Review Time!

MigVapor and Exxus Dry Herb/Wax Vaping Devices An Up in Vape Review! Greetings my friends!  I pray I still have some readers left after my uh...unannounced unwanted vacation. I have been playing hell here for the past 2-3 wee [...]

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Zero-Nic Game by the FDA - Spinfuel

The Zero-Nic Game – Life After 8/8

What Vape Retailers Need to Know Products with Zero Nicotine. You might ask yourself, how does e-juice with zero-nic (zero nicotine) be considered as a tobacco product that should be regulated by the FDA deeming regulations? [...]

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