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Why is it that the more popular a product becomes the more politicians, regulators and those with a vested interest become involved? The time has come for all in the vaping community to stand up and be counted, to support your democratic rights and to fight the establishment. Yes, YOUR Vaping Community Needs YOU!

Are you sick and tired of being ignored? Do you feel politicians listen when they want your vote and ignore you when they are in power? What really is happening to your democratic rights and your rights as a citizen?

US government eroding democracy

Time and time again the US government has ignored the people, time and time again this has proved to be wrong and the introduction of electronic cigarettes is no different. For decades now the authorities have supported the use of tobacco cigarettes, despite health concerns, simply because of the tax income they bring in. The introduction of electronic cigarettes will not only reduce the health cost burden on the US authorities but will also improve the health of tobacco cigarette smokers. There is no doubt about this, the only doubt is to what extent electronic cigarettes and vaping is less harmful compared to tobacco.

The people have voted, electronic cigarettes are a growing market and demand for tobacco cigarettes is falling. So, what did the US government, regulators and tobacco companies decide to do?

US government eroding your freedom of choice

Your vaping community needs you and it needs you today. If US regulators, US politicians and those biased against electronic cigarettes get their way, your electronic cigarettes of today and your vaping systems of tomorrow will disappear. They will disappear at the expense of your health, at the expense of your pocket and this move will, I repeat will, support the tobacco cigarette industry for many years to come. Our friends in the UK were recently informed by a well known drug advisor that electronic cigarettes can have the same influence that “vaccinations had in years gone by“. Indeed, many believe that electronic cigarettes ARE the only real way to reduce tobacco cigarette intake, improve the health of the nation and reduced the ever-growing burden not only on the health care system but also on the general economy.

Nobody is against light touch regulation of the electronic cigarette industry, nobody is against long-term medical trials and nobody is against a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to minors. So, why is the US government eroding your freedom of choice?

The sound of dollar bills over the sound of your heart!

They say money talks but when it comes to the tobacco tax this is an understatement. The scream of budget tax dollars is drowning out the will of the people, is attempting to stub out the vaping industry in its relative infancy when the hearts and minds of many tobacco cigarette smokers have been answered by the sector. There are millions of people desperate to beat the weed, to improve their health but unfortunately the tobacco cigarette is a potent force.

There has been a growing concern, something which is almost inevitable, that we will see the emergence of an official electronic cigarette tax. We have seen various attempts in the US, we have seen talk in other parts of the world although no federal/national government has yet been brave enough to be honest with the voting public. We all appreciate governments need to balance their budgets, we all appreciate regulators have a place in the modern world but politicians need to appreciate the voice of the people, the hearts and minds of the vaping community and the opportunity which electronic cigarettes offer today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Now is the time to rise up, speak as one and stand up for your rights!

I am here to bring together the ideas, the thoughts and the opinions of the ever-growing vaping community. As one voice in the darkness we will not be heard but as thousands shouting together the politicians will have no choice but to listen. There is a growing backlash against European vaping regulations, which were brought in by the back door, and this should be and is being replicated across the US.

If we give in today, if we fail ourselves tomorrow what happens next? What else will the authorities look to take away from us? When will they ever listen to us again if they are able to stub out and crush a multibillion-dollar industry in a heartbeat? It is vital that we all stand side by side to be counted, it is vital that we all make our opinions known to local politicians and political parties and ensure that the state authorities are in no doubt about the strength of feeling. It has been interesting to note the growing interest from the non-vaping community who also find it difficult to understand how the authorities could ignore perhaps the greatest opportunity to reduce tobacco addiction in living history. We have the chance to right the wrongs, we have the chance to improve the health of the nation and while electronic cigarettes may not be “perfect” they are most certainly the best chance we will have in our lifetime.


Many people have been wondering who I am, what I stand for and why I have chosen this moment in time to emerge. The truth is that I have been part of the vaping community for some time now, I have grown disheartened with our politicians and now is the time to give something back to the US public. I have wrestled with my conscience for many months, I have watched the industry receiving unjust criticism while the tobacco cigarette sector seems to escape scot-free. My name is Tiberius, I care passionately about my rights, I care passionately about the vaping community and I realize that MY Vaping Community Needs ME and YOUR Vaping Community Needs YOU!

United we stand, divided we fall, together we shout, alone we are but a whisper, so now is the time to grab this opportunity, to make your voice heard and to join my campaign to protect the vaping community of today, tomorrow and the future. We are not just battling for our right to vape we are battling for generations in the future who have earned the right to choose, the freedom of choice and the ability to choose. Do not give this up lightly as I fear we will not get it back!