Thumb Size 510 Battery – The Doteco Tik20 – Is More than it Seems
Thumb Size 510 Battery – The Doteco Tik20 – A New Standard

Hmmm... The DOTECO Tik20 ... A much nicer 510 vape battery - Last week we looked at the DOTECO Tik10, a simple voltage 510-thread rechargeable battery to cartridge users. Whether its cannabis concentrates or CBD, these batteries are both affordable, and reliable. Today we look at the Tik20 510 battery, and this time, we are [...]

What To Look For In A Dab Rig: A Buyers Guide
What To Look For In A Great Dab Rig: A Buyers Guide

These days, it’s all about them dabs! The practice of making and smoking hash dates back to the 12th century, and it was first made by rubbing cannabis leaves together. These days there are many different ways to make hash. One of the most effective methods for extracting THC from cannabis plants involves using butane as [...]

Where to buy High Dose Edibles in Canada?

We recommend to buy High Dose Edibles from The Best Bud co as there price and selection is the best available. Best Bud carries the full selection of High Dose products. Providing artisan edibles, Best Bud is your one-stop-shop for all your High Dose edibles. How to take High Dose edibles? You can make a highdose edible [...]

12 Medical Conditions THCA Isolate Diamonds Can Help Manage
12 Medical Conditions THCA Isolate Diamonds Can Help Manage

Looking to know the therapeutic properties of THCA isolate diamonds and what medical conditions they can help you to manage? If yes, you should keep reading. There are different types of cannabis products out there, but one of the newest options in the market is the THCA isolate diamond. They are the most potent form of [...]

50 States, So Where is Cannabis Legal in the United States?
50 States, So Where is Cannabis Legal in the United States?

Many citizens started realizing the benefits of marijuana in the early 1990s instead of continuing to see it in the bad light often enforced by the federal government. The fact of "Cannabis Legal?", a common reference, has started becoming a normal topic in conversation. In 1996, use of medical marijuana in California was legalized. It brought [...]

Commercial Cannabis Grown
How Is Good Commercial Cannabis Grown?

Commercial cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with many states implementing some form of recreational and medical marijuana legalization. While the need to understand the different types of cannabis can’t be overemphasized, it’s crucial to use the best growing methods for each type. Nonetheless, one of the benefits of commercial cannabis is that growers can select from [...]

What Is Delta 10
What Is Delta 10, and Should I Try It?

You may be familiar with Delta-9 THC, and possibly even Delta-8 THC, but do you know about Delta-10 THC? This industry-leading innovation is another Hemp-derived concentrate coming soon to Delta Effex. You think that you have an idea about Delta 10 THC. However,  we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the [...]

How To Invest in Marijuana
How To Invest in the Marijuana Business

The Marijuana Industry is Lucrative. Here are things you need to know before you invest in cannabis. A decade ago, not most individuals considered investing in the cannabis industry. However, this has changed in recent years. For instance, weed went from being illegal in the whole of the USA to being legal in over half of [...]

Where to Buy Twisted Extracts Gummies in Canada
Where to Buy Twisted Extracts Gummies in Canada

  Many people ask Where to buy Twisted Extracts in Canada, There are a few options which we will break down and help you find Twisted Extracts edibles. Twisted extracts gummies can only be found online through Mail Order Marijuana websites such as The Best Bud Co. Can you buy Twisted Extracts gummies from government dispensaries? Twisted Extracts [...]

Death Bubba Strain Review
Death Bubba Strain Review

What is Death Bubba Strain? Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. Death Bubba strain has a sedative and mellow high that can last for hours on end, making it a perfect choice for those looking to relax after a long day. This strain [...]

Best Hybrid Weed Strains
The Best Hybrid Weed Online in Canada

  What is Hybrid weed? Are you wondering what is hybrid weed? Cannabis has three strain categories, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Hybrid weed refers to the strain of cannabis flower being a cross of Indica strain and Sativa strain, hence the name hybrid. Hybrid weed provides a balance of the types of high associated with Sativa and [...]

1 Health Benefits And Possible Risks Of Cannabis
Health Benefits And Possible Risks Of Cannabis

Cannabis or more commonly known as marijuana, weed, or hemp plant has been known to be illegal for a long time. But now, with time, the re-evaluation of the plant for medicinal purposes, ie. health benefits, is being carried out. While the benefits are fairly well known now, what about the risk? Are there any [...]

Amazing Benefits ofcBuying Cannabis Edible Online
Amazing Benefits of Buying Cannabis Edible Online

Buying cannabis edible online is an excellent method to get them safely and securely. There are various trustworthy sellers to pick from, and you can be confident that the things you receive are safe and high-quality. You will also be able to avoid the crowds and long lines standard at local dispensaries. Online dispensaries offer various [...]

The Best THC Vape Pen Canada Has To Offer
The Best THC Vape Pen Canada Has To Offer

A THC vape pen is a two-part electronic device used to vaporize THC oil, THC carts and other cannabis distillates. It is a simple pen-shaped device that uses a heating element to vaporize the liquid inside. Even after 2021, cannabis vape pens will continue to be highly popular because they are simple to use and [...]

Where to Buy Platinum Rockstar Strain Online?
Where to Buy Platinum Rockstar Strain Online Today

You can buy Platinum Rockstrain strain at your local dispensary or from Best Bud if you prefer to have your project shipped directly to your door. This shop provides customers with not only a diverse selection of marijuana strains but also various products such as shatter, THC vaporizers, cannabis edibles, and many other products. Different Types [...]