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The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include Nicotine

Nicotine as Carcinogen?

The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include NicotinePascal Culverhouse Talks NicotineYou’d think that whether a substance (Nicotine in this case) causes cancer or not is decided by science, not semantics. But at the h [...]

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Vaping is Fun!

Pascal Culverhouse – Vaping is Fun

What the critics don’t understand: vaping is fun and needs to stay that wayIf anti-vapers succeed in their quest to make vaping boring, then vaping will lose its power to compete with traditional cigarettes.Anti-vaping campai [...]

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Spotting Junk Science - 4 Easy Steps

Spot Junk Science in 4 Easy Steps

How to Spot Junk e-Cigarette Science in Four Easy StepsThe best way for vapers to fight misinformation is through education. Learn how to spot and defeat pseudo-science, aka, junk science.Science journalism is dying. As newsp [...]

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Pascal Culverhouse - Compared to Australia, where buying or selling nicotine fluid is illegal, the UK’s laws on vaping are fairly relaxed.

Pascal Culverhouse – UK and e-Cigarettes

What can other countries learn from the United Kingdom’s attitude towards e-cigarettes?By Pascal Culverhouse of the Electric TobacconistAn exclusive column from Pascal Culverhouse for Spinfuel eMagazineCompared to Australia, [...]

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