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Top 5 Misconceptions About Vaping

You’ve probably seen someone holding a strange box device blowing out clouds of white smoke or maybe smelled a fruity vapor instead of the typical scent of a cigarette. Maybe you’ve been told that vaping is just as bad as smoking or is only used for illegal substances. Whether you’re a pack a day smoker looking to quit or just someone curious about the new vaping trend, you should know how it’s unique from smoking. Here are the top 5 misconceptions about vaping, so you can really understand what vaping is.

#1 Vaping is Illegal

 Many people think vaping is meant for illegal drugs or other substances. While some people may choose to use a vape in this manner, the vast majority of vape pens are meant for legal nicotine intake or just plain flavor. This map shows that vaping is actually perfectly legal across the majority of the nation.

There are a number of establishments including restaurants, bars, and other indoor environments where vaping is allowed. However, smoking cigarettes, cigars, or any other combustible tobacco products is illegal indoors across the US. This gives smokers or vape users a legal option for vaping indoors without the hassle of having to go outside.

#2 Vapor Will Damage Your Lungs

 Another common misconception about vaping is that vapor is just as damaging to your lungs as cigarette smoke. The combustion process involved in smoking releases thousands of different chemicals that are then introduced into your lungs. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic, meaning can cause cancer. Although research is still being done, some evidence proves that vaping is not damaging to lung function.

Vaping is unique in that when vapor is created at specific temperatures, the majority of harmful carcinogens typically found in cigarette smoke are not prevalent. Vape liquids and e-juices are also designed with fewer chemicals than a traditional cigarette. These liquids can also be created with specific nicotine levels that are much more accurately controlled.

#3 Vaping is Just Like Smoking

 Vaping is a unique and viable alternative to traditional smoking. Many smokers actually have other attachments to smoking so pure nicotine intake is often not a suitable substitute. Vaping allows people to simulate the same movements and rituals as smoking a cigarette, but even has additional options for control over flavors and nicotine levels. Vape liquids have specifically set nicotine levels, which are extremely useful in helping people control their doses. There are also nicotine free vapor liquids that can be used so people who do not want to consume nicotine can still enjoy the act of vaping.

#4 Vaping is Worse Than Smoking

 Studies have shown that the vapor from vaping contains fewer chemicals than regular cigarette smoke. This is not only a function of e-juices being specifically designed to be cleaner but also a factor of the vape pen itself. These devices can be set to exact temperatures that do not allow materials to combust or burn. Studies show that low voltage level vaporizers actually create vapor at such low temperatures that common chemicals, such as formaldehyde, as found in cigarette smoke is not created. There are a number of attachments like the vape box mod which allows people to carefully control their vape pens.

#5 Vaping is More Expensive Than Smoking

 Every cigarette smoker knows that packs are expensive. Sure you can buy larger cartons, but that often just leads to more smoking and not more savings. While there is an initial cost to buying a vape pen, which still can be as cheap as a carton of cigarettes, the long-term savings involved with vaping are tremendous. Vape pens are rechargeable, meaning there is no need to constantly buy batteries. E-juices are also quite affordable and long lasting.

Whether you’re interested in quitting smoking or just want to better understand what vaping is, these 5 common misconceptions will help you on your way.

Kenneth Overton