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Alice in Vapeland – 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards!

January 9, 2013 – Today, Alice in Vapeland was awarded 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards  for their excellence in eLiquid artistry. The winning flavors are: B/W Cookie Cupcake City Twas Brillig Lemon Love Cake A Quiet Morning Alice in Vapeland was originally reviewed back in October of 2012, and we plan to bring you a sequel to that review very soon. Spinfuel has begun awarding eLiquid flavors that have garnered across-the-board 5-Star ratings during the Spinfuel [...]

777 Ladies Starter Kit Review – Part 1

777 eCigs - e-Cigarette Starter Kit Review Part 1 A Complete Review of 777 eCigs Starter Kit including a Vapor Test and Ranking. I cover Warranty, Customer Service, Batteries and Flavors – I even refill a cartridge. This is Part #1 of the 777 ecig Series Reviews. Part #2 will cover the 777 ecigs Ladies Signature [...]

Mountain Oak Vapors Garners 5 Choice Award

January 8, 2013 – Today, Mountain Oak Vapors was awarded 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards (our of 8 flavors reviewed!) for their excellence in eLiquid artistry. The winning flavors are: Classic CountRY4 Shangri-La Blue Ridge Heavenly 7 Legendary It should be noted that Mountain Oak Vapors offers more than 35 flavors and our first, original review contained merely 7 flavors. We are currently scheduling a sequel [...]

Johnson Creek Awarded 15 Spinfuel Choice Awards!

January 8, 2013 – Today, just as Johnson Creek was releasing another award-winning addition to their Red Oak PG-free line of Smoke Juice (Vanda), was awarded 15 Spinfuel Choice Awards for their excellence in eLiquid (Smoke Juice) artistry. The winning flavors are:     Johnson Creek (PG/VG Line) Spiced Apple Cider TN Cured French Vanilla Espresso Summer Peach Chocolate Truffle Autumn Crisp Red Oak (PG-Free Line) Red Oak TN Cured Silverthorn Domestic Solstice Marcado Wisconsin Frost Rainier Vanda Johnson Creek was originally reviewed back in July [...]

Johnson Creek Vanda eLiquid Review

Johnson Creek Vanda eLiquid Review Lead Writer: John Manzione, with Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Keira Hartley. Well, if it wasn’t the title that gave it away it was probably the graphic for this review. There’s no suspense here; Johnson Creek’s brand new flavor, Vanda, is not only a great addition to the PG-Free Red Oak line it is also a Spinfuel Choice Award [...]

The Rebuildable Atomizer – An Introduction And Overview

The Rebuildable Atomizer – An Introduction And Overview   Are you interested in learning about rebuildable atomizers? Are you browsing vendor websites and longingly looking at a Vision Eternity or Phoenix atomizers and thinking to yourself “This. This is where I should be going.” If so, this overview by our new Spinfuel Staffer Matt Wagner might be just the [...]

FanceeJuice Takes Home 7 Spinfuel Choice Awards!

On Saturday, January 5, 2013, Spinfuel, An American Vaper Magazine awarded FanceeJuice, a leader in gourmet eLiquids, seven (7) Spinfuel Choice Awards. The Spinfuel Choice Awards are awarded to individual flavors that earn an across-the-board 5 Star rating from the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Panel. The FanceeJuice Review was published in Spinfuel on November 16th, 2012 . The FanceeJuice flavors that swept the ratings are: Cirrus Coudarita Peppered ChocoMint MeeseTracks Pumpkin Spice Joe’s Java French Vanilla The Spinfuel Staff is reviewing ALL eLiquid reviews published in [...]

Julia’s Vision STV Vivi Nova Tips

Vivi Nova Tips The other day in my weekly (whenever I can find the time) column, Vaping with Julia, I mentioned that I performed a few tweaks to maximize my vaping experience with the new Vision STV Vivi Nova Tank System. A couple of earnest readers commented that they expected me to reveal those tweaks in the following paragraph. Oops. I [...]

Vaping With Julia – December 28th – January 3rd – 2013

Vaping with Julia Boy has this been a busy and lightening-fast week! I can’t believe the time went by as fast as it did. Has it really been more than a week since Christmas? Last weekend, New Years Weekend, was spent going over some new vapemail we received from my buddy Jon at MyVaporStore. Jon tries to keep me up to [...]

The Plume Room
The Plume Room Takes Home Four Spinfuel Choice Awards

The Plume Room Team Review The Plume Room was originally reviewed back on September 12, 2012. Our panel of eLiquid connoisseurs rated the following four (4) flavors as an across the board 5 stars! Sweet Peach Magic Melon Medley M-Type Menthol Each of the four flavors was found to be outstanding in all the areas our panel considers to be important in an award-winning eLiquid. They are; flavor, [...]

Spinfuel Choice Awards for 2013 Announced

Spinfuel Choice Awards Today, January 2, 2013, Spinfuel eMagazine has begun to award our new  Spinfuel Choice Awards to the very best eLiquids we’ve reviewed during 2012 and will review in the coming weeks, months, and years. Going back to our very first eLiquid review, the staff will award the best eLiquids we’ve reviewed with our collective ‘stamp of approval’. The 'stamp' [...]

Joyetech eVic – Game Changer?

The New Joyetech eVic Review After several days with the new, long-awaited, hi-tech PV, the Joyetech eVic, I’m happy to report that there are many things to like about this new, and different, PV. I don’t necessarily think it’s a game changer “at the moment”, but it has potential. I have subjected the eVic to continuous use with [...]

Smoken Joey’s Video Review – Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke Goes Before Smokenjoey Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here. This is a complete review on the Bull Smoke eCig Starter Kits – The Ranch Hand and City Slicker, I cover pricing, packaging, warranty, Battery Life, Cartridges and a Vapor Test. Can it withstand my hard test? Find out Now– See my complete written review at www.smokenjoey.com Should [...]

The Spinfuel Newsletter Launches January 11th

Our first issue will be jam-packed with lots of cool, exclusive content. However, as a new publication you can expect growing pains for the first several months. New columns, new designs, new giveaways, new new new… We’ll keep working on it until it becomes the de facto leading vaping newsletter in the world. Which reminds [...]

FDA Regulations on eCigarettes – Public Hearing

FDA Regulations on  eCigarettes are discussed by our Spinfuel opinion writer Julia Barnes On Monday, December 17th, the FDA held a public hearing on nicotine replacement therapies and smoking cessation products. This 1-day public hearing was scheduled in an effort to obtain input on questions related to upcoming(?) regulations for NRTs, (nicotine replacements therapies) from the public as well [...]

Opinion: Time To End The Debate on Electronic Cigarettes

Decision Time Electronic cigarettes - Try as I might I just cannot come up with a decent, common sense reason as to why there is so much negative talk (and written articles) about the so-called dangers of electronic cigarettes. I’ve knocked my head against the wall for months trying to figure out what it was that [...]