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Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

It has been a while since we’ve reviewed any e-liquids from one of our favorite brands, Virgin Vapor. So, because we’ve been reviewing several Max VG e-liquids lately we made the decision to approach Virgin Vapor and inquire about their 100% VG Organic blends, their Absolute line. They were happy to oblige us, so we chose five (5) flavors that we thought you would like to hear about.

The five e-liquids we will be reviewing today are:

  1. French Vanilla Kiss
  2. Singing The Blues
  3. Romancing The Strawberry
  4. Midnight Magician
  5. Afterglow

Do these five sound delicious or what? All E-Liquids in this review have a 100% VG Base and zero alcohol.

Virgin Vapor’s Absolute line of e-liquids are made using certified organic flavors. They are all pure extractions from fruits, flowers and nuts (any flavor that includes nuts is noted on the product page for those with nut allergies).

Unlike the Virgin Vapor line, these flavors are not extracted using organic ethyl alcohol so these e-liquids Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid Revieware alcohol free for those that prefer to avoid alcohol or are sensitive to the smell or taste. They are extremely potent, highly concentrated, genuine flavors, resulting in very pure e-liquids that contain no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives… and they are also vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free.


Many of the Virgin Vapor e-liquids are moving into a totally new bottle with a new label (see image above-right). From what I understand it will take some time before all their e-liquids are sold in the new clear bottles and newly designed logo/label. The e-liquids we received were packaged in the new bottles and label and my first thought was how modern they looked, and how beautiful the new logo is. Of course, bottles and labels won’t affect the vape experience, but it’s still nice to see Virgin Vapor moving in new directions.

Speaking of which, Virgin Vapor is also moving toward a 100% VG standard. Their 50:50 line is being discontinued and if you’re a fan of the 50:50 ration you can pick up some great deals right now.

I believe the nicotine levels are dropping some as well. The 24mg nicotine e-liquids are being reduced in price by 25%. This is another indication of how the Vapers are changing, moving into High VG blends, lower nicotine, and vaping with more powerful mods and lower resistance coils.

Considering the expensive process Virgin Vapor uses to produce their line of e-liquids the pricing is a bit lower than I expected, though still on the higher end. Many other brands, using less expensive processes, sell their e-liquids at this level, or even higher, some to do not. Virgin Vapor’s 100% VG, naturally extracted pure flavoring, are $11.10 for the 15mL size, and $22.50 for their 1-oz (30mL) size. This would be considered expensive with artificial flavoring, PG/VG blends many other brands use, but for Virgin Vapor quality, it’s pretty decent, and definitely worth it if you want to vape the purest e-liquids out there in the marketplace.

On With The Review!

Our team, Kiera, Tom, Jason, and myself, vaped these 5 e-liquids using Kanger Subtanks with 0.5-ohm OCC’s (organic cotton), with various hardware, including a Sigelei 150W TC mod, my ProVari Radius, a Vapor Flask by Vaporshark, and the Pioneer4You IPV D2. On the last day of the review Tom used his new WISMEC (and Jaybo) Reuleaux DNA 200 Mod with the Horizon Arctic Turbo, just to see how hard he could push these 100% VG e-liquids. Lastly, we all vaped 3mg nicotine blends, which is plenty when using sub-ohm atomizers and high wattage vaping instruments.

Of Note: I think it’s worth mentioning that if you are worried about a 100% VG blend being too thick you needn’t worry about any of these e-liquids. Although they are truly 100% VG they have the consistency of a 50:50 blend, which allowed us to shave off an average of 5-watts from our usual primary wattage range for Max VG e-juice.

French Vanilla Kiss (formerly ‘French Vanilla’)

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“After much begging and pleading from customers, Virgin Vapor is now offering a French Vanilla E-liquid flavor!  This flavor is sweet and creamy with the delightfully distinct taste of French Vanilla!  Enjoy!”

Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid ReviewKiera: 5 Stars – Wow! I honestly did not expect such a natural, vanilla-y vanilla. I think one of the best changes this year with organic e-liquids is the ability (now) to create flavors that do not have that ‘organic’ tinge to the flavors that most had back in 2013 and early 2014. French Kiss (my preferred name for this blend) is so smooth and creamy, fully flavored French vanilla delight. Pure flavoring and ultra-high quality vegetable glycerin, how could I not add French Kiss to my rotation? Highly recommended!

Tom: 5 Stars – I freely admit that when I go exploring new e-liquids I rarely, if ever, look to organic brands. I just prefer artificial flavoring when it comes to e-juice I vape on my own time. So, I was startled when I took my first drag on French Vanilla Kiss. The vanilla flavor was spot-on, there was zero aftertaste, nothing that would tell you it was made from organic flavorings. It was also thinner than I expected, which was true for all five, but the vapor production was very Max VG in nature. I don’t know how organic e-liquids have evolved into this kind of vape experience but I know now that I’ll have to bookmark Virgin Vapor when I go exploring. Nice job!

Jason: 5 Stars – While I really liked the flavor of this e-liquid, and the vapor production, I was surprised by how the consistency was more like a 50:50 blend than 100% VG. French Vanilla Kiss has all the characteristics of a true VG-only blend, thick vapor and an all-day-vape flavor, so I’ll score this luscious vanilla vape the full 5 stars. I would vape this one often, but the price, like some other brands I really like, is just a little too high for me.

Julia: 5 Stars – Kiera and I enjoyed this e-liquid together, at the same time, and we were both amazed and delighted with the true vanilla flavor, right down to a silky component to the profile that excellent vanilla e-liquids provide. The description says this is a sweet and creamy flavor, and while I will wholeheartedly agree to the sweetness of French Vanilla Kiss, it is not as creamy as some. To me, that’s a good thing; French Vanilla has different ‘tones’ than straight up vanilla flavoring, and instead of being one of many vanilla e-liquids, this one has more character to it. Just lovely. I will definitely add this one to my rotation. Lastly, although we chose this one first (Kiera and I) when it came time to swap out to a new flavor I found it difficult to do so. I topped off my tank and made sure I had a full tank by my bedside for when we went home.

Midnight Magician

“This concoction is so complex and unique it is meant only for the connoisseur with a sophisticated and curious palette. You will taste sweetness and spice, earth and herb, a touch of bitterness and a hint of flowers. This flavor casts a slow spell, luring you back for each new taste out of pure astonishment and lusty curiosity.”

Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid ReviewKiera: 4 Stars – Before I go into my experience with an extended vape of this extremely complex flavor let me say upfront that this is the kind of e-liquid that needs to be aired out, allowed to calm down. I recommend opening the bottle and allowing it to steep of a while. I didn’t have enough time to fully realize the flavor, but I did let it sit for 3 days and it became a damn good floral vape. The longer it steeps the sweeter it became. You will taste some spices, it will be a bit earthy, and you’ll get a sense of some herbs. Finally, there really is a hint of bitterness that calms way down after some steeping, and a definite floral note or two.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – I’m giving Midnight more stars than I would rate it as a personal vape, but because it is so well made it deserves to be considered. Midnight is the most complex, difficult to understand e-liquid I’ve ever had before, but it is smooth, and if you like the flavors you will want this as an all day vape, hands down.

Jason: 4 Stars –  “Earthy” describes this flavor to a tee. There seems to be so much happening here that I can’t nail down the layering of the flavors at all. Virgin Vapor is right when they say that there is a spicy element, an earthy element (meaning flowery), and so on. I could never vape this one in my personal time, but my wife loved it so much I am seriously considering have her stand in for me when it comes to reviewing floral eliquids. This 4 Star vote was strictly hers. 🙂

Julia: 4 Stars – This is the one e-liquid that defies my 4 years of experiences with e-liquid. I’ve vaped more than 400 flavors and brands, and this is so different from what I have had before. Very complex, very demanding, and flavors that bounce around so often I could get dizzy keeping track. If you’re in the mood to experiment with a floral so complex you’re brain will hurt, make it the Magician. Lastly, definitely do not vape Midnight Magician right after vaping something deeply sweet or heavy with custard or tobacco flavor notes. It will be a shock to your taste buds. Trust me on this 🙂 

Singing The Blues

“Singing the Blues is a fresh, true blueberry flavor! Sweet, complex and delicious!”

 Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid ReviewKiera: 4 Stars –  Would it be unfair of me to want flavors like this to have a warning on the bottle that says something like “Better when allowed to breathe”? I enjoyed Singing The Blues from the start, but it was a very different flavor a couple of hours later. It was similar to an eliquid made with alcohol where you need to allow the alcohol to evaporate. After a few hours though, I vaped it like mad. An all day vape, once it calms down.

Tom: 3 StarsSinging the Blues was completely unvapeable for me during the first few hours. Such sharp flavor components resulting in an almost tragic reaction every time I attempted to take another drag. So, I left it alone and moved on to another flavor. Several hours later I came back and lo and behold that crazy complexity calmed down and what came through was something I think a lot of vapers that want a wild blueberry flavored vape with love it. That said, some e-liquids just don’t play well with my taste buds and this one is obviously one of them.

Jason: 3 Stars – I tried to tell Tom that Singing The Blues was supposed to be a real floral blueberry and he kept pointing back to the official description of “sweet and complex”. Although I wouldn’t add this one to my rotation, it just doesn’t do much for me, I’m betting that vapers who like this type of flavor, complex, floral, wild, would love it.

Julia: 4.5 Stars – Although I have come to appreciate many floral e-liquids I don’t like blueberry flavors that take a lot of effort to work. Perhaps this blend is too complex, or perhaps it just needed some home steeping. The bottom line was, upon opening the bottle, filling a tank, waiting 30 seconds and then vaping away, it was way too complex to enjoy. Then, once I left it along overnight and came back the entire flavor profile changed into a fine all day vape.

 Romancing The Strawberry

“An intoxicating flavor blend, pureed strawberries with a delightful overlay of creaminess. A light and potent flavor.”

Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid ReviewKiera: 5 Stars –  Romancing is the perfect all-day-vape. The strawberry flavor is both fresh and light, providing just the right amount of flavor without hammering you over the head with a singular component. Though I do have to warn you, when Virgin Vapor describes this one as “pureed strawberries” I believe that means it included the green leafiness at the stem. I loved the whole experience, but if you’re looking for one of the hundreds of strawberry flavors, this is not one of them. Unique, fresh, and delightful, but “luscious” is not a word I would use to describe it.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Here’s a valuable lesson about an organic e-liquid made with 100% VG but possess the consistency of a 50:50 blend. Because it is thinner than other 100% VG e-liquids you will be tempted not to push the wattage near the range you would normally vape a thick juice. In this case, I was shocked when I first set my wattage to 26-watts (Kanger Subtank 0.5-ohm OCC) there was hardly any strawberry flavor. I stayed at 26-watts for about 10 minutes and then decided to push it to 33-watts. I expected it to burn, but instead the strawberry flavoring came alive and it made a world of difference. At the lower wattage I got plenty of vapor, but pushed higher the vapor production seemed to increase exponentially.

I would almost give this one 5 stars except for one thing; it needs just a tad more creaminess.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – I saved Romancing The Strawberry for last, and because of that I learned a few things about this line from Virgin Vapor. I learned that, generally, you won’t need as much wattage to enjoy them, though a couple of them popped with 5 more watts than you would expect. This is one of them. Like the blueberry in Singing the Blues the fruit flavor was definitely authentic. If you like your fruit flavors sweet you might have to steer away from this one, but if you want authentic, fresh strawberries made with pure organic flavors, I think you’ll love this one.

Julia: 5 Stars – I found this particular flavor was fantastic after about an hour of breathing. At first the flavor of strawberry was sharp…authentic yes, but sharp. It was only after my refill with my tank that the flavor deepened and came alive. I’m not so sure I would call this intoxicating, but it is definitely light and fresh and made an ideal all-day-vape. Don’t expect the everyday sweetened beyond belief, this is a genuine and delicious fresh strawberry vape.


“Bask in the calming taste of pure lavender followed by a burst of sweet pomegranate and the grounding finish of earthy bergamot. Best enjoyed in the gathering twilight at the end of a long day.”

 Virgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid ReviewKiera: 4 Stars –  Lavender can overwhelm every other flavor in such a complex blend, but here it sort of walked up to that line and then retreated a bit. All in all, very good vape, and Virgin Vapes has produced a flavor profile that is definitely far outside the e-liquids that prey on our sweet-tooth. Afterglow can be very soothing as a nighttime vape.

Tom: 3 Stars –  When first opening the bottle and filling a tank I got a strong aroma that screamed soapy floral. But, after about a day of steeping the flavors really started to pop at higher wattages.

Jason: 2 Stars – The lavender scent and flavor in this complex vape is surrounded by the strong bergamot and the pomegranate. Together, these flavors give some sweetness, but not quite enough, and it’s just a bit overpowering. I allowed my girlfriend to vape some of this and she said it was “lovely”, and that it would make a relaxing, evening vape. Okay, I’ll buy that, but it is so far removed from my world of tobacco flavors that I can’t even pretend to want to add this to my collection. My wife on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of it.

Julia: 4 Stars – Lavender is one of my favorite scents, but I am still undecided about tasting it. I don’t taste pomegranate, but Kiera said it was there in abundance. I give this 4 stars because I think they executed it beautifully, but as for me, I just don’t see myself enjoying a tank full any time soon. Once and a while, yea, but not often. Afterglow is very potent stuff!

Bottom Line

 Although its expected, Tom and Jason’s inability to truly enjoy anything with “floral notes” is disappointing. IVirgin Vapor Max VG Organic E-Liquid Review was not a fan of floral components in my personal e-liquid choices either a couple of years back, but I’ve since come around to most of them. Afterglow and Midnight Magician will make floral vapers swoon, though they were almost too much for me. In fact, these two make wonderful all-day-vapes for floral vapers, something I’ve not found before.

The other flavors in this 100% VG line are crafted so well, with such dedication to the vape experience, that it was difficult to pick one as my favorite. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose I’d say it was French Vanilla Kiss, just because I have a weakness for vanilla flavors. But the Strawberry blend is what I would call “High Art Fruity”. Pure flavors with exacting amounts of sweetness and natural authentic flavors. Unfortunately, none of us were able to enjoy the blueberry blend because of the overwhelming floral elements.

If you love organic e-liquids Virgin Vapor is name you’ve heard before. They are the Kings and Queens of the organic segment of the community, and if you haven’t checked them out these five are an excellent introduction to the “new” organic possibilities. Floral flavors are not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy them Virgin Vapor does it better than any other brand I know about.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little