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Totally Wicked Expedition E-Liquid Review

by J.C. Martin III

Navigate Your Pleasures…

Foreword by Julia Hartley-Barnes

An Un-Pretty Truth

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of a new line of High VG e-liquids from Totally Wicked e-Liquid. It has been quite some time since Spinfuel last visited Totally Wicked and it is nice to know that this UK/US company is keeping up with times by releasing an e-liquid line for drippers and sub-ohm tanks.

This review was written by J.C. Martin III. Originally this review was supposed to be a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review. Instead, J.C. Martin III, our newest staff writer and and a master of coil building, took over. J.C. is also a published writer of fiction and has a way with words that can transport you to places you’ve never imagined. If you want to know more about J.C., pop on over to Amazon and download his book “A Collection of Tales” or purchase the 380-page book for just $14.00. The book has been passed around the office for the past 3 months and it is a wonderful collection of stories that we know you will enjoy.

Alright, now, we invited J.C. to be a part of the team review, and after reading J.C.’s part of our team review I knew that we were in trouble. After 4 years of reviewing e-liquids and tasting and reviewing hundreds of flavors created by dozens of brands (some being so awful that they never made it into this publication) the opinions of myself, of Kiera, of Tom and of Jason were so completely different than J.C.’s that we decided to give J.C. the benefit of the doubt and allow him to present his review, on his own. There is, I believe, a very good reason for doing it this way.

As a team, Totally Wicked e-Liquid hasn’t been an e-liquid we enjoy for quite some time. In fact, it was way back in 2012 that we reviewed their lineup.  On the whole, they are a brand that offers a flavor profile we just don’t understand anymore. But one thing we do understand is that at the time, more than 3 years ago, we did not have a full grasp on what to expect from an e-liquid. We may have known what we liked and didn’t like, but it was based on a very limited number of e-liquid “experiences”. Like J.C.

When we were told that Totally Wicked was releasing a High VG line and we were to review them we believed that this would be an opportunity to take a new look at the brand. We were excited about it actually. But the truth is, after filling 12 Aspire Triton tanks with the 12 flavors of this line, and then sharing our initial impressions in a vape session, none of them scored higher than 3 stars, and half of them were unvapeable and scored a but single star. But J.C.’s review is all 12 5 Stars.  So I talked about it with Dave Foster.

J.C. is an expert coil builder and his knowledge of ohm’s law, of amperage and battery safety are unequalled by anyone on our staff, except maybe Tom. However, J.C. has not reviewed e-liquids for 4 years and he has not vaped dozens of brands and hundreds of flavors. Was that the reason he scored Totally Wicked a full 5 stars across the board?

Or was it my team? Have Tom, Jason, Kiera and myself vaped so many e-liquids that we can no longer tell one from the other? I don’t think so. What I do think is that an e-liquid review, like any other review, comes from knowing what the category of products “can” be, and knowing when a product falls short. I believe that J.C. truly believes his impression of the Expedition line is 100% true, and for him it is. However, until J.C. has vaped enough e-liquids to know what a great e-liquid is and what a truly poor e-liquid is, only his limited experience provides the basis of his impressions. You know what I mean? J.C. has only so many e-liquids under his belt in order to compare to. It’s like if you grew up eating wildflowers in the meadow where you lived then sitting down for a nice steak and baked potato dinner would not be a pleasant experience. Having said that, even after 500 e-liquids J.C. may still award this line with 5 Star scores because everyone is subjective when it comes to taste. However, the 4 members of this team obviously have a completely different perspective about what we like, and what we think is a quality flavor. J.C.’s likes and dislikes do not mix with ours. Just like my team and Dori’s team are different.

Seeing such a wide disparity in scores between JC and the team has made us all look inward, to see if we had turned into e-liquid snobs. It was only after hours of discussion that we all came to the conclusion that any e-liquid review by anyone is based on his or her experience, either limited, unlimited, or somewhere in-between. And they are all valid, just as they are all subjective.

The bottom line is this: We are presenting J.C.’s review as written. Dave has assured me that the words below are unbiased and J.C.’s honest opinion. My opinion, and my team’s opinion are very different.

We leave it to you to decide. – Julia

The Expedition Review


  • Totally Wicked Expedition Line: $19.99 per 30ml bottle
  • Two Bottles of Expedition E-Liquid: $39.98 + free t-shirt (availability depending)
  • Juggernaut Mechanical Mod: About $40
  • Cyclone AFC by Vicious Ant (single coil RDA): About $60, listed $99

Introduction by J.C. Martin III

The twelve flavors of the Expedition line of e-juice are similar in their smoothness, for the most part, however they carry their own distinct characteristics and are worth trying out if you’re looking to explore a new line of High VG e-liquids.  As with higher VG content liquids, the Expedition line surely produces enormous clouds.  Their flavor, however, renders no complaints (from me) and is why I like each and every one of the twelve.  If you enjoy tobacco-like flavors, there are a few flavors similar in this line you will enjoy.  If you enjoy the flavors in semblance of lemonade, there are a few of those in the mix, as well.  If you are in the market for something new, yet subtle, definitely take advantage of Totally Wicked’s Expedition line of e-juice.  You may also get a free t-shirt from their website upon ordering two 30ml bottles.  I tried these flavors out without knowing what they were supposed to taste like, wrote a few notes down on what I thought, and then looked them up on the web to see what the flavors are supposed to be.  The flavors are mostly dead on target and wonderfully designed and taste amazing.

As far as the setup of the Juggernaut mechanical mod and the Cyclone RDA goes, it is what I used to review the e-liquids with.  The specifications of each item are below.  The idea behind using this setup was to have a single 26 gauge Kanthal coil, 7 wraps, in order to be able to re-wick the RDA after testing out the e-juice flavors.  It worked great.  I tested out the reading on the RDA with a regulated mod before using it, and the ohms reading was 1.36Ω at 29.5 watts –vaped at 1.14Ω with 29.5 watts.  Because of this, the build is safe for a single battery mod using an 18650 Lithium IMR battery, which is what the Juggernaut mechanical mod is.  I also conducted these flavor tests with Kendo Japanese organic cotton, the best wicking material I have used, so far.  The setup was fun for me to review the e-liquids with.

Juggernaut Mechanical Mod Specifications and Features

  • 510 Threaded Brass Connection
  • Comes in Army Green, Black, or White, Matte Finish
  • Large Push Button on the Side
  • Uses 18650 Lithium IMR Battery, Only
  • Brass Battery Connection Spring
  • Dissambles Via Middle Thread
  • Logo on Side, Design on Bottom
  • Stands Upright, All Alone
  • Easy, Simple, and Quick to Use

Vicious Ant Cyclone AFC Specifications and Features

  • Comes in Shiny Gold or Stainless Steel
  • Can Use Fusion Drip Tip
  • Two Post Design for Single Coil Utilization
  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • 510 Thread Connection
  • AFC (Adjustable Airflow Control), Non-Removable Top Adjustment
  • 18mm Diameter, 27mm Tall
  • 9mm Diameter Mouthpiece Opening
  • Two 4.5mm Air Holes, Positioned for Coil Placement, ~135° Apart
  • Phillips Head Screws on Posts
  • ~1.2mm Diameter Post Holes
  • Luxurious Design
  • Rebuildable Atomizer (RDA), Coils/Wick to be Installed by User

Thoughts on Juggernaut Mod Cyclone RDA Combination

I chose to review the e-liquids below with this combination due to its ease of use, as I knew I would be changing out the wicking between each flavor.  The 26 gauge 7-wrap coil worked great, and the mod has a nice, simple feel to it.  Vaping with a single coil is a good idea when testing out e-liquids.  I also vaped with some of what I thought were to be the ‘better’ flavors, mainly, Earhart, with my normal dual coil RDA build on a regulated mod.  Great stuff; wonderful sweet flavor.  I will admit to pulling the coil loose one time as I removed the wick for a one of the next flavors.  Always remember to check your atomizer for proper coil installation when re-wicking or periodically or both.  Keep the Phillips screw heads tightly snug, but not too tight, so as not to risk breaking the Kanthal while it heats up or during re-wicking.

As far as the Juggernaut goes, it is a simple mechanical mod.  The button may seem confusing at first, as it looks like two buttons.  It has only one inner button which can be pressed to activate the mod.  I used the army green version.  One thing I can mention about the Juggernaut is that the top and bottom do not screw off.  This is a plus for those in a hurry, as many mechanical mods unscrew at both the top and the bottom, which can cause confusion.  Mods of this nature can be even more confusing when the battery can only come out at either the top or the bottom, which ends up being one or the other after experimentation.  The mod must be constructed of aluminum, as it is light.  It comes apart above the middle as that is where it is threaded to house an 18650 Lithium IMR battery.

Would I suggest this setup?  Sure.  The Cyclone RDA is pricey yet luxurious, however the Juggernaut mod is less expensive and its availability sometimes limited.  Together the two items proved to be an efficient way to test out the Totally Wicked Expedition line of e-liquids.  If you find yourself wanting to try different flavors out rather often, this is a great option for you.  The Cyclone RDA is known for its precise air flow.  Its top is non-removable and turns 360° to adjust its two air holes.  The Juggernaut mod will work with a 510 connection threaded atomizer.  Remember to always check your ohms readings for your coils before using a mechanical mod.

There may exist an alternative bottom piece for the Juggernaut mod found on the web that will allow it to use an 18350 battery.  If you use one of these smaller batteries, remember to calculate the amperage draw of your coil before using it, if the draw is over the amperage of the battery do not use the coil, as the battery will burst.

Totally Wicked Expedition Line E-Juice Individual Flavors


Totally Wicked e-Liquid offers the following information on this new Expedition Line.

Expedition Optimized VG e-liquid

“Totally Wicked has always been a Pioneer within the vaping community being one of the original companies in the USA. We are still Pioneers; with new products, original designs and we still explore, finding new treasures. EXPEDITION is one of those treasures; twelve great flavors all taking their inspiration from the pioneers and the challenges mankind continues to pursue.”


J.C.  5 Stars – At first, Amazon reminded me of a sweet white wine, with the release of a faint and wonderful smell of a delicate flower.  I vaped with this flavor for some while and found it to be relaxing.  It is actually a blend of strawberry, coconut, and custard.  The custard is faint enough to remain non over-powering, and the strawberry and coconut are also mixed to where their flavor is not distinctly overly noticeable, either.  A wonderful flavor, I am sure many will enjoy this variety.  It is one of my favorites of the twelve e-liquids mentioned in this review.

Capt’n JTK

J.C. – 5 Stars – When I first tried out Capt’n JTK, I thought it was a smooth tobacco flavor, as I found three or four of the other flavors in this line to taste like.  Capt’n JTK tastes like a smooth bourbon, is subtle and nice.  The flavor is supposed to be like fruity oat biscuits.  I may not have guessed it, however upon vaping with the liquid I can taste the similarity.  I think of it as a creamy, mildly fruity tobacco flavor, and it is nice.


J.C. – 5 Stars –  At first I thought Columbus to be the same kind of smooth tobacco flavor as Capt’n JTK, however I noticed the wonderful and powerful flavor of a spice, as well.  It reminded me of aromatic cinnamon potpourri, and I found it to be enjoyable.  The flavor is actually a peppermint mocha latte.  As it is smooth and partially creamy with a hint of spice, I can attest to the validity of this flavor.  Though I may not have guessed the flavor of Columbus right off hand, I am sure I will vape it away before some other flavors, as it is enjoyable and spicy.


J.C. 5 Stars – Earhart was an immediate joyous experience for me.  Sweet and smooth I guessed it must be a perfect medley of peach and plum, a calming experience I was sure to enjoy again and again.  Little did I know, however, Earhart’s flavor is cotton candy.  I enjoyed it and tried it out for quite some time.  Other cotton candy varieties I have tried mixed either a berry or other fruit as a combination of flavors.  As this one is a single, more ‘pure’ flavor, I like it much better.  Earhart is probably my favorite flavor of these twelve flavors, along with Amazon, Mayflower, and Magellan.


J.C. – At first, I thought of Everest as a smooth tobacco flavor, with a very mild hint of spiciness.  Very nice and subtle.  I read that the flavor is of buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup, which I may have guessed, due to its smooth creamy taste and sweet syrup-like flavor.  This flavor did seem to have a mild hint of spice, which was not mentioned on the Totally Wicked website.  I found it to be delightful.  So delightful, in fact, that I tried it out again with a dual macro coil build at 50 watts.  The flavor was exceptional, just like pancakes and syrup, along with enormous cloud production.

Lewis & Clark

J.C. – This flavor also reminded me of a smooth tobacco blend, yet it immediately tasted like chocolate.  I may not have guessed that Lewis & Clark’s flavor is supposed to taste like jelly donuts.  I thought it tasted like a chocolate tobacco variety.  The flavor is nice, however, and its unique variety is sure to be a favorite among many.



J.C. – Magellan is an apple fritter flavor.  I found it to be a smoothly and mildly spiced flavor, powerful and sweet; I thought of it mostly as a vanilla flavor.  The creamy essence of apple fritters does become evident upon vaping with Magellan.  It is nice and smooth and a wonderful variety among the twelve, one of my favorites.

Marco Polo

J.C. – Before I even mention what Marco Polo is supposed to taste like, I must say that I guessed it to be a tobacco variety at first.  Upon exhaling a long, dense cloud of vapor, I thought it tasted like lemon sugar cookies.  This variety is a fruit-loop flavor, which I was surprised I did not guess, right off the bat.  As it does taste like Fruit Loops and is fun to vape with, if you think it tastes more like lemon sugar cookies, remember, I do too.


J.C. – Mayflower was another favorite flavor of mine among the twelve.  At first, it really blew my mind, as I tried to place its unique taste, eventually thinking it must be a tangerine flavor or other fruity citrus variety.  Mayflower smells sweet and is a powerful citrus blend after all, consisting of lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, and blueberry.  If you are into fruity flavors, Mayflower is a must try, sure to satisfy.


J.C. 5 Stars – I tried out Sahara not knowing what to expect, as it was the first flavor of the Expedition line I tried out.  I immediately thought it to taste like Fireball jawbreakers mixed with a tobacco variety.  Upon exhaling a ginormous cloud, I also thought it to taste like a mild Christmas cinnamon flavor.  Sahara is a cinnamon flavor, after all.  If you like cinnamon e-juices, this one is sure to meet your expectations.  I usually prefer about six out of seven spiced flavors on the market; I did like Sahara.


J.C. – When I tried out Sputnik, I did not know what to think.  After a few inhales, I decided it leaned more toward a lemon taste, though I knew I was just guessing.  After looking up the actual flavors, I saw why.  Sputnik is a blend of blueberries, honey, and mint.  Though this combination of flavors may seem odd or as if it may not be tasty, believe it or not, Sputnik is a nice flavor after all.  It is unique, I will give it that, however, Sputnik is a delicious flavor –out of this world.

Thoughts and Specifications of Totally Wicked’s Expedition Line of E-Juice

J.C. – The flavor specifications above were mentioned in part via Totally Wicked’s Flavor Navigational Chart under ‘Flavor Table’ for their Expedition line of e-liquids on their website.  Their chart says it all.  I found these e-liquids to be amazing and gave all twelve of them 5 of 5 stars.

The various flavors of the Expedition line come in 30ml glass bottles, sealed in removable perforated plastic and child proof before opening.  The glass drippers work great, which I say because the rubber tops, all twelve, functioned properly, sucking e-juice up into the dripper.  No one likes a weak rubber top on a dripper.  I like to use the dripper to blow some air bubbles into the bottle, ensuring the e-juiced is mixed well in an efficient manner.  I do this with all of my e-juice, which tests the rubber part of the dripper.

J.C. –  All of these flavors were smooth and desirable, their PG/VG content 25/75.  Even if they are distinctly different, they are also somewhat similar in flavor and cloud production.  The flavors come with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine/ml content.  The liquids I tried out contained 3mg nic/ml.  Upon obtaining one or more of the flavors, I am sure you will enjoy a wonderful vaping experience.  The price may seem high, however the bottles are 30ml and the flavors amazing.  The price does not seem too high if compared to a common $10, 15ml bottle of e-juice, especially given the quality of their flavors.  Thank you to Totally Wicked for this line of e-juice, it is a new and amazing subtle, adventurous voyage in flavor and experience, indeed.

Photos and Thoughts

Below are some photos I took while testing out the Totally Wicked Expedition line of E-liquid.  One thing I must mention is that I ended up spreading the 3.5mm diameter coil partially, in order for e-liquid to seep through its wraps.  It seemed to work better that way and reduced the chances of dry cotton hits.

The first and second pictures are of the Juggernaut mod with the Cyclone ATF from Vicious Ant.  The photo on the left shows the RDA gift box and the mod.  The photo on the right shows the setup with a bottle of Sahara e-liquid, mentioned above.

Totally Wicked Expedition E-Juice Review Totally Wicked Expedition E-Juice ReviewThe next photo shows a 7-wrap coil wound with 26 gauge Kanthal wire and installed into the Cyclone RDA.

Totally Wicked Expedition E-Juice Review

This photo shows the entire line of Totally Wicked’s amazing Expedition e-liquids.

Totally Wicked Expedition E-Juice Review

About Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked has a website which makes available an assortment of vaping devices and e-liquids.  Around since 2008, they have been an major force in the vaporizer market since then.  They continue to strive to provide the best flavors of e-liquids and also make available various OEM products with their brand and original vaping instruments designed by their team.  One can visit their website and order diy e-juice kits, sourced and manufactured from the UK.  They make available condensed flavors, and their website also includes a wide variety of regulated mods and atomizer tanks and replacement heads.  Totally Wicked is easy to contact and upon registration one can access their online vaping forum.


In conclusion, reviewing the Expedition line of e-liquids from Totally Wicked was an exciting adventure, indeed.  As each flavor and their creative descriptions brought me to a realm of consideration and thought, the overall experience was indeed enjoyable.  The Juggernaut mod Cyclone RDA combination was a fun and efficient way of vaping.  If you are looking for a nice, high-end, single coil atomizer, I highly recommend the Cyclone ATF by Vicious Ant.  Thanks to all people involved for helping me make this review possible; I hope you enjoy the Expedition line of e-liquids as much as I have.  Thank you for reading.  Vape on.

Ratings: 5 of 5 Stars, All Items

J.C. Martin III