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Vpark V-Box50 Box Mod Review

Grade: C – Box Mod

Grade: F – Maxtank Pro

Before receiving this box mod from Ave40 we had never heard the name Vpark before. In fact, when we attempted to gather information about the company itself through a Google search we came up empty. Thankfully, there is a website listed on the packaging and we discovered that the company seems to have been around since 2013, other than that, they don’t even have an About Us page. Be that as it may, the V-50 Box Mod is not their first product.

Vpark V-50 Box Mod ReviewThe Vpark V-Box50 ($74.90 at Ave40) kit consists of the V-Box50, a temperature control box mod and includes their Maxtank Pro sub-ohm tank (packed separately but sold as a unit when purchased as a kit). The V-Box50 is a 50-watt device with a temperature range of 200°F to 600°F. Interestingly, the default temp mode is shown in Fahrenheit, not Centigrade.

The V-Box50 has a minimum resistance of 0.2ohms while in wattage mode and 0.1ohms in temperature mode (ni200 coils).

Using the dial, switch and knob makes easy work of using the mod. The rotating dial is shown as a bezel around the fire button and it is used to switch between modes, F for temperature, W for wattage, On for on, and Off for off. Then there is a second half-dial above the firing button/bezel which is used to adjust the temperature and wattage.

The dimly lit OLED (LCD?) display shows all the necessary information you need, in a horizontal 4-line display. The LCD/OLED display reacts very slowly, much like my old PowerBook 140 from the 1990’s, which was an LCD screen and makes me think this is actually a Liquid Crystal Display. The resolution is also low, and there is no brightness dial/switch to make the display brighter. Unfortunate.

The battery compartment sits at the bottom of the mod. A metal latch keeps the battery in place and a small plastic piece is pushed down or away, depending on how you are holding it, to release the latch. Insert the battery, push down on the latch and when it catches with the small plastic piece you’ll hear a slight snap sound and you’ll know the latch is shut.

The Vpark V-Box50 is quite hefty, and with an 18650 battery installed it’s even heavier. This is because the V-Box50 has an all-metal exterior with plastic reserved for the inside of the mod and the aforementioned half-dial above the fire button.

The Maxtank Pro (sic)

Vpark V-50 Box Mod ReviewThe Maxtank Pro is a sub-ohm tank sold with the kit version and is designed to match the V-Box50 in looks. Featuring a top fill design with an adjustable airflow at the bottom and at the top, the tank sounds pretty decent on paper. Two coil head types are available for the tank; a temperature control, Ni200 coil rated at 0.1-ohms and a standard Kanthal coil rated at 0.3ohms. The photos accompanying this review do a fairly good job showing you what the device looks like. My only issue is with the Maxtank Pro, the photos make it look like it holds more than 2.5mL, but in reality the tank is “Nano” sized.

I’ll give you my impressions of this kit after the Specs/Feature List

Features & Specs:

Model Name: V-Box50T Premium kit


Standard 510 thread

v-box Size: 22mm*41mm*91mm

Tank Size: 22mm*64mm

Available Colors: Black, Silver, White

Temperature sensing wire: from 0.1 to 1 ohms

Capacity: 2.5ml

Variable Wattage: 1W-50W

Coil resistance: 0.1Ω/2.3Ω

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh (Internal high drain polymer li-ion rechargeable 18650 size battery – not included)

Ohm range: 0.3-2.0Ω

Temperature sensing wire: from 0.1 to 1 ohms)

LCD display: Wattage/Temperature/Resistance/Battery Status

Protection on overheating, short circuit and reverse battery

What’s In The Box

1 x Maxtank Pro

1 x V-BOX50T BOX MOD (battery not included)

1 x Micro USB charging cable


The first insult to the end-user is the price. $74.90USD is an outrageous price for this very simple Vpark V-50 Box Mod Reviewbox mod. Other vendors offer the kit for $49.99-$59.99 and I still think it is way overpriced.  Comparing the Vpark V-Box50 to the new Kanger NeBox ($59.99), or the Kanger Subox Mini for $59.99, the eLeaf iStick 60W TC for $49.99, and the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini for $56.95 and you begin to realize just how high the price is for this basic TC box mod.

But, let’s say the V-Box50 Kit was priced at, say, $36.99. That would be a price I could see vapers taking an interest in, but even then the Vpark Maxtank Pro (Pro??) is such an awful tank that to purchase the kit at any price would be a waste of money. Better to stick with the mod itself.

I don’t have a lot of criticism for the box mod really, though the technology feels antiquated. Knobs, switches, and wheels? A weak LCD/OLED that makes me want to emphasis the LIQUID in L-CD? These are things best left to the past, like 20 years in the past. If in fact the display is actually an OLED then the only explanation for it’s slow performance is a weak controller/processor.

I did manage to get a fairly good vape going when I tossed the tank and used a Kanger Subtank on it. Even with the Ni200 OCC the Subtank performed well, and having the temperature default to Fahrenheit made it one-step-less to set up the right temperature. But, in my heart of hearts I know this device won’t make it past the 120-day mark.

Vpark V-50 Box Mod ReviewMy real disappointment is the miserable excuse for a subohm tank. Wasting a few ML’s of my favorite, and expensive, e-liquid I found out early on that the coil heads produce very little flavor and very little vapor, especially when compared the Kanger Subtank I replaced it with. I cannot imagine the powers that be at Vpark trying out the tank and thinking to themselves that they have a winner here. I can’t swear to it, but I get this feeling in my gut that this device is all about profit with little regard for actual performance or longevity. And that makes me angry.

With solid products on the market today, like the eVic-VTC Mini and the eLeaf iStick 60W TC, I wouldn’t recommend the V-Box50 to anyone, at any price more than $24.99, without the tank. The Maxtank Pro should be scrapped altogether, and Vpark should go OEM with Kanger like so many others have done if they can’t put enough money into designing a sub-ohm tank that actually performs.

Just Not A Value

What really pisses me off about products like the Maxtank Pro, and even many e-liquid brands as well, is the copywriter descriptions used by the company to sell their products. Throwing the word “Pro” at the end of the name for a lousy tank doesn’t make it a Pro tank. Like every other industry the practice of hyperbole is in full swing.

Want a good box mod for a fair price? Need temperature control? Then spend less and grab the eVic-VTC Mini or iStick 60W TC, you’ll not only get better performance, you’ll still have it 6-months later.

Jason Little