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ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Two

Part Two

The longer I use the ProVari™ Radius the more I begin to understand the nuances of this remarkable box mod. But it hasn’t been clear sailing all the time, so today in Part Two I’d like to begin with the ProVape P3/510 adapter and then move on to other features of the Radius that make it a true ProVari™ device.

The P3 Connector/Adapter

Each new Radius comes with the ever-popular P3-510 adapter. This is the adapter screw and ring that allows us to use any 510-threaded tank on our ProVari™ vaping instrument. If you’ve never used the P3-510 Adapter ring, this is something you should read carefully to avoid possible, but minor, annoyances.

The 510-adapter ring is actually made of two stainless steel parts, the actual 510-connection thread/screw and the (beauty) Tank Ring. Both work in unison to allow all sorts of tanks to fit perfectly, and perform accurately. Because, you may not know this, but the Provari™ P3 and the Radius have a native connector called the P3 and as of now there are very few tanks on the market that have adopted this new connector. Some are making adaptors for their tanks, such as Kayfun, but you can bet there are way more 510-tanks sitting atop a Provari™ P3/Radius devices than anything else, by way of the P3-510 Adapter.

Provari™  3/Radius 510 Connector 

ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Two

The 510 Connector thread is a stainless steel screw that fits into the top of a ProVari P3 and Radius that you will use with 510-threaded tanks. The screw is used as a bridge, by screwing it into the 510 connector of the tank, and into the P3 threaded ring you achieve a solid and secure connection. More than that, this hybrid connection provides a much larger and stronger threading between the tank and the ProVari. If you’ve ever dropped a vaping instrument and snapped off the 510-connector on the tank you know exactly why a wide/stronger thread makes worlds of sense.

ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Two


In addition to being a new level of security to your tank/ProVari connection, it’s adjustable threading allows any tank to form a direct connection to the device.

Using this 510-thread/screw alone is certainly do-able, but when you add the Tank Ring to the mix the strength, and looks, become even better.

ProVari Tank Ring

The (Beauty) Tank Ring is a stainless steel adapter that sits atop the ProVari P3 and Radius to provide a better transition for your 510 tanks. This ring is threaded onto the 510-connector screw and is used to provide stability, and to create a flush look of the tank while its sitting atop the P3/Radius.


The thing is, the native connector to the ProVari 3 and the Radius is the P3 connector. This connector is much wider and deeper than the 510-pin coming from the bottom of your tanks. If this was widely adopted by tank manufacturers and even mod makers we would all have better connections; solid connections. But that isn’t going to happen on a large scale. So some companies, a handful, make P3 adapter kits for their tanks. And the Kabuki (see photo below) offers a native P3 connector, for $89.99 this is a well-spec’d out tank, and a ProVape Favorite. I’ve ordered one through Spinfuel and when it arrives I’ll review it… a But this review isn’t about the Kabuki or other tanks, so I’ll continue on with my experience of the P3 connector on the Radius.

Kabuki TankWhen I first got the Radius the P3 ring and thread screw felt like it was a permanent part of the device. It never budged, it was a simple matter of screwing in a tank and unscrewing the tank. Then, a few days later I had tightened a Kanger Subtank a little too much to the P3. When I attempted to remove the tank and put on a new one the P3 ring and thread screw came off with it. Removing that screw from the bottom of the Subtank was hard as hell. I was about to grab a wrench and forcibly remove it when Tom happened by and, using all his strength he was finally able to unscrew it. Since then, the P3 ring and thread screw come off with whatever tank I’m using. Sometimes it is not so easy to adjust the height of the screw/ring so that I get a solid and flush connection. It doesn’t take long to make the adjustment, but it takes concerted effort to understand what’s going on if this is your first P3 experience.

It was only a couple of days ago when this happened, and when I found a few minutes to myself, time that I could spend a few minutes with it, I learned how to use it properly… or at least use it in a way that works for me.

Adjusting the P3 ring and thread screw is a two-step process. First, screw on the threaded screw of the P3 adapter to the Radius, then screw on the beauty ring to the threaded screw. Once this is done, screw the tank into the P3 adapter. 99% of the time you won’t need to make any adjustment to height. When you do, its just a matter of screwing the thread screw onto the tank first, then the ring, then attach this to the Radius. It sounds simple because it is, but if you go into this without knowing what the P3 connector is, and assume it is just a 510-thread, you’ll run into problems.

HotShot™ Boost Mode

The Hotshot Boost Mode is an adjustable power addition that can give you more vapor, instantly, without the need to prime your new coil. With practice you can discover just how much boost time you need for your favorite tank and create a preset for it. This innovative technology was first introduced in the ProVari P3 model, and with the introduction of the Radius an upgraded version was included that maximizes your vape experience even more. Dialing in your favorite boost time setting will be a boon to the instant gratification vapers like me.

AccuSet® Technology

ProVape’s AccuSet ® technology makes getting a rich, thick vapor cloud and deep, true flavor when using ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Twolower wattage. This not only prolongs the battery life, but it does so without sacrificing real performance. AccuSet® is a proven technology, and it’s the very reason I can vape with a Kanger Subtank and a 0.3-ohm OCC and get an excellent vape at just 30w, 10 watts to spare!

I don’t think Reviewers should gloss over this AccuSet™ technology. I mean, think about it. In today’s modern vaping world, we all seem to be moving toward High VG blends and subohm coils, and that means that battery life and e-liquid consumption has shot through the roof. Using their technological prowess ProVape has developed a way for customers to save e-liquid and get more time between charges. These are real benefits you won’t find on any other vaping instrument.


ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part TwoI discussed a little of this in part one, but its worth going over in a little more detail. With the ProVari Radius we have the option of charging the device by way of the built-in Micro USB port. The built-in charger is fast. I’ve attached my Radius to my MacBook Pro and charged up the battery in a couple of hours. Better still, if I don’t have a couple of hours I can hook it up and get enough juice in the battery for a couple of hours of use in about 15-20 minutes. ProVape needs to include a thicker, higher quality USB cable, but other than that, it’s a fast charging system and that’s what counts.

Swapping out the battery is a viable option as well, but I’m hearing some “reviewers” claim they can swap out a battery in under 20 seconds, and I just don’t buy it. The two screw wheels take longer than that to loosen, and with being careful with the brass battery cap and all, it takes a good 60-seconds or more to switch out the battery.

The Included Battery

I don’t have a lot to say about the battery other than to let you know that unlike earlier ProVari’s the Radius uses flat-head 18650’s. They include a Samsung 25R, a good battery by any means, but I have replaced it with a Sony VTC4 for the extra 5-amps. Not that it makes a noticeable difference (it doesn’t) but it’s good to know that as long as your battery is  you’re good to go. I was reminded that my “light blueSamsung 25R’s are now outdated and have since been replaced with a green color that is barely a shade different than the Sony VTC4.

Engineered Like No Other

ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part TwoEvery ProVari™ Radius is built using high quality polycarbonate and stainless steel so it withstands many harsh conditions and accidental mistreatments like dropping it down a flight of stairs, which I did just a few days ago making a quick pit stop at home in Boston, before returning to Florida.

I was running up a 10-story walkup downtown and at about the 6th floor I fumbled and the Radius flew out of my hand and right down into the center of the curved stairwell. Boom! Concrete floor! I walked down to retrieve it, scared to death that I broke it, and when I picked it up it was fine. In fact, the only thing that wasn’t fine was the tank, an Aspire Triton with one of those hollowed out replacement tanks, a gorgeous lattice-like designed tank replacement that gives the Triton a big shot of sexy. That thing scratched up big time. I also noticed a very tiny nick in the stainless steel bottom of the Radius, but everything still works fine and the cabernet red body remains flawless. But, guys, please try to avoid these types of accidents. The combination of walking up, then down, those stairs, and the thought of shattering my Radius let to an irritable afternoon. I think I may now need the translucent sleeve for my Radius ($6.95!).


I’ve debated whether or not to get into some of the other features that have become standard issue with modern vaporizers, like short-circuit protection, battery protection, etc. I just don’t think we need to because, of course the ProVari Radius has all these safety features, just like 99% of the APV’s on the market today. I’d rather write about what makes the Radius truly special, and I think I have. Except for one more thing… a ProVape Warranty

The ProVape Warranty

Made in the USA – Ain’t it grand?

ProVape offers a full One Year Warranty –  by far the longest warranty in the industry. The ProVari™ProVape ProVari™ Radius Review Part Two Radius can be factory repaired and reconditioned. So, if something happens to your Radius within the warranty period, you’re covered. Send it in to ProVape and they will repair and/or recondition your device and send it back in mint condition. Even after the warranty, their pricing for repairs or reconditioning are competitive, and superb.

Coming Up Next Week

In Part One I gave you an overview of the new ProVari™ Radius and I outlined the basic specs and features. In the Part two, I went over the new technologies and what makes a ProVari a ProVari. I hope now you have a better understanding of why ProVape is considered the best electronic cigarette manufacture in the world, and how you can’t even compare any Chinese vaping instrument to a ProVape product.

Next week I’ll devote the entire part 3 to what its like for me using my Cabernet Red Radius day in and day out. I’ll cover the performance of some of my favorite tanks, e-liquids, and more with the Radius as my  supplier of power.

Is the ProVari™ Radius a vaping instrument for the 1%, or is it a device worth saving up for, or for putting the purchase on a credit card. Is it “really” worth $199, even if you’re earning minimum wage? I’ll let you know that, and more, right here, next week.

As a reminder; this review is for the ProVari™ Radius by ProVape. I own a Cabernet Red Radius that we purchased directly from ProVape. We did not promise a review, nor are we being compensated in any way for this review. Actually, we’ve never compensated for a review, but we do get review products at times that we don’t purchase.

The ProVari™ Radius: What I Purchased For Me:

  • 1 ProVari™ Radius Device – Cabernet Red with Satin Silver Stainless Steel
  • 1 Free Samsung 18650 Battery
  • 1 P3 connection with 510 adapter and ring included
  • 1 Micro USB charging and data cable

Julia Hartley-Barnes


•  The ProVari™ Radius wattage can be adjusted from 3 – 40 in 0.2 watt increments.

•  Flat top design provides a clean hybrid look with the latest tanks.

•  The P3 thread is a unique top connection which allows you to adapt multiple tanks including 510, Ego and P3 threaded tanks. As new connections become available, the Radius will be able to adapt with screw-in adapters. Ego style adapters are sold separately. As new tanks are developed with the P3 thread, they will adapt for a clean hybrid look.

•  Self-adjusting center contact pin ensures maximum compatibility with tanks and atomizers.

•  Built-in sealed OLED display with scrolling icon-based graphics allows you to visually adjust your settings.

•  Each device has a unique digital serial number.

•  A translucent seven color lighted push button allows you to select from seven color choices when the button is pressed. There is also a random option which rotates through all seven colors each time you press the button.

•  On/Off mode allows you to shut the unit off completely.

•  Safety cutoff turns off the unit if the button is held down for too long.

•  HotShot™ Boost mode allows you to get more vapor with a short power boost with each puff. This setting is adjustable allowing you to dial-in your favorite boost time setting.

•  Scrolling OTS (Onboard Troubleshooting System) keeps the user informed of any problems and how to resolve them with clear instructions.

•  Sub-ohm capability set by amperage limit. You can use .3, .4, .5 ohm tanks, limited to 9.5 amps.

•  Amperage limit of up to 9.5 amps will protect against over-current situations.

•  Battery “mileage gauge” tells you how much energy is available to the atomizer.

•  Smart safety features provide the highest levels of safety available on any device in the world. If you press the button and can vape, it’s safe!

•  Thermal monitoring shuts the device off if it detects a high temperature condition.

•  Left & Right handed mode allows the user to select which way the display reads.

•  Check All mode allows the user to see all their critical settings at a quick glance with one button press (adjustable settings).

•  Save profile – Save all of your favorite settings into 5 available memory slots for quick recall.

•  Scroll speed adjust allows the user to select the speed of the scrolling menu.

•  OLED brightness adjustment lets you vary the display intensity.

•  Exclusive reliable and safe electronic switch is designed for long life.

•  Battery Monitoring shuts the unit off once a battery has reached end-of-charge.

•  Reverse battery protection keeps the circuit safe if the battery is accidentally installed backwards.

•  The Radius is compatible with flat top batteries.

•  Built-In quick USB charging and firmware updates.

•  Made of Stainless steel and high strength polycarbonate.

•  No compromise components ensures a high quality and reliable device.

•  Proudly made in the USA.

•  1 Year Warranty: Excludes accessories like batteries and atomizers.

•  3.4” L x 1.7” W x 1.0″ D without atomizer.

•  The Radius has the capability to have its internal firmware upgraded via USB. This can be done at home with any Windows 7/8/10 system. No Mac Support Yet!