WISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75W

Removable Battery • 5-Line OLED • Upgradeable 

For such a new company in the electronic cigarette industry WISMEC has been delivering numerous innovative products this year. The Presa, originally a 40W mod, was, and is, a major hit for WISMEC, and today we’re publishing another review for their newly upgraded model. (See here and here for previous iterations of the Presa) The WISMEC Presa TC is now a 75W mod with a few pioneering upgrades that we honestly did not expect to see so soon. But hey, we are happy to see them!

WISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75WThe WISMEC Presa is a uniquely shaped mod that, for whatever reason, seems to have captured the imagination of tens of thousands of vapers all over the world. There is something about it’s design, the slopping curve from top to bottom and the Firing Button being more of a Firing Panel, the Presa just “fits”, you know? This is the mod I have been using when I leave the house, from the first Presa to the new one, because with the fine tank like the Amor Plus tank I can slip it into my pocket and just go. (more about the Amor Plus soon).

The new WISMEC Presa TC75W has a few new features, so let’s get to them and see how improved the already wonderful Presa mod has become.

Spot Check

Output Wattage: 1-75W (in .1w increments)

Output Modes: VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti mode

Temperature Range:100-315°C/ 200-600°F

Resistance Range: 0.05-1.0ohm for TC mode

Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm for VW/ Bypass mode

Removable 18650

First, I’ve heard a couple of people say that WISMEC is including a Sony VTC4 in the box, preinstalled in the unit. The Presa TV75W’s we received did not have a battery. So don’t get your hopes up, I sincerely doubt it since the selling price is going to be under $40 already.

So yes, a big change for the Presa is the removable, replaceable 18650 batteries (25a and above). The reason behind this move to replaceable batteries is something I’m not privy to, but if I had to guess I would say that the biggest reason is that the new 75W chip is the same chip from the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini. WISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75WNearly all the specs and features of the eVic are now a part of the Presa. The battery compartment has a magnetic door that fits securely and I don’t experience any battery or cover ‘rattle’.  Simply pull off, insert the battery, and replace the cover. It will snap into place nicely.

Battery Life

Not much to say here with regards to battery life. The amount of time you can vape on a charged battery will be determined by the settings you use and how often/hard you vape with it. The Presa TC75W doesn’t last any longer, or deplete any faster, than most other devices. But I will say that it’s nice to be able to swap out the battery in seconds rather than having to recharge it, although there is a USB port and cable so if you’re keen on recharging the battery in the unit you can.

OLED Display

LWISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75Warger, brighter, and very ‘eVic’ in nature, the new Presa TC75W sports a majorly improved display that measures some 0.96 inches in length. However, setting an eVic-VTC Mini and the Presa TC75W side by side you can see that the Presa’s display is not as high in resolution as the eVic’s. Still, there are 5 lines in the display, and more importantly, the 5 lines display vital information, they are not just fluff. The actual width of the new Presa is 39mm, up from the 34mm of the Presa TC40W, surely to accommodate the larger display.

The first line displays the mode you are in; TC-Ni, TC-Ti, VW, and Bypass mode. The second line displays the Power/Voltage. The third displays the “Real Time Resistance”, the fourth line displays “Real Time Current” (amperage!), and the 5th line is an icon of the battery power remaining, or can be set to display the puff counter.

A Note On ByPass Mode

The Bypass Mode mode is really a “direct output mode”. While in this mode the internal chip is “bypassed” and the atomizer resistance will now be 0.1-3.5ohm. For some vapers this is a nifty feature, but I see the words “bypass the chip” and I get a little nervous.

Real Time

The Presa TC75W mod displays Real Time amperage and resistance. This is significant for you as a vaper, especially with an RBA/RDA because you can see fluctuations in both the coil’s resistance and amperage draw. As a safety feature it’s a splendid bit of tech. I found the Presa models of the past to be very accurate when it comes to reading the resistance to whatever tank/RDA I was using, and you can expect the same degree of accuracy now, perhaps even better.

Upgradeable Firmware

Like the eVic-VTC Mini the chip firmware is upgradeable. However, the chip is the upgraded version. When the eVic-VTC Mini first shipped it was a 60w mod. A firmware upgrade opened it up to 75W. With the Presa TC75W we’re already sitting at 75W, so I imagine the next firmware upgrade may feature some minor changes, perhaps an improved temperature control system, and you could expect to see another increase in wattage, whether its needed or not. Speculation I know, but educated speculation.

Impressions and Recommendations

I’m a fan of the Presa, and I have been since its initial release. Although John wrote the previous reviews, WISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75Wthey are reviews that I too believe. I’ve been a enduser this whole time. So my impressions of the Presa TC75W is quite positive, especially for the price. Like other tech products the better it gets the less expensive it becomes.

Using the new Presa is as easy as it is with the previous model, and the hardest decision you’ll have to make is what kind of coils you want to use, Kanthal, Ni200 or Titanium.  Choose the tank, screw it into the stainless steel battery connector and the adjustable Pin will make a secure connection. Let the Presa read the resistance, set the wattage, or temperature, where you want it, and go.

Ideal Tanks For The New Presa

I have plenty of sub-ohm tanks so in order to make sure the stainless steel battery connector and Pin worked well I attached and sampled a draw from more than a dozen tanks. All of them were able to make clean, flush connections. J.C. Martin, our newest staff writer/reviewer is into RDA’s big time, more so than I ever was, but as good as sub-ohm tanks are, the Presa truly shines with a good RDA. I just know J.C. would prefer an RDA with his Presa TC75W. We’ll find out when he writes his review in the next couple of weeks.

But, in the end, most vapers use tanks with prebuilt coil heads. After using as many as I did during my review period, these are the top 3 subohm tanks, in my personal opinion, for the Presa TC75W, based on looks and performance They are as follows:

  1. An ideal tank for the Presa TC75W is the Amor Plus from WISMEC. This subohm tank looks proportional in size and performs very well. It’s a top-fill tank that is sort of a hybrid between the Melo 2 and Joyetech eGo ONE Mega tank (because of the coilheads, not the looks).
  1. The best performing tank, in my opinion of course, is the Horizon Arctic Turbo. There is plenty of power to push this tank even with the lowest resistance, but it does look just a tiny bit large on the Presa.
  1. The best tank for most vapers will be either an RDA (the Presa is right at home with many RDA’s) or, yes, the Kanger Subtank. Let’s face it folks, that Subtank is still the most versatile tank on the market. The new(er) vertical coil 0.3-ohm OCC’s put out great flavor and vapor, and it is just so damned easy to fill. Sometimes Kanger truly pisses me off as a manufacturer, but the Subtank is the best everyday tank on the market.

Bottom Line

I urge you to read the reviews for the original Presa 40W and the Presa TC40W. These two reviews will give you an idea of the Presa’s short by lively history.

The WISMEC Presa TC75W has all the standard safety protection features, has the same solid build, and same feel (including the weight with a battery installed), and you control it the same way you did with previous Presa models.

If you’ve never owned a Presa but wanted to then by all means this model is the best bang for the buck. I do not expect to see another upgraded model of the Presa for some time, since this is the third in less than a year, and the firmware is upgradeable, so there is no need to release another until something big can happen. Now is the time to buy.

WISMEC Presa TC Now Sporting 75WI still say this is a very affordable advanced personal vaporizer, despite the fact that the price is mostly the same as the previous model and it lacks a battery, unlike the previous model. But where else can you get all this, all of the above new features and all the previous features brought over the new model, for less than $40?

Now, having said all that the only question left is, if you own the previous model, the Presa TC40, is it a good idea to upgrade to the new one? The answer lies in your current satisfaction with your Presa. Is it still one of your favorite mods? Are you still getting everything you need from it? If so, upgrading would be a superfluous purchase. Do so if you want to, not because you think you need to.

If you own the original, the Presa 40W, the same questions can be asked, only the answer is slightly different. If you are happy with the 40 watts and have no intention to move to temperature control coils, you still might have good cause to upgrade to the new Presa. For myself the new replaceable battery, the larger, information rich display, and the upgradeable firmware features make it very much worth upgrading over the original. But that’s me, that would be my reasoning.

All authorized WISMEC vendors will undoubtedly carry the new Presa TC75W when it goes wide. Some vendors are accepting preorders, but we haven’t worked with any of them so I’m not going to provide links, just in case.

Tom McBride