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WISMEC Presa TC40W with Temperature Control

Presa TC40W
$47.99 (or so)

Presa TC40W Overview

If you compare the new Presa TC40W to the earlier model, the original Presa TC 40W MOD, you’ll find more than a couple of changes in the new model.

WISMEC Presa TC40WLike the previous Presa, this funny shaped mod is a device that is both variable voltage and variable wattage (and switching between the two is still an easy thing to do), has a max output of 40w, has a firm, elongated firing button, and an OLED display that does a good job showing us the current settings. Increasing or decreasing the settings is still done by using the responsive buttons directly atop the firing panel. The new Presa TC40W is much like the previous Presa, but with some very big changes that make it even more desirable than ever,

 The most surprising change, to me, is the decrease in battery capacityThe original Presa 40W mod had a 2600mAh battery rating while the new model has a 2300mAh rating, a loss of 300mAh.

I don’t know for certain why WISMEC lowered the capacity of the battery and the only reason I can come up with is because WISMEC is using the same housing for the new model and with the addition of a temperature control board something had to give.

Is it loss of 300mAh noticeable? Yes and No. Certainly not when used in temperature control mode anyway. When used with regular, traditional “Kanthal wire coil” tanks and RDA’s you’ll find a small decrease in battery life, mostly likely about an hour of vape time at most. All-in-all though, I think the trade off is well worth it.

The addition of an excellent temperature control feature provides a more customized vape as well as using less power and less eliquid WISMEC Presa TC40Wconsumed during your time spent vaping. Add to that a ‘stealth mode’ feature and you add in still more minutes of vaping due to the stealth mode shutting off the display.

The Benefits of Temperature Control in the Presa TC40W

The WISMEC Presa TC40W does a good job preventing dry hits while in temperature control mode and using Ni200 (Nickel) or Ti (Titanium) coils in RDA’s, RBA’s and various subohm tanks. The consumption of electricity and e liquid is dramatically reduced compared to the original Presa. If for some reason you don’t want to bother with nickel or titanium coils, The Presa TC40W also offers traditional wattage control (1W-40W) with Kanthal wire coils.

Other Features Worth A Mention

 We received our Presa TC40W units almost 3 weeks ago, and have used it with several subohm tanks and didn’t have a single problem with a solid connection due to its spring-loaded connector pin.

Base Resistance Locking: The Presa TC40W locks the base resistance of atomizer to make sure the device is always working under correct settings even if you remove the coil while using it.

Temperature Alarm: If the temperature of the Presa TC40W goes past 70℃ (160f), the output will shut off and the screen will display “Device too hot” for about 5 seconds so the internal battery can cool down.


Length: 81.9mm

Width: 34.9mm

Thickness: 24.4mm

Color: Silver, Black

Battery Capacity: 2300mAh

Rated Output Wattage: 1W-40W

Rated Output Voltage: 0.5V-8V

Rated Resistance Rage: 0.05ohm – 1.0ohm (TC mode)
0.15ohm – 3.5ohm (VW mode)

What’s In The Box?

1× Presa TC40W

1× eGo Adaptor

1× USB Cable

1× Manual


WISMEC Presa TC40WI really liked the original WISMEC Presa 40W (video) so there is no reason in the world why I wouldn’t like the newer model. The additions make a lot of sense, especially the temperature control feature and the base resistance locking. The selling price of the new Presa TC40W is the same as the original model as well. If you’ve had your eye on the Presa now is the time to pull the trigger and buy one.

The WISMEC Presa’s are uniquely shaped mods. Not a box mod, or a tube mod… something different. We call it a thumb mod here, or a flash mod, the old descriptions just don’t fit this cool little mod. Like the Presa before it, we’ve had zero issues with it and the temperature control system works just as well as they do with any Joyetech or eLeaf TC system. Being able to use Nickel or Titanium wire coils gives the Presa TC40W the same edge as the Joyetech and eLeaf devices, and all for under $50.

Grade: B+ Why a B+? – As late as it is in the year (2015) 40w is the bare minimum for a temperature control device. There is only so much you can do with 40 watts and low ohm nickel/titanium wire. Also, while I might understand the economic reasoning for using the same shell for the new Presa and the need to lower the battery capacity in order to fit the temperature control board, I have to knock off a part of the grade… fact is, the battery capacity is less than it was in the original model, that’s not nothing.  Still, it’s a damn good mod at a great price. What’s not to love?

John Manzione