Our thanks go out to Ave40 for supplying Spinfuel eMagazine with a some retail packages of the WISMEC Presa 40-Watt Mod.


The WISMEC Presa 40-Watt Mod is, at first blush, a distinctive and attractive device, and smaller than the photos let on. Featuring a unique firing button, a fit that seems sculpted to the palm of your head, and an easy-to-use feature-set makes the WISMEC Presa an impressive first vaporizer from this exciting new company.

 Designed in California, the Presa is built in state-of-the-art facilities in China. For the price tag, just $44.90 from Ave40, the Presa is a vaporizer destined for a big following from entry-level users and advanced uses alike.

First Impressions

I’ve seen photos of the WISMEC Presa for a couple of weeks now, and, until recently, I somehow always got the impression that the size of the unit was such that it filled the hand, and then some, of an average sized adult male. I have to admit that I didn’t like it at the time, just based on the imagined size.Presa-VW-and-VV-1 However, when it arrived from Jack at Ave40 I opened the box and, to my surprise, I discovered the size was less than half that I had imagined it would be. Watch my video to see the Presa alongside some recent box mods to see just how small it is. The actual size of the Presa makes all the difference in the world when it came to my first real impressions. Hopefully this supposed contradiction will make some kind of sense as I move through this review.

What The WISMEC Presa Is And Isn’t

Like me you will probably want to call the Presa a box mod, and I guess it might be, though it’s not what I imagine a box mod to be when I think about box mods in general. Box mods are, well, boxy.

There is nothing ‘boxy’ about it at all. Whichever designer came up with the Presa made a bold decision to create something that was ‘different’ looking, but functioned like a high quality vaporizer. It is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is at the heart of WISMEC, and something I find pretty exciting.

Wismec Presa The Presa 40 Watt Mod features both variable wattage and variable voltage in a sleek modern package. It is, as I hinted at above, ergonomically sculpted to fit inside the hand comfortably while at the same time having a bit of heft to it for a sturdy feel. I’m using the black model, while there is also a silver model available.

The firing button takes up nearly the entire length of the device. This innovative design allows you to fire the mod comfortably no matter how you grip it. The shape was both foreign and yet familiar, though I took to it almost immediately. It is immensely comfortable, and once I put a tank on it I was vaping comfortably.

On the long, curved firing button lies the integrated OLED display, while on the side (of the firing button) are the buttons for “Up” and “Down” wattage/voltage, making the adjustment of the settings very simple. At the top of firing button is the manual lock switch.

As with any new device there is a short learning curve to become accustomed to where the buttons and switches are, but once you use them for a while it becomes a matter of muscle memory and you’re reaching exactly where you should to make any kind of adjustment.

The WISMEC Presa 40 Watt Mod’s  manual locking switch (for safety) is used  to avoid accidental firing of the mod. Set to the lock position it won’t fire, so stashing it in your pocket or purse or backpack the Presa keeps it safe. The PRESA has a maximum wattage output of 40 watts and maximum voltage of 10 volts, so there’s plenty of power to go around as well.

Switching from wattage to voltage, and back again you just click the firing button 3 times, not 5, and it will switch to voltage or wattage mode automatically. Remember that and you’ll never have to get frustrated trying to make the switch with The PRESA or most other VV/VW mods.

Power and Safety– The Presa comes with a 2600 mAh battery capacity (built-in, not removable) which, depending on the amount of vaping you do, can provide as long as an ‘all day vape’ or at least a good 3+ hours of vaping. For me it was 3 hours and change, but I’m always vaping. The battery charges with supplied USB cable, which is rated for one amp.

For extra safety, the Presa 40 Watt Mod has temperature protection and shuts down on its own if it’s running too hot. In the past week my Wismec-Presa-2Presa hasn’t gotten warm, much less hot, so it’s never had to shut itself down. I used both the Joyetech Delta 2 and Kanger Subtank Mini as my review tanks.

Resistances – The minimum resistance for the Presa 40 Watt Mod is a surprisingly low 0.2 ohms! That makes using the most recent sub-ohm tanks a breeze, though there may be coils or coil heads that perform optimally above 40watts. Most 0.5-ohm coils are optimal at 30+ watts and 0.3-ohm coils I’ve used perform really well at 40watts. Check with the tank maker to see how your tank’s coils will function with a 40w device. For instance, though my Delta 2 is equipped with its 0.5-ohm coil head the optimal wattage is 40-watts, 30w just doesn’t cut it.

Finally, the Presa comes with a 510 spring loaded connector, allowing for a perfect fit with the vast majority of tanks and glassomizers. The Presa even comes with a 510-USB adapter just in case you want to use a clearomizer on it.

Real World

The Presa 40 Watt Mod by WISMEC is an excellent stealthy device. That said, although the device itself is completely hidden in the palm of your hand the tank won’t be. So, yes it is stealthy, but trying to hide it completely will fail if anything is attached.

Presa 40wFor me it is the look and feel of the Presa that I like so much. No, it’s not decked out with temperature control circuitry, and there are other features more expensive box mods have that are lacking in the Presa. But, for the price, there is plenty to love about it. I highly recommend it for your list of devices to consider as a first time buy for new vapers, along with a good tank. For advanced, or experienced vapers the Presa makes a delightful second or third device for times when size or simplicity counts.

WISMEC – I expect big things from WISMEC. From what I understand WISMEC is working with some great mod designers in order to bring to the market cutting edge products at a great price point. Since this is the first effort that I know about I’d say we are in for some great products moving forward. The Presa is a solid, high quality device, and its construction assures me that it will last for a very long time…and it is very affordable 40w device.

About The WISMEC Presa 40-Watt


  • Length: 81.9mm
  • Width: 34.9mm
  • Thickness: 24.4mm
  • Colour: Silver, Black
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Rated Output Wattage: 5W-40W
  • Rated Output Voltage: 2V-10V
  • Rated Resistance Range:0.2ohm-5.0ohm

Product Features:

  • Variable Wattage of 40 Watts
  • Available In Black and Silver
  • Variable Voltage of 10 Volts
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • 510 Spring Loaded Connection
  • 2600mAh Built-In Battery Capacity
  • Manual Lock Button – Enhanced Button Lock Function. The WISMEC Presa is designed with a manual locking switch on the top and two adjustment buttons at the lower sides of the Mod. Push the two adjustment buttons on both side simultaneously or switch the top button to lock or unlock the device.

What’s in the Box:


  • 1x Presa Mod
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x eGo Adaptor (22mm)
  • 1x USB Cable

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