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Make sure to check out the written review for the WISMEC Presa 40-watt Mod

From the Review:

First Impressions

I’ve seen photos of the WISMEC Presa for a couple of weeks now, and, until recently, I somehow always got the impression that size of the unit was such that it filled the hand, and then some, of an average sized adult male. I have to admit that I didn’t like it based on the imagined size.

However, when it arrived from Jack at Ave40 I opened the box and, to my surprise, I discovered the size was less than half that I had imagined it would be. Watch my video to see the Presa alongside some recent box mods to see just how small it is. The actual size of the Presa makes all the difference in the world when it came to my first real impressions. Hopefully this supposed contradiction will make some kind of sense as I move through this review.

What The WISMEC Presa Is And Isn’t

Like me you will probably want to call the Presa a box mod, and I guess it might be, though it’s not what I imagine a box mod to be when I think about box mods in general. Box mods are, well, boxy.

There is nothing ‘boxy’ about it all. Whichever designer came up with the Presa made a bold decision to create something that was ‘different’ looking, but functioned like a high quality vaporizer. It is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is at the heart of WISMEC, and something I find pretty exciting.

The Presa 40 Watt Mod features both variable wattage and variable voltage in a sleek modern package. It is, as I hinted to above, ergonomically sculpted to fit inside the hand comfortably while at the same time having a bit of heft to it for a sturdy feel. I’m using the black model, while there is also a silver model available.