Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaptio N1 Pro 240W Starter Kit Review

Since the new “Star Wars” is releasing in a few weeks, it’s only appropriate that my white/red/black Vaptio N1 Pro test model looks like a Stormtrooper’s vape device. It’s sharp, attractive and – in either two- or three-battery mode – flippin’ huge.   But one man’s design preferences are meaningless as long as the mod vapes well. [...]

SMOK Majesty Carbon Kit Review – SPINFUEL VAPE
SMOK Majesty 225W TC Carbon Kit Review

As has been pointed out to us from time to time, we mention SMOK products quite often on these pages. It’s not an intentional (or promotional) choice, but rather something that occurs because SMOK is so prolific in releasing new products. However, we have noticed a slight sense of redundancy this past year, with most [...]

. Not only do the Conqueror and Firelord just look better together, but the combination also makes for a beautiful, high-performing, altogether potent vape device that will appeal to newcomers and veteran vapers alike.
FreeMax Firelord 80W Starter Kit Review

The FreeMax Firelord 80W starter kit is a thing of beauty. It’s not the most powerful setup in my collection. It’s not the most compact. It’s not even the easiest to use. But the shiny resin Conqueror mod, and the matching Firelord tank, might be the single-most beautiful pairing in my collection.   As we know, looks [...]

iJOY RDTA Box Triple 240W TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel Vape
iJOY RDTA Box Triple 240W TC Starter Kit Review

I’m going to start this piece with a truly original, one-of-a-kind capsule review: The iJOY RDTA Box Triple is unnecessarily awesome. (Man, that even felt weird to type.) iJOY has put out a lot of products of late, and lost in the shuffle of its seemingly endless line of Captain-branded items, was the all-in-one RDTA Box. [...]

Vaporesso Swag Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaporesso Swag 80W TC Starter Kit Review

If I didn’t have this gig, I’d definitely want to write product names for Vaporesso. After the curiously monikered “Revenger” mod, it appears Vaporesso has relaxed and learned to enjoy itself, because its latest is all about being chill. Meet the Vaporesso Swag. But a name is just a name. Can the compact, single-battery Swag bring [...]

SMOK Majesty 230W TC Carbon Kit Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK Majesty 230W TC Carbon Kit Preview

Well, we’re certainly having a case of deja vu! Right on the heels of previewing the highly anticipated SMOK Majesty Resin kit, we learned we’re also getting the Carbon version, as well. Though the specs are the same, the distinct differences in finish and polish give the SMOK Majesty Carbon a much different look (and likely [...]

iJoy CAPO 100W TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
iJoy CAPO 100W TC Starter Kit Review

Review of the iJoy Capo 100W TC Starter Kit - Available At Element Vape - The word is out – iJOY does not want you to use 18650 batteries any longer. Oh sure, they’ll ALLOW it, if you refuse to reform. But the company clearly sees larger battery formats as the future of vaping. First, [...]

Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230W TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230W TC Starter Kit Review

Alright, I was wrong. I have to admit that I wrote my Fuchai GLO preview with a skeptical tone. Not just because it’s another dual-battery mod with an LED light feature. But also because my last Fuchai – the uber-popular 213 – was completely incapable of firmware updates or anything resembling accurate temperature control.   So, yeah [...]

Wismec Sinuous FJ200 TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Wismec Sinuous FJ200 TC Starter Kit Review

This is an in-depth Review for the WISMEC Sinuous FJ200 Box Mod Starter Kit The original Wismec Predator was saddled with the unfortunate tag, “Alien clone” from the get go, which probably affected the device’s impact on the vape market. I didn’t review the Predator, but I used one for a short time, and found it [...]

SMOK G-PRIV 2 Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK G-PRIV 2 Box Mod Starter Kit Review

Simply put, the SMOK G-PRIV 2 is an advanced version of G-PRIV, slimmer in design, plus a new touch-screen, this Kit model from SMOK will go over extremely well for those Vapers that enjoyed the G PRIV original, or who enjoy Touchscreen Mods in general. After two weeks of steady use, I’m ready to render [...]

iJoy Genie PD270 Box Mod Spinfuel Vape Preview
IJOY Genie PD270 237W Box Mod Preview

No one can accuse iJOY of resting on its laurels. While other companies are content to allow flagship devices to stand on their own for a while, iJOY has continued to evolve its line of IWEPAL-powered devices, most recently with the new Genie PD270 mod. Well, maybe “evolve” isn’t an accurate term. Perhaps “revolve” is more [...]

Joyetech EKEE 80W TC Starter Kit Review

The Joyetech EKEE evoked a word I never thought I’d have to use when reviewing a vape mod – “balance.” Now, I’m not talking about balanced charging, or balanced design. No, I’m discussing actual physical balance, because I spent more time picking up the EKEE off its side than I did vaping it.   Keep a few [...]

SMOK PRIV V8 60W Vape Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOK PRIV V8 60W Starter Kit Review

If you’ve read any of my reviews over the last few months, you know I’m kind of prickly toward setups that are overly complicated, often for the sake of just being different, rather than to improve the vaping experience. So, when SMOK came to the table with its most minimalist rig to date, I paid [...]

GTRS GT150 150W TC Starter Kit - 4000mAh Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
GTRS GT150 150W TC Starter Kit Review

I have yet to experience a 100+ watt internal battery device that lives up to expectations. So when the GTRS GT150 Box Mod Kit ($89.95 Element Vape) arrived on my desk, I approached it with a fair amount of skepticism. But the thing was so unique and off-kilter, I put those feelings aside and dove [...]

SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOK ProColor 225W TC Box Mod Review

The SMOK ProColor 225W TC Box Mod has been called the SMOK Alien 2 by so many reviewers already that to repeat that now would be truly redundant. That said, in many ways the Alien 2 moniker fits too well to be ignored. At just about the same size, same features (save for 5 additional [...]