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We love being pleasantly surprised, and that’s exactly what happened when we unboxed and fired up the new iJOY Elite PS2170 mod kit these past few weeks. While our entire team loves their two- and three-battery cloud machines, many of us are learning to appreciate simpler, less intrusive experiences when vaping. That’s exactly where the iJOY Elite comes in – as a sleek, understated, but still powerful mod utilizing a single 21700 battery.


While the 100-watt iJOY Elite PS2170 isn’t perfect, new vapers, or those seeking a strong, discreet backup to their usual rig would be hard-pressed to find something stronger than this slender gem. Let’s see why.

iJOY Elite PS2170 Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
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Initial impressions of the iJOY Elite PS2170 mod kit


In my preview, I believe I likened the Elite to an executive-type vape mod. This was largely because of how subdued my silver and black test model appeared, but all the same, the Elite manages to maintain iJOY’s distinct styling.


Not only does the mod feature the company’s signature contrasting colors and bold shapes, but it also maintains this style while smoothing out the more “jarring” elements from its usual designs. The result is a device that just feels more mature (even if you go for one of the louder colors).


This is clearly what iJOY was aiming for with the Elite PS2170, since even the packaging has an air of class about it. The wood-paneled box is nicely built, and the additional items – including the solid Captain Mini sub-ohm tank – are well-presented and organized.


But what’s interesting is how iJOY matured the look of the Elite PS2170 without losing their signature device elements – most notably, the oversized fire key, and the gorgeous 0.96-inch OLED display. Both of these items are in place, and – other than being scaled down a bit to fit the device – are as appealing as ever.


Even more pleasant was the butter-smooth threading and rock-solid stability of the offset 510 connection. Though it almost seems silly to discuss 510 connection quality on an entry-level mod, the Elite PS2170 is wide enough to handle tanks up to 26mm wide … and does it in style. The 510 took every tank and RDA in my collection without any gaps or odd firing mishaps.


Finally, the Elite’s USB charge and upgrade port is front-mounted, and works without any issues. I used the port to charge the included 21700 cell and was happy to see how quickly and efficiently the port refreshed the large battery. The documentation doesn’t indicate if it’s 2-amp charging (or higher) but my 21700 cell was ready to go in no time – perhaps even quicker than by using my external charger. Impressive, to be sure.


(Still use those external chargers whenever possible, kids. Trust us on this one…)

Operating the iJOY Elite PS2170 Mod Kit

Let’s start this section by acknowledging how versatile the Elite really is. While it might not have every feature you’d find in a higher-wattage, dual-battery device, the Elite features a full TC suite, a pair of TCR slots, puff power intensity adjustments, and more. The only item that is “missing” is bypass Mode, which I’m not sure speaks to iJOY’s target audience for this product, anyway.


Even more versatile is how the Elite PS2170 comes with a high-powered, 3,750mAh 21700 battery in the box, but also accomModates 20700 and 18650 cells with the included adapters. While I continue to question the validity of having many so many different battery formats just to operate a vape device, it’s great to see that iJOY is ready to embrace new technology, while also including customers who aren’t ready to make the jump.


(Including the battery in the box is pretty amazing, too. iJOY is one of the leading vape companies in the world for a reason, and its competitors should maybe start taking notes as to why.)


We ran some rudimentary (read: not scientifically measured) battery life testing on the Elite PS2170 performance using each type of cell. Unsurprisingly, the included 21700 battery performed best, with nearly seven hours of Moderate vaping before having to charge. However, both 20700 and 18650 configurations were VERY close to this total, and may have even outperformed the 21700.


In short, the Elite is great on battery efficiency, regardless of which cell format you use, so don’t let a few ticks in either direction sway your decision. The Elite has impressive battery performance for its size, and “all-day” potential for less-frequent vapers.


The rest of the Elite PS2170 operates well. The oversized fire key is as good as any in iJOY’s recent collection, and I loved how responsive it was using just one finger, while still being firm enough to stave off pocket fires.


In the preview, I expressed a few concerns about the rocker-style up/down controls, since past experiences with these types of buttons gave us headaches from sticking, mushiness and an overall lack of responsiveness.  However, iJOY has crafted a good one here.


While the button is effectively one piece, there’s a distinct feel on each side, making it easy for accurate adjustments without looking. I may usually prefer separate buttons, but iJOY hit the mark with these controls – and in keeping with the theme of the review, it was another pleasant surprise.

Let's See What Zophie Thinks!

The iJOY Captain Mini Tank

I’ve reviewed the Captain Mini Tank several times in the past and have always been happy with the performance. The same is true for the combination here, as the Mini looks like a natural extension of the Elite PS2170 Mod and works just as seamlessly.


Despite the relative small 3.2mL capacity, I put the Mini to work as both a direct lung, high-wattage Tank, and as a restricted lung atomizer with the snug airflow control nearly closed. And both scenarios produced satisfying results. While this Tank (and the two CA-series coils included in the box) are capable of opening up for higher-wattage scenarios, new vapers and restricted lung aficionados shouldn’t pass this Kit by when shopping.


Most importantly, I found the coils to be extremely frugal on juice consumption, even when vaping above 80 watts. The capacity limitation might mean you still need to have e-liquid handy for refilling, but casual vapers should do just fine with the Captain Mini setup, and some higher-nic juice.


I’ve used both test coils extensively this past week and have enjoyed high-quality flavor and vapor since breaking them in. Though my testing is a little different (and more intense) than standard everyday use, the coils are holding up extremely well, with no signs of slowing at the time of this writing.


On Kits like this, Tanks are often seen as a throw-in, rather than a viable companion piece for the Mod. But maybe it’s time we reconsider the Captain Mini Tank in a better light. It’s not a cloud chucker, nor the most flavorful Tank on the market. But it’s extremely versatile, with strong performance and leak-free enjoyment through and through.

Vaping the iJOY Elite PS2170 Mod

As you’ve probably realized by now, I was a big fan of the Elite PS2170. But I never expected it to become a Mod I turned to every day. Yet, here we are – weeks after first receiving the Kit, and I’m still using it with the companion Captain Mini Tank.


Not only does this little powerhouse offer a true 100 watts on a single battery, it has some of the smoothest, most consistent ramp-up in this category. In fact, I’d venture to say the default puff strength is near-ideal for most users. Right out of the box, I enjoyed a tight, effortless vape, never once feeling like it was underpowered, or lacking in any area.


In temperature control, the Elite PS2170 was just as smooth. Those familiar with iJOY’s menu system and control scheme will instantly feel at home with the operations, but even TC newcomers will find the adjustments, temperature and resistance settings to be natural and intuitive.


The only hiccup I faced in TC Mode came from using the Elite with the iJOY Captain RTA (received here) – still one of my favorite rebuildable Tank atomizers nearly a year later. While nickel and stainless coils were read without concern, my usual titanium test coils continued to read well-below their actual resistance.


I was able to rectify this by using the TCR settings for titanium and experienced no further trouble. But this was a rare misstep for an otherwise seamless experience. I anticipate a quick firmware update will right the ship in no time.

Wrapping up, and Score…

When the iJOY Elite PS2170 first arrived on my desk, I didn’t think I’d find much use for a single-battery 100W device. Yet I’m using it right now at my desk, still amazed by how much I enjoy the simple controls, long-lasting battery life, and all-around convenience of this Mod Kit.


No, it’s not a cloud machine, and it’s not quite perfect under the hood. But the iJOY Elite PS2170 might just be one of the most portable, reliable, high-performing devices in my collection. A pleasant surprise, indeed.


iJOY Elite PS2170 Mod score: A

iJOY Captain Mini sub-ohm Tank score: A

Overall score: A

iJoy Elite PS2170 Kit Specs and Contents

iJOY Elite PS2170 Box Mod Specs:

  • Max Wattage: 100W
  • Size: 80.7x43x26.8 mm
  • Big fire button
  • Easy to release bottom battery door
  • No overhang with 25 mm Tanks
  • Battery type: 21700/20700/18650
  • Personalized design, with a unique experience
  • NI/TI/SS temperature control
  • TCR function
  • Unique Custom User Mode
  • Resistance Range: 0.05 ~ 3.0 Ohm
  • USB port charging support
  • Firmware Upgradeable


iJOY Captain Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:

  • Capacity 3.2 mL
  • Diameter 22.5 mm
  • Sliding top fill
  • Thread-Less Coil Head Design
  • Delrin Wide-bore Drip Tip
  • Unique Groove Chassis – Reduces Heat Transmission


iJOY Elite PS2170 single-battery box Mod Kit Contents:

  • 1x Elite PS2170 100 Box Mod
  • 1x Captain Mini Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1x 0.5 Ohm CA-M1 Coil Head
  • 1x 0.3 Ohm CA-M2 Coil Head
  • 1x iJoy 21700 3750mAh 40A Battery
  • 1x 18650 Battery Adapter
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Tool Pack
  • 1x Instructional Manual