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What Would Big Tobacco Do With eCigarettes?

Big Tobacco and eCigarettes Just Don't Mix Something has been bothering me lately about Big Tobacco’s foray into the electronic cigarette industry. For the past three [...]

vapingwith secretlocation
Vaping With Julia “In A Secret Location”

A Little Late Than Never What a week this was! But first, how was YOUR week? Seriously, I want to know. Come on, I tell you [...]

Vaping With Julia – The Feedback Imperative

Vaping With Julia – The First Week of February 7, 2013 The Feedback Imperative! Lots of very cool Vaping things happened this week my fellow Vapers. From [...]

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Special: Raise Awareness For Vaping Weekend

Vaping With Julia – Raise Vaping Awareness Weekend Begins NOW! Instead of the usual, and often boring, recap of my weekly vaping habits I’ve decided to [...]

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Hodge Podge – An Adventure in Vaping

Adventures In Vaping By the time I discovered the great vape from a bottom coil clearomizer, with a replaceable coilhead, I was neck deep in the fantastic STV Vivi [...]

nutinmuch feature
Vaping with Julia – Nutin’ Much

Vaping This Week Wow, another week that just seemed to ZOOM by my vaping universe! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Not a lot to write [...]

vapingjulia 18 feature
Vaping With Julia – 1/11-1/17: “Treat others the way you want…”

Have I got some cool stuff for you this week!  The last time I stopped to look around it was Sunday. Then, as if some mysterious [...]

vapingwithjulia411 feature
Vaping With Julia – January 5th – 10th, 2013

Another Vaping with Julia column! Well now, let’s see. Where was the last Vaping With Julia going?I was up until the wee hours last night and [...]

tweakingthevivi feature
Julia’s Vision STV Vivi Nova Tips

Vivi Nova Tips The other day in my weekly (whenever I can find the time) column, Vaping with Julia, I mentioned that I performed a few tweaks to maximize [...]

VapingwithJulia 1228 1313
Vaping With Julia – December 28th – January 3rd – 2013

Vaping with Julia Boy has this been a busy and lightening-fast week! I can’t believe the time went by as fast as it did. Has it really been [...]

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FDA Regulations on eCigarettes – Public Hearing

FDA Regulations on  eCigarettes are discussed by our Spinfuel opinion writer Julia Barnes On Monday, December 17th, the FDA held a public hearing on nicotine replacement therapies and smoking [...]

Vaping … My Week in by Julia Barnes

Vaping With Julia I’m going to try my hand at a weekly column. I'm calling it Vaping with Julia , I don’t know if this is [...]

Why Vaping Products Make The Perfect Gift This Season

Christmas is a Great Time to Buy Vape Gear or Eliquids VAPING PRODUCTS! - Our first year of publication has taught me many things, among them [...]

normalizingsmoking feature
Normalize Smoking? Really, That’s What You’re Worried About?

Normalize Smoking? By the frustrated Julia Barnes I don’t know about you but all this recent crap about how concerned these anti-smoking zealots are that the continued [...]

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Electronic Cigarettes Mea Culpa? Partly…yes

Spinfuel eMagazine has recently gone through an internal struggle. That struggle has since been resolved and we have made certain decisions about our Mission Statement [...]