Unfair Threat to the Selling E-Cigarettes - Another One?
An Unfair and Ugly Threat of the Selling E-Cigarettes Online

Even without the god-awful flavor ban, affecting many states here in the US, regulations drove so many retailers and manufacturers out of business. It's like there are a certain number of people that will always see simple e-liquids, atomizers and mods, as a threat of some kind, while millions continue to die globally by smoking cigarettes. You [...]

Politics of Vaping and the Fall of the Free World

Politics of Vaping and the Fall of the Free World - Right down to the core of my being I know, I KNOW, these are the last days of modern civilization. “The end is nigh”. That sentence has been spoken generation after generation, after generation... and yet the disastrous end was always kept at bay. [...]

Vaping with Julia – 5 E-Liquid Flavors I’ve been Crazy for
Vaping with Julia – 5 E-Liquid Flavors Reviewed

Because I’ve been vaping for 8 years now, I’ve pretty much settled into a select few e-liquid flavors I buy over and over again. Certain brands and certain flavors that I trust, that have stayed the same as to their flavor and vapor consistency, sit in abundance in Kiera’s and my e-Juice Cabinet. But, truth [...]

Vaping with Julia – The Case of the Mango Milk
Mango Milk eJuice – Vaping with Julia

The first time I vaped an eJuice that contained mango fruit flavoring I hated it. Generally speaking, the first time I try anything new that is somewhat exotic, I sort of hate it… probably because it’s so foreign to my tastebuds. Anyway, that was 5 years ago from a now defunct eliquid brand based out [...]

Vaping with Julia – G2 Vapor and the Drunk Monkey
Vaping with Julia – G2 Vapor and the Drunk Monkey

A question to long-time Vapers; do you have an e-liquid or two that has been in your constant rotation since you began vaping? Well, I do. I have a few actually. The one I want to tell you about was originally reviewed way back on April 7th, 2014 … more than 4 YEARS ago! It’s [...]

Vaping with Julia – Vape-Box Resa Stick H-PRIV 2
Vaping with Julia – Vape-Box, Resa Stick, H-PRIV 2

Wow, looking back through the years here at Spinfuel VAPE, I noticed it’s been a long time since I last wrote an official “Vaping with Julia” column. I guess with the electronic cigarette market expanding exponentially for the past couple of years (at least) there has been just too many reviews to write to take [...]

SMOKTech Is Killin’ It, Is It Wrong to Say That? - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOKTech Is Killin’ It, Is It Wrong to Say That?

SMOKTech Is Killin’ It, is it wrong to say that? As a reviewer/commentator for an online magazine dedicated to disseminating ‘as near to ‘objective’ truth as possible’ on new vape gear and eliquids, is it wrong to single out a manufacturer that continues to impress me repeatedly? Is this bias on my part, or does [...]

Aesthetics of Vaping Part 2 The Golden Rainbow Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Aesthetics of Vaping Part 2 The Golden Rainbow My last column on vaping aesthetics has been the most read column I’ve written in 5+ years. When Dave showed me the number I was shocked. Happy, yes, but shocked as well. I had no idea that there were so many other vapers out there that are interested [...]

The New Box Mod Aesthetics of Vaping in 2017 Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Box Mod and Atomizer Aesthetics in 2017

How New Design Thinking Is Changing the Vaping Landscape Among the latest flurry of new vape products (mainly the box mod and atomizer segment) finding their way to the vape community we’ve noticed a sizeable shift in the number of devices that have appropriate radical design changes when compared to devices introduced in the past. It seems [...]

The Evil of Regulated Profit ? Julia Hartley-Barnes Spinfuel eMagazine
FDA Motivated by Power and Profit

Does It Even Matter If Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe?  Not really, no.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes, is a bona-a-fide success story for millions of former smokers all over the world. They are a very popular alternative to smoking tobacco products, aka analog cigarettes. (in Vape-Speak) And soon, what's left in the wake of [...]

FDA Vaping Kills – Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1
Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1

FDA Kills – Harmless Vapor Becomes Enemy #1 While our publisher prepares his response to the FDA’s action against every vaper in the America, I’ve decided to put out my own thoughts on the matter. – Julia Hartley-Barnes. It took 2 years for the hammer to strike its blow, but the thoroughly corrupt Food and Drug Administration [...]

Counterfeit 18650 Batteries Are Everywhere Are you using bad fake 18650’s or good fake 18650’s? – Spinfuel eMagazine – Knowledge Base 2016
Counterfeit 18650 Batteries Are Everywhere

The Ever Expanding Counterfeit 18650 Battery Market Are you using bad fake 18650’s or good fake 18650’s? There is no such thing as a ‘definitive’ article on avoiding counterfeit 18650 batteries. Hell, there is no definitive article on what to look for, much less how to avoid them. Sadly, there is too much money involved in fake [...]

China Bans e-Cig Exports
Operation “Puff Not” Bans E-Cig Exports

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016 Yes, the words written below was an April Fools Prank - Please read about why it was done here. The End of the Electronic Cigarette Industry is Here China Bans ALL E-Cig Exports while we slept. China has made a bold move against all electronic cigarette manufacturers and their customers by recent bans [...]

Sub-Ohm Tanks - Is There A Limit? A Vaping with Julia Column
Sub-Ohm Tanks – Is There A Limit?

Sub-Ohm Tanks - Vaping with Julia Column Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed more reviews for sub-ohm tanks than usual. So far, all the sub-ohm tanks have received excellent grades for flavor and vapor production, but are they worthy of your hard earned cash? The question above is something I’ve been struggling with [...]

Ashtray Blog Excerpt – The Future of Vaping

Julia’s 2016 Predictions In The Ashtray Blog Each year The Ashtray Blog, a treasure trove for the vape community based in the UK, invites the top vape-bloggers to give testimony for what they believe the new year brings with regards to the electronic cigarette industry. It is always informative to see what other YouTube video reviewers [...]