Vaping With Julia – Raise Vaping Awareness Weekend Begins NOW!

Instead of the usual, and often boring, recap of my weekly vaping habits I’ve decided to use today’s Vaping with Julia column to announce the new program Spinfuel is launching today. I hope beyond hope that we can get many of you on board as we undertake the new “Raise Vaping Awareness Weekend”.


“Raise Vaping Awareness” began as an idea stemming from a terrific Altoid Tin PV maker who goes by the name NorCalVapes (see review). Earlier this week he tweeted me with his desire to “trend” on twitter the phrase “#vapecommunity”. If we could get #Vapecommunity to trend it has the chance to go viral and spread to millions of people all over the world who might never had heard of vaping. With so much at stake here in the US and elsewhere (especially our friends in the UK), raising awareness is something that has become vitally important. So we jumped in.

I’m not sure if we every did get #vapecommunity to trend or not, so we decided to spend every weekend until the FDA releases their proposed regulations so that the twitter-verse and the FaceBook community will know that Vaping is important to millions of people, and it has the potential to be the most successful tool ever to fight tobacco illness and early death.

Raise Vaping Awareness Weekend(s)

Beginning today, all of the tweets coming out of every Twitter account associated with Spinfuel with either mention vaping awareness or use the hashtag #vapingcommunity. We want YOU to do the same. All weekend long, and next weekend, and the weekend after that. Let’s make sure those that can, on a whim, take our vaping away hear our voice.

What you can do

If you tweet, use the hashtag #vapecommunity at the end of every tweet, even if your tweet is a non-vaping tweet. The more its out there the more likely it is to start trending. If it begins to trend it will begin to grow exponentially. Suddenly, and with a little hard work and luck, the entire world will take notice and realize there is a larger number of vapers than they ever realized.

If you have a Facebook page use #vapecommunity in your profile to let others know that you vape. Don’t allow the anti-smoking crowds make you feel ashamed of your vaping. Write a few vaping posts on your Facebook page this weekend, and every weekend. Promote your favorite Vaping stops on the Internet, in your hometown, anywhere and everywhere. Link their websites to your FaceBook page to get people talking about it.

The more non-vapers are exposed to the realization that vaping is growing faster than any other segment of our economy the more they will realize how important it is for creating jobs, reducing illness and time loss at work, and how for every new Vaper there is one less smoker to worry about.

Start today. Start now. Spinfuel’s Raise Awareness for Vaping is the least we can do to help our community. The time to debate is over, the FDA has heard the testimony, and will make its decisions soon. Make yourself heard, help others be heard. Trend on Twitter; let your Facebook page stand for something. Be proud! Stand Firm! Vape Away!

If you decide to tweet #vapecommunity this weekend, (which includes today you know) and you want to share your favorite tweets, post them below. By posting them below they will be search, indexed, and posted throughout Google, yahoo and Bing for eternity.

Next week I’ll be back with the results of our first weekend for raising awareness, along with lots of cool, behind the scenes look at 3 eLiquid reviews we’ve been busy with for the past 10 days. It’s been a great week in eLiquids, despite our bookkeeper’s rage-a-holic week.

Till next time,