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Another Vaping with Julia column!

Well now, let’s see. Where was the last Vaping With Julia going?I was up until the wee hours last night and this morning working with Dave and Jason on the Spinfuel Newsletter, putting the final touches to it. It just went out about 20 minutes ago. I got my copy in the mail and it looked pretty good, except we goofed up a couple of words and the link to John’s Spaghetti Sauce Recipe (a top secret recipe for more than 25 years!) didn’t work. Damn!

After 30 hours of work on the first issue and its still not perfect! Plus, we had only 438 subscribers, not the 5000 I was hoping for. Anybody have any ideas about how to promote this thing I sure would love to hear about it. Post your suggestions in the comments section below or email me. Come on, help a gal out here!

On Tuesday we published our review for the new flavor from Johnson Creek. Called, “Vanda”, (review) this PG-free Smoke Juice is utterly amazing! I so loved it I had to place an order the same day it was announced. I really love vanilla vapes, especially from Ginger’s eJuiceFanceeJuiceVirgin Vapor, and Mountain Oak Vapors, and Johnson Creek’s Vanda is right up there with the best of them. In fact, the only vanilla flavor I could vape all day, before Vanda, was FanceeJuice French Vanilla (the others are awesome, but more of a specialty, desert vape)…now I can add Vanda to my all day vapes. If you haven’t ordered a bottle yet you really should. And hey, you know I’m telling you the truth because Johnson Creek doesn’t even advertise with us and they don’t send us free stuff all the time. I don’t work that way and neither does anyone else at Spinfuel. My love of Vanda is real, every bit as real as any other review I, or anyone else here, has written or will write in the future. The Truth will set you Free!

Some of the other flavors I’ve been vaping this week (the Vanda didn’t last long divided by 7 people!) are Ginger’s eJuice “Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie”, and “Blueberry Streusel”, FanceeJuice’s “Pepnilla” (a vanilla-peppermint that is soooo good), and “Cirrus” (the only menthol-like vape I like). I am looking forward to reviewing (vaping) some other FanceeJuice soon, especially their “Sin a Min”, a cinnamon vape that is supposed to be excellent. And I’ve also been vaping what is left of Hurricane Vapor’s “Florida Sunshine Tobacco”. This is a terrific tobacco vape for the times when you think you want a cigarette. Ugh! I sometimes think of this flavor as “having a smoke”.

Speaking of Hurricane Vapor, we heard from Christian about their delayed launch. Believe me, this is just a hiccup, they are launching. I can speak from experience here; when a major investor pulls out or other financial shit happens it is devastating.

I was a major part of XtremeCamera, Spinfuel’s most expensive project ever. Back in 2002, before the bubble of photo sharing sites was around, XtremeCamera was John’s attempt at building a state-of-the-art photo site for professional photographers. Making a long story short, three developers “took” Spinfuel Inc. for more than $20,000 (they just cashed the checked and never wrote a line of code), and one of John’s closest friends, a brilliant coder that works in every language there is, did build the site for more than $10,000 and several computers, but took 3 years longer than he said it would. God what an awful time that was. Anyway, it did get built, we did manage to gather up more than 12,000 paying members in the height of the XtremeCamera “life”, but then other shit happened and it was ultimately shut down. We are considering a rebranding of the code (we do own the code and John is now as good as anybody when it comes to writing PHP), so we might find a way to tie it into Spinfuel’s Vaping projects. Maybe. Anyway, I know how bad things can get and I also know that Hurricane Vapor has a great product, a great name, a great marketing plan, and once they work out the problems they will become a force to be reckoned with.

I got a hold of some Vivi Nova’s that I thought I would like, but as it turns out I just don’t. These guys a little smaller than the STV Vivi’s  (review) and they don’t have any windows cut out of the metal covers. They vape “okay” but without a window to check the level of eLiquid I’ve gotten a few nasty burn vapes and that isn’t good for atomizers or the wicks attached to the atomizers. The colors are nice, but I much prefer the STV version with the two window cutouts.

I’ll tell you what though, the Kanger T-3’s (from MyVaporStore naturally) have taken Spinfuel by storm. These guys, they can vape! We love the damned things and plan on getting more, a lot more. They are mainly used on eGo-style batteries though you can get an adapter and use them on something like the eVic or Lambo or ZMAX. I haven’t yet, but I do use them on the Tornado Twist I have and those gorgeous blood-red Twists from Joye that I got from MyFreedomSmokes. John, Jason, Tom and Keira are using them on the new Spinners (see review here) and they love them.


So, about that ProVari that John wanted. That light blue ProVari? He didn’t get one for Christmas, but Smoken Joey got him an eVic (review), so he’s happy for now. He does own a ProVari mini in Black (review) that he uses a lot anyway. But now I think I want a ProVari, in Purple. ProVape has some purple ones with slight blemishes (they call them ‘Blems’) for $140 and I am seriously thinking of blowing that much money for one. While I do have plenty of hardware I’ve never owned a ProVari and I think I would like one. I’ve used John’s black mini and they work great. So… I’m considering it. Thoughts?

Do you guys know about our newest Spinfuel Staffer, Matt Wagner? He is the Admin of the forums (have you joined the forum yet? If you do join you are automatically signed up for the newsletter so, ya know, two birds, one stone?). Matt is also a “gearhead” of the vapeworld. He knows his way around all the engineering aspects of vaping, a position Spinfuel sorely needed to fill. In addition to his Admin duties he is also our newest writer. Check out his piece on RBA’s. We sent him a bunch of hi-end RBA’s and he’s going to show us all, including you guys, the in’s and out’s of working with rebuildable atomizers. I can’t wait. I want to start wrapping my own coils.

Speaking of wrapping coils (lol, good segue) we all were given our own multi-meters this week. They aren’t actual Fluke’s but they do work. They cost all of $10 on eBay. Strangely there are several videos on YouTube about using them with ecigarettes. Cool! Check one below.