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Affordable Tank System That Delivers Flavor & Vapor

Mini ViVi Nova Tank System

For $12.99 atMyVaporStore, the mini ViVi Nova Tank System provides an incredible vaping experience for the price of an average DCT or Clearomizer. I was mightily impressed with the performance of this tank system and I highly recommend it. MyVaporStore (the vendor who so graciously sent this over) offers a wide variety of hardware and accessories, and the mini ViVi Nova is just one of many great buys.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Vision and their Nova tank systems for a while now but until MyVaporStore was kind enough to send one our way I’d yet to try one. Now that I have, well, I expect to keep several of them on hand at all times.

What I expect in any tank system is easy assembly and disassembly, no leaking, large capacity, and high performance, meaning a great throat hit without being “harsh”, and tons of vapor production without having to drag on it for 10 seconds or more, and of course, true flavor fidelity.

When we received the Mini ViVi Nova I had the pleasure of performing the “unboxing” ceremony. Unboxing it revealed a finely crafted tank system laid out in a rectangular box somewhat smaller than a deck of cards, and inside were the actual pieces of the ViVi Nova laid out in their own cutout inserts in the box. It looked impressive, and certainly more expensive then the $12.99 price tag.

What you get:

1- 2+ml Transparent Tank tube

1- ViVi Nova Tank Base

1- 1.8ohm Coil Head

1- 2.4ohm Coil Head

1- 2.8ohm Coil head

1- Black Drip Tip

What makes the ViVi Nova Tank System a great value are the 3 different head coils (atomizers) that come in 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohms. Each one provides a unique vaping experience, they all produce a nice warm vapor, and once you get to know your ViVi Nova and how it works with your favorite eJuice you’ll find out which particular head coil works best. Just like a Variable Voltage device can help you find the “sweet spot” in voltage, a tank system that allows for the use of variable atomizer heads can further define that sweet spot.

The “main” part of the system is a 2ML+ plastic tube with metal rings at the top and bottom. The bottom side has the 510-thread screw that fits into nearly any 510-thread battery (looks fantastic on any eGo battery), and the top ring had the black drip tip. The Nova comes with the 2.4ohm head coil (atomizer) in place and ready to go, while the other two coils, 1.8ohm and 2.8ohm coil heads were set into their own individual cutouts. (MyVaporStore sells replacement head coils for just $2.99 each, in either of the 3 individual ohms)

Using different coil heads is a snap. Unscrew the bottom metal ring, pull out the assembly, unscrew the small atomizer that sits atop the stem that reaches the top of upper part of the tank, screw on another head coil, slip the assembly into the tank, tighten the metal ring and off you go. At first it looks a little intimidating for new vapers, but as soon as you unscrew the metal ring the whole thing falls into place and you instinctively know what to do.

The Mini ViVi Tank is as easy to clean as it is to replace the coil head (atomizer). It comes apart easily, allowing you to replace any worn out or broken parts with a snap.


Because the ViVi Nova Tank System uses a long “wick” the powerful atomizer is able to vaporize the juice cleaner, and faster, producing a ton of warm vapor. The 1.8ohm in particular provides a great throat hit and more vapor than you can get with a tank system that uses the normal pre-punched cartomizer. Naturally, your variable voltage battery helps.

How To Use:

  1. Remove the top metal cap.
  2. Drip e-liquid in to the tube, or use a syringe and flexi-needle to fill.
  3. Fill up just under the atomizer head coil.
  4. Put top metal cap back on.
  5. Attach to your favorite 510-compatible battery.
  6. Enjoy!

Bottom Line

Vision has come out with some terrific tank systems and the mini ViVi Nova is one of the best I’ve used in the past few months. I had zero leaking the entire time I used it (I’m still using it), and I’ve had a ball discovering various eJuice “sweet spots” of different eliquids with it. While some of my favorite eJuice pops nicely with a 1.8ohm coil at 4.1v others do so at the higher resistance of a 2.4 and 2.8 ohm coil at varying voltage setting. The fun is in discovering what works for you and what doesn’t. I’m now experimenting with a ProVari and the ViVi Nova, looking for that ultimate sweet spot for each of the different ohms available.

Clearly the options available to you by using a tank system that allows for different coils in the atomizer, and thereby leaving the cartomizer out of the equation gives you a much different experience over using a low resistance, or standard resistance cartomizer surrounded by a glass or plastic tube. It’s a completely different vaping experience and once you use one it’s hard to go back to a basic DCT.


While researching the specs for the Mini ViVi Nova Tank over at MyVaporStore we were very impressed with the wide selection of hardware they offer and the pricing is among the best we’ve seen. We hope to able to bring you more up close looks as well as full-blown reviews for many of the things MyVaporStore offers. They look like good people.

John Manzione