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Totally Wicked e Liquid Review

A review by Jason Little

I’ve been waiting patiently for Totally Wicked e Liquid (Totally Wicked eLiquid or, just TW) to stock an eGo Twist in the US. Sure, I could have picked up one just about anywhere, but I know that since I’ve been a steady customer with TW that I am always getting a great price and even greater customer service, and a few custom features you won’t find anywhere else. So I waited. And now I wait no longer.

Totally Wicked just knows the eCigarette business upside down and when they decide to put their brand on something you just know they’ve tested it every which way from Sunday, and they’ve made sure that it’s as feature-rich as it can be. I’ve had this new Tornado eGo-C Twist for more than a week now and just as I figured it would be, it’s been a great piece of hardware. I’ve used it exclusively since I got it, even during our upcoming eJuice reviews.

Totally Wicked e Liquid stocks the Tornado eGo-C Twist Compact Kit (1000mAh battery) for just $37.49, and it comes with some very interesting and useful features. Now, true, it comes with a single battery, but with the features of this kit, and the fact that I can pick up a spare eGo-C Twist battery from them for just $26 (which I’m going to do) the price is still a great deal. And it is, after all, a Compact Kit.

Variable Voltage

I’ve used eGo type batteries forever, or it seems anyway. I’ve tried them all, and for the most part I enjoyed them all. But, variable voltage is all the rage these days and now it’s in the eGo form, and that’s a major game-changer for those that like eGo-style vaping, as I do. Variable Voltage allows you to choose how many volts you want to send to the atomizer/cartridge and when you’re vaping many kinds of eJuice that’s almost a necessity. Heck, even if you vape a single eJuice flavor and brand variable voltage allows you to “pump up the volume” whenever you need a power vape.

Nearly all eJuice requires more than 3.7 or 3.8 volts that a normal mini-eCig battery delivers and some seem to really shine with more power. Most of the time, 4.0 to 4.2 is the sweet spot for many of the eJuice brands and flavors that I use, making the TW Twist perfect for my vaping needs. Of course, certain atomizers also shine at higher or lower voltage as well, but since I’m happy with the unique atomizer setup that came with the TW Tornado eGo-C Twist it’s more about the eJuice for me then anything else.

The TW Tornado eGo C Twist has been modified to deliver a wide range of volts, from a nice and easy 3.2V to a powerful 4.8V. At 4.8V you’re talking the equivalent power of pushing a nice size DCT with some thick eJuice in a huge battery setup.

Totally Wicked e Liquid Tornado eGo-C Twist Review Spinfuel

During the past week I’ve only had the unit up to 4.8V once, and it was a bit much for the eJuice I had on hand. But, hey, it’s there if you need it and there will be plenty of veteran vapers out there using the 4.8V setting and getting a wicked amount of flavor and vapor no matter what eJuice they’re pushing through it.

To adjust the voltage it’s a simple matter of dialing it in at the ‘fat’ end of the battery. Simply turn the dial to the desired voltage and you’re done. Can it get easier than that? I don’t think so, but I can suggest that until you get to know your Twist and the eJuices you regularly use you should experiment to find your own “sweet” spots.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the TW Twist uses something called a ‘Buck-Boost’ converter (Look it up on Wikipedia!). This allows you to make 0.2V increments as easy as spinning the dial.

If you want to find out more about Variable Voltage I highly recommend this page over at Totally Wicked; It helped me understand the nuances of volts and wattage and how they can change your vaping experience big time.

The TW Tornado eGo-C Twist Atomizer

One of things that I really like about this Tornado eGo-C is the atomizer and cone relationship. The atomizer is not a permanent part of the cone. When your atomizer gets beyond ‘functioning well enough’ (i.e. crapping out) to provide a great vape you can easily replace “just” the tiny atomizer, no need to spring for the entire atomizer and cone. It’s easy to pop out and replace too, making the whole thing foolproof.

You can pick up a pack of 5 atomizers, in 3 variations, at TW for $22.49. That’s less than $5 per atomizer, instead of spending $15-20 for a complete atomizer and cone setup.

Cartridge – The TW Tornado eGo C Twist comes with cartridges that are sans any filler material. That means you get cleaner, and truer flavor from your eJuice over cartridges that are jammed with filler mesh stuff. In addition, you get better capacity over a cartridge stuffed with filler.

Why the eGo C Twist

Unlike some other eGo C batteries, the TW Tornado eGo C features Short Circuit Protection, Atomizer Protection, and Low Voltage Protection. In a nutshell, in the case of a battery short circuit the TW Tornado will shut down completely, if you continue to hold the button down for more than 10 seconds the battery will lock up until you let go and press it again, and if the battery voltage drops below 3.3V the battery will shut down.

Some Cool Features

The TW Tornado Twist features a 5-button on/off mechanism so plopping it in your briefcase, computer bag, pocket or purse it won’t fire up unless you turn it on.  It’s also 510-compatible so if for any reason you have some 510 cartomizers hanging around, maybe some prefilled cartos from your early days of vaping, you can screw one on, twist the dial up to 4.0 or 4.2 and vape the heck out of them.

The eGo C Twist from Totally Wicked sports a 1000mAh battery so its going to last quite a while between charges. In all honesty, I thought I must have been vaping a lot less than usual because I never naturally ran out of power. I recharged it at the end of the night anyway, just to be sure I was charged up for the next day, but I never experienced one of those “Damn, out of power!” moments. With the variable voltage feature and the 1000mAh power the eGo C winds up being longer than a 650mAh eGo by quite a bit. Still, it’s slim and lightweight and it lasts forever (figuratively speaking).

Before I get to the package contents of this inexpensive but “oh-so-cool” eGo C Twist kit, here’s a couple of suggestions for getting up and running with your Totally Wicked Tornado Twist;

  1. Charge your battery before you use it. Sure, it comes with a substantial charge already, but why not start off right and charge it up, making sure to take advantage of all the lithium goodness?
  2. When vaping a new juice start off at the lowest voltage and work up until you find the sweet spot. In fact, once you get to where you think the sweet spot is, go up a notch just to be sure. Then you can back down, make a note (mental on your computer or actual paper) until you got it down pat. Most of the eJuice I’m using today vapes wonderfully well at 4.2 and 4.4. (I think I already mentioned that)


The battery is 3.7V lithium with a modified buck-boost technology allowing for 3.2 to 4.8 volts with 0.2 increments. At 1000mAh you can expect in excess of 6 full hours of vaping, surely enough to give even the most voracious Vaper a huge headache.  (Kidding!)

Compatibility ranges from the standard resistance 510 cartomizer, the 510-T, eGo, eGo-T and eGo-C cartridges and cartos. I used the 510 cartos from various vendors and experienced no problems or issues. In fact, I had a few prefilled 510’s here and got better performance than I ever could using the mini-eCig batteries that came with the cartos.

For the amazing price of $37.49 ($49.99 regular price) you get all this:

  • 1 x Tornado eGo-C Mega Twist 1000mAh battery
  • 1 x Tornado eGo-C atomizer body
  • 2 x Atomizer head units in blister packaging
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 3 x Empty refillable tank cartridges
  • 1 x 10ml Bottle of 18mg Titan Fluid available in Tobacco or Menthol flavor
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Any negatives? – In a word, no. BUT… and this may be just me, because you certainly can’t find fault with the price. Having said that, I don’t like buying ANY eCig kit that has a single battery, not even an eGo-type battery. So, while I’m loving the eGo C Twist and all its glorious variable voltage goodness, buying an additional battery, which is certainly affordable at $25, is something I highly recommend. Although the 1000mAh battery is going to last a very long time it’s still nice knowing you have a fully charged backup, just in case. I’d like to see Totally Wicked put together a 2-battery kit and perhaps shave a bit off that $25 charge.

You can expect the atomizer to last a good 3-5 weeks, even with heavy vaping if you apply just a modicum of care to it. The kit comes with 2 atomizers; you might want to pick up a pack of 5 because 6-10 weeks can go by pretty fast.

The Totally Wicked Tornado eGo C Twist Compact Kit is certainly meant to be a “compact” kit, which I translate as an “Introductory” kit. Once you have it, once you’ve used it and experienced the awesomeness that is Variable Voltage with an eGo style battery you’re going to want to outfit a good sized kit. That means having the extra battery, a few more atomizers, some additional empty cartridges, and let’s face it, an extra ‘cone’ as well. These things can certainly come later, but you’ll want to do it. How do I know? As an eGo fan and a variable voltage fan, I’ve found a wicked vaping kit with Totally Wicked’s Tornado eGo-C Twist. All I can think about lately is fattening my “kit” with enough supplies so that if we get another hurricane scare I’ll be ready.

Oh, and did I mention my TW Tornado eGo C Twist is “Pink”? No? Well, it is. Wanna fight about it?

Jason Little