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Normalize Smoking?

By the frustrated Julia Barnes

Normalize Smoking? That's the problem?I don’t know about you but all this recent crap about how concerned these anti-smoking zealots are that the continued growth of eCigarettes they (eCigarettes) will normalize smoking and give kids the idea that its cool to smoke again.

Because the science behind electronic ecigarettes won’t provide any proof (because there isn’t any) that vaping is bad for you the zealots are now screaming that vaping will lead to smoking because vaping looks too much like smoking. I suppose that when all else fails, go to farthest corner of crazy and start throwing your feces at the opposition and hope something sticks. We all know what’s going to stick, but will it work?

Will Vaping Normalize Smoking? Should We Care?

Maybe it will. The real question, it seems to me, is why we allowed smoking to be so vilified in the first place. Sure, smoking cigarettes is a bad idea; it can cause cancer and heart diseases in some people, and second-hand is, at the very least, disgusting when you yourself are a non-smoker. But it goes deeper than that I think. I believe the vilification of smoking cigarettes should never have happened in the first place and is only being played over the desperation of losing this crisis in the same way Al Gore and his ilk are beginning to see the end of all this made-made global warming nonsense.

Teach Don’t Scare

I believe it’s a good idea to teach young kids about the dangers of smoking tobacco, and I think that if you don’t want your kids to smoke then you shouldn’t smoke either, that’s the BEST way to get kids not to smoke. I think each and every one of you that come to vaping from being a smoker had at least one parent that smoked. That’s what the data shows, that’s my personal experience, and it’s the experience of every smoker I know shows. In fact, I’ve never met a smoker who didn’t have a parent or two that smoked. I’m sure it happens, but it’s rare.

Why Do We Always Go Too Far

Doesn’t it feel like everybody and every thing has gone too extreme over the past decade? Suddenly every ‘cause’ is vital, critical, a ‘must fix now!’ situation. This includes the anti-smoking people. Why is it so vital that society never again ‘normalize’ smoking? What’s the big deal? What would happen if half the population took up vaping? Nothing. Nothing would happen. No more cancer than before, no jump in heart disease, so why the hysteria?

Here’s Why

I call it the Al Gore Syndrome. Al Gore is known as the man who single-handedly alerted the world about Global Warming (he didn’t, nor did he invent the internet), and made half a billion dollars by doing so. (It’s now called Climate Change because there is no global warming). He has created a movie that has been widely criticized as lies, hysterical condemnations, and exploitative, and yet shown in schools all over the world as fact. And no matter what proof comes out to show Gore to be wrong, and more than a little crazy, he keeps it up. He gets crazier and crazier, all the while getting richer and richer. But he has blazed a new trail for other crazies and they have learned that the lunatic fringe is what it takes to get your message out.

So, in order to keep up the War on Smoking the anti-smoking zealots, without any science on their side, had to find a new, more alarming tactic, and it is this: “if you vape you are contributing to a new generation of smokers. Because they see you vaping your electronic cigarettes they will really believe you are smoking cigarettes and the more people they see vaping the more normal it looks to smoke cigarettes.  So we have to ban eCigarettes before kids get whiff of it and begin to think its okay to smoke tobacco”.

It makes so little sense that I just shake my head and wonder what the hell happened to the sanity of the world. And, being the person that I am, one who bucks the system whenever I can, I started vaping in public more than ever just as I began hearing this normalization BS.

It’s an idiotic idea put forth by idiotic idiots that have nothing better to do than to create a crisis where one doesn’t belong. There is enough crazy in the world as it is so the next time someone mentions that you are normalizing smoking by your vaping why don’t you just continue vaping and mutter “I hope so”. That will really drive them nuts.


Whew! I feel better.

Julia Barnes