Delta Extrax
Earths Bounty EJuice

Tom McBride And The Heimdall Clone Foreword There are many reasons for not to wanting to review, or even own, any type of clone in the electronic [...]

longhorn review
Longhorn Vapor Co – A Review

Two eLiquids, a mod, and a coil building kit walk into a bar... During Smokenjoey and I’s weekend in Springfield MA for the VCCNE I discovered [...]

julia zmaxv5sigelei
Sigelei Zmax v5 Telescopic Review

Vaping with Julia – Sigelei Zmax v5 Julia Tests Her Loyalty “I’m not sure if I’m the best choice to review the Sigelei Zmax since I own [...]

Matrix3Review Slide1
GS Matrix 3 Mechanical Mod Review

The Matrix v3 Mech-Mod Introduction In the three plus years that I have been vaping, I have never once made it a secret that I prefer advanced [...]

Vaporett Smok Galileo
SMOK Galileo Review

SMOK Galileo Mechanical Mod - $49.99 Mechanical Mods are meant for experienced Vapers. Unless you have a specific need for a purely mechanical PV you [...]

ModPowerkit review slide
Mod Powerkit Review

The first new product to hit the vape community for 2014 is here. It’s the “mod powerkit”, a radical new approach to the electronic cigarette [...]

coolfire1 slide
The Innokin Cool Fire 1 A Mechanical Mod With A Difference

Innokin Cool Fire 1 Once I read Tom McBride’s piece on wattage vs. voltage I instantly understood not only the differences between the two, especially the [...]

Sigelei24 slide
The Sigelei #24 Mechanical Mod Review

The Sigelei #24 The Sigelei was my very first mechanical mod. I decided to leave the comfort and reliability of my Innokin iTaste MVP v1 and [...]

grandvapor slide
Grand Vapor Private V2 Review

Introduction I must admit, a few short months ago I never really understood the draw of a mechanical mod. Especially when you get to the ‘high-end’ [...]

YOUDE UDT V10 – A Review

Introduction When it comes to vaping I tend to lump my hardware devices into categories. My all time favorites are Advanced Personal Vaporizers or APV's for [...]

magneto brass slide
Magento in Brass by SMOK

I have to confess to being really excited about this review. I've wanted to get my hands on a SMOKTech Magneto ever since the first [...]

ZMAX (MINI) Review by Julia Hartley-Barnes

A VV/VW e Cigarette Review When I tell people that I collect ZMAX e-cigarettes, if they know the name and they’ve seen them, I sometimes get [...]

vaperev nemesis slide
Atmomixani + VapeRev = Nemesis VapeRev Edition

VapeRev/Atmomixani Nemesis - $200 (USD) "A superb stainless steel and brass fully mechanical e-cigarette. Art and Function Personified" - Spinfuel eMagazine - Julia Hartley-Barnes For the [...]

kamry101 slide
The Kamry K101 Telescopic Mech-Mod Review

The Kamry K101 Review A straight up mechanical mod has no electronics to fail, no circuit boards, and can fire any cartomizer, clearomizer, or tank that [...]

magneto review slide
SmokTech Magneto Mech-Mod Review

 I have always had a soft spot for completely mechanical mods. Their simplicity, their toughness, and their simplicity (wait, I said that already) are an [...]