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The Sigelei #24

The Sigelei was my very first mechanical mod. I decided to leave the comfort and reliability of my Innokin iTaste MVP v1 and take a leap of faith into the mysterious mechanical mod vaping arena. I figured the Sigelei brand would be a good start. So, off I went to Sigelei‘s main website   and I was overwhelmed with how many products they offer.

Naming Conventions

Instead of giving each mechanical mod they make a fancy name, Sigelei simply numbers them. The Sigelei mechanical mod that I am reviewing today is the Sigelei #24. This particular mechanical mod is very different from all their other mods. The Sigelei #24 has a side-firing button instead of the traditional bottom button, includes a “D ring”, and also comes with an airflow control top.

Fortunately, the Sigelei #24 was on sale at an online vendor I’ve used before. The Sigelei #24 retails for about $30 before shipping. I thought that the price was low enough to give risk it. I was somewhat intimidated by all the other mechanical mods that were selling for $150 and up. I did not want to buy something really expensive my first time out, just in case the mechanical mod was not for me.

The Sigelei #24 Includes:

  • Sigelei #24 stainless steel outer body
  • Stainless steel inner telescopic tube
  • Bottom spring cap
  • Air Control top cap
  • Side firing button body
  • D locking ring
  • Clip
  • Other:
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • 510 only threading
  • Battery: 18350, 18500, 18650
  • Vent holes: Yes (at the bottom)
  • 24k gold plated spring

Real World Usage

The overall feel of the Sigelei #24 is really solid. I have not seen anyone else with a Sigelei #24 so it is always a conversation starter when I am with other fellow Vapers. Since I use my iTaste MVP most of the time, using my thumb to fire the side-firing button on the Sigelei #24 felt natural. However, other Vapers who use the more traditional bottom-firing mechanical mods may find it a bit awkward at first. The flat stainless steel finish of the Sigelei #24 is very sleek, even sexy. I hate cleaning fingerprints off my touch screen phone, so the flat/matte finish on this mechanical mod is a huge plus.The Sigelei #24 Mechanical Mod Review


With so many different battery sizes out there (18650, 18500, 18350, and so on), I wanted my first mechanical mod to be able to handle as many as possible. The Sigelei #24 is a telescopic mod and can be adjusted to take any of the 3 most popular sizes. The smallest battery the mechanical mod can take is the 18350. This is my favorite setup since the mechanical mod is so small and can fit in my hand easily. The 18350 may not be as long lasting as the larger ones, but it’s enough for my needs, especially with the added bonus of the small footprint.

Since this Sigelei #24 is telescopic, it can also use a ‘Kick’ without any issues. I was able to fit my Sigelei Clone Kick with an 18350 (flat or button top) battery just fine. The Kick bumps the smallest height into an 18500 range, which is still plenty short.


The Sigelei #24 comes with a “D ring” and a clip. The D-Ring is a circular ring that slides over the entire mechanical mod and covers the firing button. The ring makes the button flush so as to prevent any accidental firing. This was something that I have not seen before with any other mechanical mods I’ve looked into. The D-Ring can be attached to a clip and can be clipped onto your belt or bag. Although the idea sounds good, I took the clip off and have not used it. The last thing I want is mysterious looking stainless steel rod swinging back and forth while I am out in public.

Note: On the Sigelei website, they refer to the D-Ring as a “locking ring” but this is not entirely true. The D-Ring only makes it so the firing button sits flush with the ring. The firing button can still be pressed and the mod can still be fired if pressed deep enough.

Airflow Control

The Sigelei #24, like most mechanical mods, only accepts 510 attachments. But what makes this mechanical mod unique is that it has an airflow control feature. This allows you to adjust how tight or airy you want the draw to be. I found this to be a very useful feature, especially if you are using attachments such as the Protank (1, 2, Uni, and v3) and cartomizer tanks. All you have to do is twist the top cap ring to adjust the air holes and then screw on your attachment. Depending on the juice and my mood, I am able to adjust the air draw on my Protank 2 by rotating the little ring.

Note: The air control does not work on attachments that have built in air control, such as the Fogger v2. Also, the top cap is not flat; it is a little ‘domed’ shape. So that means attachments may not sit flush because there will be a slight gap on the edges.


I was very impressed with the quality of the Sigelei #24. All the threading is super smooth, smooth like butter. There not a single squeak or squeal while extending the inner tube. Everything about this mechanical mod is solid and does not feel cheap. The top cap and bottom cap are easy to remove, and the airflow control ring does not get jammed or locked. The side-firing button is very easy to press with your thumb as well. The hefty weight of the Sigelei #24 is nice; it makes the device feel sturdy.


The neat thing about this Sigelei #24 is that it can stand up OR sit sideways. The side-firing button prevents the mechanical mod from rolling around and the mechanical mod can sit standing up without any fear of accidental firing. Vaping at my desk is a breeze; the Sigelei #24 is heavy enough to stand up and not wobble. I never did use the D-Ring because I don’t need it locked while I was at my desk.


Before I had a mechanical mod, I would take my iTasteMVP1 with me everywhere. My rear jean pocket would have my wallet on the right cheek and the iTasteMVP1 on the left cheek. The box shape of the mod did not bother me. The Sigelei #24 however, is not box shaped so when I have it in my back pocket the mechanical mod sits a little bit ‘diagonally’.  Still, this did not cause any issues for me.

While outside I would bring the locking ring with me but I found it a bit troublesome to carry around. Whenever I wanted to vape, I had to pull the ring off and put it somewhere I would remember. It got annoying having to take the ring off and then put it back on every time. Sure I could have just put the Sigelei #24 in my pocket without the D ring but I didn’t want to risk bumping into the button and possibly burning my butt!

I was having the same bothersome issues while vaping in the car. I had to put the D ring in my pocket and hope that the Sigelei #24 would not fire on its’ own while sitting in the cup holder.


  • Low priced with great quality
  • Very smooth threading
  • Air flow control cap
  • You can use any of the three popular batteries (18350, 18500, 18650)
  • Kickable with a 18350 (flat or button top)
  • Fairly small height (8.5cm with 18350 battery)
  • Vent holes at the bottom and sides
  • Side firing button


  • Attachments do not sit flush due to slight domed cap
  • Having to carry the d ring when using the device outdoors
  • Side firing button may be awkward to some


Should you buy it?

The answer depends on your style of vaping of course. I know that some people have a hard time using their pinky finger or having arthritis and using use a bottom-firing mechanical mod can be a pain. To those Vapers I would highly recommend the Sigelei #24.

The best selling point of this mechanical mod is its airflow control and that it accepts 3 of the popular battery sizes. The build quality is flawless; everything simply works without any sanding or other modifications. However, with the slight issue of having to carry the D ring around to prevent the mechanical mod from firing at the wrong time, I would not suggest a Sigelei #24 to any Vaper looking to carry a mod outdoors. Vaping with a mech-mod at a desk is fine and there’s no need for the locking ring, but taking the Sigelei #24 outdoors totally changes the way I feel about the device. If you can relate to any of this, make your decision accordingly.


The Sigelei #24 is a wonderfully built mechanical mod. However, ever since I got the SMOK Magneto mechanical mod (from winning a contest from Spinfuel!) and purchased the iTaste MVP 2, the Sigelei #24 has been sitting at home. I still use it but only if I am at my computer desk. I like the fact that I can sit vertically without worrying about it dropping and that I can alter the air flow with the top cap. This is one solid mechanical mod and is a wonderful edition to my slowly growing collection of vaping gear. For such a low price, the Sigelei #24 is hard to beat in terms of quality and reliability.

Dennis W


Dennis W (@yellowxboy) is a moderator in the Spinfuel Discussion Forum and the newest Spinfuel Reviewer. Dennis will contribute to Spinfuel reviews in the weeks and months.